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Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page

Veteran’s Day in pictures

Occupy the USS Carl Vinson: POTUS & FLOTUS Pay Lip Service to Veterans Before Jetting on a Nine-Day Trip to Hawaii & Asia

Corporate Collaborators: Standing with “the 99%” means supporting the destruction of civilized society. –Mark Steyn

Who’s in the Top 1 Percent? –Thomas Sowell

Occupy Fort Collins Arsonist a Ron Paulian

The Attempted Takeover of Israeli Consulate by Occupy Boston Was Officially Sanctioned Event

California Occupiers Defecate, Urinate In Entry Way To Bank…

Rudy Giuliani: “Obama owns Wall Street”

Head and Body Lice Outbreak Announced at #Occupy Portland Squatters Camp

Woman confirmed dead at Occupy Vancouver site

Rich Got Richer Under…Obama and Clinton

The Occupiers: How Disgusting Can They Get?

Ohio Issue 2: Let’s not over-react or fall for media templates

Paul Krugman’s Solar Eclipse

Former Ariz. US Attorney admits leaking memo smearing Fast and Furious whistle-blower

Newt’s Moment?

Modesto ain’t New York, mo’fo’. We don’t go for that (stuff) around here. NSFW, but funny!

Steven Crowder Occupies Wall Street

Obama Postpones Keystone Pipeline Decision

This Is What You Get When You Support #OccupyOakland

Seven Dead at Occupy Protests So Far

Newt Notes

Rule Five Roundup
Miss Venezuela

American Perspective –Courtney Stodden

American Power- Victoria’s Secret Angels

Camp of the Saints – Rule Five Saturday, Hump Day Rule Five

Classic Liberal – Rule 5 – Eva Green, Rule Five Rock and Roll

The Daley Gator – Daley Babes : A trip down memory lane…, Poppy Montgomery

Dustbury – Famke Jannsen

Eye of Polyphemus – Ali Larter, Kaley Cuoco, Katy Perry

Friday Night Babe – Erin Heatherton

Full Metal Patriot – Midweek Peek

Guns and Bikinis – Friday’s Girl

Hookers and Booze

I’M A Celebrity’s Jessica-Jane Clement on Bikini beach

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World – Friday Pin up

Maggie’s Notebook – Rule 5 – Adriana Lima

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If All You See…, If All You See…, If All You See…, If All You See…

Pin Ups for Ron Paul

Randy’s Roundtable – Midweek Break, Thursday Nite Tart

Reaganite Republican – Sharia Compliant

Sex in Advertising- video

Soylent Green – My Fantasy Football Pick

How to Fix the Housing Crisis

The Last Tradition – Elisabetta Canalis, porn star Bibi Jones

Theo Spark –Bedtime Toddy , Bedtime Toddy

The Other McCain- Rule 5 Sunday

Three Beers Later – Cynthia Fernandez

Vintage Babe of the Week – Evelyn Ankers

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Newt Notes

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  • Neiman

    Astute analysis by Lowry, this is no worship piece on Newt, this no anointing of candidate, nor is it a damning of others, it is a clear headed look at where we are at; and despite his baggage, which as Lowry points out is more than the Queen on a foreign tour, Newt is much, much more conservative than Mitt, there is no one that can compete in the slightest degree with his knowledge and ability to frame an argument. He would make Barry look like a fool in any honest debate. He lacks charisma, he lacks the movie star qualities the people seem to demand and the DNC would savage him if he was nominated to oppose the Messiah; but, at this late hour and with the general perception Cain cannot go the distance and is internationally handicapped, unless something major happens to propel another “also ran” forward like Santorum or Bachman, or a new star appears in the East, Newt may be the default “not Mitt” conservative candidate.

    For all those special needs liberals and conservatives – no I am not supporting Newt nor anyone in particular, just making my observations on the situation as I see it and as Lowry eloquently states the matter.

    • Proof

      As I have pointed out in other forums, one, Newt can thank John Edwards for blunting some of the “cheating on his sick wife” criticism. Liberals used to get apoplectic over this. Now we can simply ask if they were just as upset over little Johnny Edwards and his love child.
      Two, In spite of his baggage, he definitely has the “Not Mitt Romney” thing going for him… So, it’s still early in this horse race. Newt is stronger in this race than I previously gave him credit for.

      • Neiman

        I honestly see Cain as fading in the stretch, Mitt is not loved by conservatives and absent a change, which I do not see as of this date, Newt might surge to the top. What that means if he is nominated is anyone’s guess.

        • Proof

          Newt has a lot of at least minor negatives to overcome, yet, as Presidential material he towers above Obama as a mighty redwood over moss. The primaries should show if the public would accept a President Gingrich at this time in history.

        • realitybasedbob

          Old Pal, it might mean that gop voters love party first serial adulterers over their so called principles.

          • Neiman

            Well Gay Bob – you self damned pervert: After people like those rutting pigs JFK, Billy Jeff, Edwards and a list a zillion miles long of Democrat sexual perverts, prolific fornicators, adulterers, queers, and mass murderers, it all makes Newt look like a Saint by comparison doesn’t it?

            Before you throw those pink liberal stones, look at your own deviant, lying, murderous glass house first and think about the wisdom of chucking those accusations.

            No one in the GOP, unlike your damnable party does, are overlooking Newt’s unChristian behavior, all of which he has repented of in public; but when faced with the economic ruin and attacks on our Constitution by an enemy of liberty like Barry, looking at our implosion and fall into the economic abyss, I will excuse people for voting for a less than perfect person that offers at least a hope of reversing course and saving the country from the ruin created by you liberal crud.

          • realitybasedbob

            No one, Old Pal?
            Why has the serial adulterer’s poll numbers been on the rise?
            You’d vote for him, wouldn’t you?

          • Neiman

            Gay Bob, you self-condemned pervert and liar and now certifiable moron.

            It means idiot-child that no one in the GOP covers up or dismisses his faults, like you perverts on the Left just don’t give a damn about how foul and debased your candidates are, as all of your candidates are mass murderers, most are prolific fornicators, serial adulterers, queers and theives and you just don’t care, that is normal for any liberal.

            I will NOT vote for Muslim Mahdi Barak Hussein Obama

          • Proof

            “gop voters love party first serial adulterers over their so called principles” Lovin’ you some Johnny Edwards long about now, ribby? “Stained blue dresses” ring a bell for your first love? Gennifer Flowers? (She had him on tape) Paula Jones? Kathleen Willey? Monica Lewinsky? Tell me all about the Dems who put their principles aside (stop laughing!) to vote for a serial adulterer.

            How many times did you vote for Clinton, ribby? (I mean legally. I don’t expect you to incriminate yourself by admitting how many times you voted in any given election.)

          • Thresherman

            realitybasedbob said:

            “Old Pal, it might mean that gop voters love party first serial adulterers over their so called principles.”

            Snort.  Why don’t you just say, “How dare the GOP act like the Democrats always do?”

    • Proof

      Their was another link on Newt, by Steven Hayward at Powerline that I meant to include this week. I just added “Newt Notes” above.

      • Neiman

        Good article, I especially liked calling the liberal female moderator a “skank,” it was funny.

        He is right about Newt being the greatest intellect among the candidates – including Barry, a great back-bench crap disturber (my words) and leader of a loyal opposition versus being a Speaker or President. Can he transform his character to be President?I remember by late, very conservative Walter Cronkite hating uncle that started life in the early part of the last century as a pilot/wing walker saying that, it is amazing to see how some inferior men have grown into great leaders once they entered the Oval Office.

        First, he must win the nomination and if he does, I think despite his many negatives, he has an excellent chance of being elected, even being supported by Independents. I think his rise makes it all quite fascinating to watch!

  • twoplanker

    Thanks for the links, Proof.  Normally, I check them and discover I had found most of them on my own.  Recently having much less time on my hands, I thank you for wading through the rest of the flotsam and jetsam to post the essentials.  I had given up on Crowder as he had gotten a little lame, in my opinion, but I liked his OWS infiltration vid.

    • Proof

      You’re welcome! Crowder is an acquired taste. I don’t link to much of his stuff, but I thought this was worthy of a look. I trust that the reason you have less time on your hands is because you’re gainfully employed and not occupying a tent somewhere!

  • sanity

    I have a question, and it is just a question to satisfy my curiosity…….

    (Reuters) – Germany’s Interior Minister warned on Sunday of a “new form of far-right terrorism” as details emerged of a grotesque film left by members of a neo-Nazi cell in eastern Germany, in which they claimed the murder of nine immigrants between 2000 and 2006.

    Prosecutors said on Sunday that police had arrested a suspected accomplice of the group, which referred to itself in the film as the “Nationalist Socialist Underground,” and which is also thought to be behind the murder of a policewoman in 2007 and a bomb attack on a Turkish area of Cologne in 2004.

    The revelations, which have caused shock and outrage across Germany, began after police found the bodies of two men, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Boehnhardt, both with far-right links, in a mobile home in Eisenach last week. Police believe they committed suicide after a botched bank robbery.


    Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said all unsolved crimes with a suspected far-right connection dating back to 1998 would be re-examined for connections to the group, originating in Jena, in the eastern state of Thuringia.“It looks as if we are dealing here with a new form of far-right terrorism,” Friedrich said. 

    My question is, is “far-right” in Europe different than “far-right” here?

    Rueters states that there are far right links, but doesn’t say WHAT those links are that make them “far-right”.

    Seems a bit confusing.