Saturday Linkaround/ Open Thread


Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page

Do Democrats want US to go over the fiscal cliff? – video Hannity/ Mark Steyn

Flashback 2011: Obama Claimed Fiscal Deal Could Be Reached Without Raising Taxes

How to Survive in Washington, D.C. on $3,835,616 Dollars a Day

Kindly Note the Impending Bankruptcy –Mark Steyn

Merry Christmas from President Obama! Citigroup cuts 11,000 more jobs

Conservative group launches campaign to ‘depose’ Boehner from speakership

#Benghazi: Looking Like A Middle East Fast and Furious

The Continuing Newsworthiness of the Weird Kimberlin-Rauhauser Story

Newly Released Photo Shows Broken Nose, Bloodied Lip On George Zimmerman

Bob Costas doubles down on call for more gun control

Judge in Fort Hood Shooter Trial Removed after ruling Nidal Hasan must Shave Beard.

‘2016’ Oscar Snub Has Filmmakers Claiming Political Bias

Chevy Volt chargers melting down. Unit reworked for 2013, and by “more consistent,” apparently they meant “slower”

Couple Faces $97K in Fines for Using Their Own Driveway

VODKAPUNDIT Covers The Week In Blogs

Oh, the humanity! The Twinkie Disaster

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  • Neiman

    “Conservative group launches campaign to ‘depose’ Boehner from speakership”

    Read more:

    Good as Boehner needs to go, McConnell in the Senate too. They are establishment types, they have failed as leaders in virtually every way and we need new blood, high tech savvy, sound bite generation, better communicators and who know how to fight and win.

    • banjo kid

      Good luck on the fight and win, while we have a complicit news media doing the trash pick up for Obama we will be hard pressed to win anything.

      • Neiman

        One cannot deny the blatant complicity of the 4th Estate (Mainstream Media), which is the defacto Propaganda Ministry for the DNC, it is, if you will, our modern, American Tass, soviet style, Democrat controlled media. This is simply a fact of life.

        On the other hand, I cannot allow the leaders of the GOP to escape responsibility for choosing competent leaders, their being savvy in high tech communications and being able to craft their messages in a truthful, but clear manner to the voters.

        • $8194357

          (to craft their messages)
          Spreading lies in place of Truth….

          • banjo kid

            Yep those pesky republicans have learned from their Democrat counter parts and it is getting very hard to tell the difference .

          • $8194357

            Great white/arab/black father in DC speak with the
            forked tongue of the serpant.
            As do all who are ‘professional’
            politicians, IMO..

  • $8194357

    Gotta love the Patience the Lord has with His creation and our ignorance…
    I as well was a blind sinner man who could not see..Then Grace came to me..

    • banjo kid

      He has more patience than I have . Ever since back in the old testament days people have been blind ignorant and deaf. Those of you that want Baal stand here and those that want to go with the Lord stand here . the earth swallowed up the ones who were for Baal . The funny thing is their god did not hear them scream nor did he hear them fall. One way to get to Heaven not many as Rick Warren says . Amen brother .

  • $8194357

    We hold these truths to be self evident !

    Choose ye this day where your soul will spend eternity..
    The days are getting short….

    God Bless and Keep ya now, Hear?
    Even if ya all got a Red Clay attatude….

  • banjo kid

    I sure hope Zimmerman wins his law suit against the news media .

    • Proof

      Yep. He should have a pretty strong case.

  • banjo kid

    No posts about this, but the UN took Lord Mocton’s credentials so he can no longer enter the UN conference on climate change, All he said was there has been no temperature increase in 17 years and they got all up set because he was being truthful . They can not stand the truth .

    • $8194357

      Jesus told us long ago..
      Shine the light in the darkness or
      the darkness would overcome the light…
      Funny how that works when ‘the world’
      has an agenda and loves
      the darkness and hates the light, huh..

  • banjo kid

    The news media has turned on God they do not want to recognize He is the maker of all things . The education system could not run the way it is today if God were still in ours schools.

  • banjo kid

    Speaking of Benghazi we should shift our eyes to the Egypt sector and look at the torture going on there . This is what Obama and Hillary have done in the middle east and certainly they had these before with the other dictator but this guy is torture on steroids. The protesters are arrested and then tortured in a very horrible way . they would be lucky if they died instead of being crippled and disfigured while in there. So how is the torture you are so against working out in Egypt, Obama and Hillary ?

    • $8194357

      All in a days work for the global elitist water boys and girls, huh…