Saturday Linkaround

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Wisconsin Democrats now owe state $165,000,000.

Maryland County Abolishes Office of Sustainability

Foreclosures helping change character of some suburbs

Video: Obama blasts high gas prices 3 years ago, promises to reduce them if elected

Rubicon: A river in Wisconsin -Krauthammer

Pic of the Day: The Only Chart You Need To See To Understand Why The US Is Screwed

NYC Pays 1500 Teachers For Union Work

There was a time when Democrats thought high gas prices were bad

Huckabee: ‘Hey, Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Trash-Talked Luke Skywalker’s Mom’

10 Facts to Win Every Argument on … the Evils of Public Sector Unions

Rule Five Roundup*:
American Perspective- Jane Russell

American Power- Britney Spears, Staring at Kate Upton

Camp of the Saints – Rule Five News , Jane Russell

Classic Liberal – Olivia Wilde

Eye of Polyphemus – Anne Hathaway

Friday Night Babe – Mini Anden

Last Tradition-Kim Kardashian, bikini babes, cougars, Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Left Coast Rebel : Rule Five Herman Cain Tweet

Little Miss Attila – Mariska Hargitay

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World – Friday Pin up

Maggie’s Notebook – Rachel Hunter

Pirates Cove – Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, Miranda Kerr

Randy’s Roundtable –Thursday Nite Tart

Side Lines – Great Racks (Must be as post on garment hangers?)

Soylent Green – Probably NSFW

Support your local Gunfighter- Emmy Rossum

Teresamerica – Irina Shayk

Theo Spark –Bath Night

The Other McCain- Rule Five Sunday , My Favorite Kardashian, Jane Russell

Vintage Babe of the Week – Connie Stevens

Mind Numbed Robot

*By no means comprehensive.

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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  • Randy G

    There is enough babes here to keep us all alive well into our seasoned years Proof. Thanks for linking mine.

    • Proof

      I was on the road this week. You can see I didn’t do a lot of serious reading!

  • LastBestHope

    Krauthammer at his razor sharp best. The whole Wisconsin debate is made crystal.

    “Hence the import of the current moment – its blinding clarity. Here stand the Democrats, avatars of reactionary liberalism, desperately trying to hang on to the gains of their glory years – from unsustainable federal entitlements for the elderly enacted when life expectancy was 62 to the massive promissory notes issued to government unions when state coffers were full and no one was looking.

    Obama’s Democrats have become the party of no. Real cuts to the federal budget? No. Entitlement reform? No. Tax reform? No. Breaking the corrupt and fiscally unsustainable symbiosis between public-sector unions and state governments? Hell, no.”