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Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page


Obama Had Two Day Warning of Libyan Embassy Attack

the collapse of Obama policy in the Muslim World –Krauthammer (video)

A Non-Denial Denial From the Obama Administration

Mexico arrests suspect in Fast and Furious killing of Brian Terry

AP can’t seem to remember whose program F&F was

Former Univ. of Chicago law school dean: Obama was never offered tenure –‘ Nor, for that matter, was he ever a “constitutional law professor.” ‘

What Romney Should Have Said –Ben Stein

Obama: ” flippant nonchalance about American security policy“

Arab Harvest Follows Arab Spring

How the Supreme Court Made a Bad Bill Worse

Mike Rowe’s Open Letter to the Next President

A Powerful Movie –Thomas Sowell

No, Mr. Obama, the U.S. does not always reject efforts to denigrate religious beliefs

Obama Makes Lying About Ohio Auto Jobs a Campaign Staple

On 9-11… The Obama Administration Apologizes to Islamists and Attacks the Constitution

Krauthammer Rips Obama Regime For Issuing Apology To Muslims In Egypt After Embassy Attack, Tells Mob To “Go To Hell”…

No Intel Briefing for Obama Since Sept 5: Sept 11 No Threat – More Fundraisers Than Intel Briefings

BILL WHITTLE Talks About Language And Cultural Identity

Obama parties while the Mideast burns

Flashback: Obama’s Pastor Blames US for 9-11 Attacks – “America’s Chickens Have Come Home to Roost” (Video)

Flashback II: State Department spends $70,000 on Obama’s books ($40K in Cairo)

Liberal Bumper Stickers Decoded

Rule Five Roundup
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American Power- Erin Andrews and the Hottest Sportscasters

Classic Liberal – Rule 5 – Keri Russell

Kimberly Guilfoyle

The Daley Gator – Daley Babe plus Rule Five Roundup - Nana Ogura

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the obligatory 49er cheerleader!

EBL –Kate Middleton topless photos?

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  • LastBestHope

    Obama’s Mulsim outreach up in smoke.

    “The United States is positioning military forces so that it can respond to unrest in as many as 17 or 18 places in the Islamic world, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced late Friday. “We have to be prepared in the event that these demonstrations get out of control,” he said.

    Those words dashed hopes in Washington that the anti-US Islamist rampage by now sweeping 21 countries over a video deriding Islam had passed their peak. In fact, by their sixth day Saturday, Sept. 15,the street protests against American embassies and other US symbols of influence were growing more violent and more organized, threatening not only American lives but tearing up President Barack Obama’s entire outreach policy toward Arabs and Muslims.

    In at least four Arab countries, anti-US protesters were no longer just throwing stones but using firearms. The most serious occurred in Egyptian Sinai, where scores of armed Salafist Bedouin linked to al Qaeda firing missiles, grenades, mortars and automatic weapons were able to break down two guard posts at the US-led Multinational Force near El Arish base in search of American victims. A battalion of Colombian troops fought the invaders off in fierce battle for hours, preventing them from reaching the hundreds of US officers, soldiers and air crews pinned down in fortified quarters.

    In Cairo, Islamist demonstrators began firing rubber bullets at Egyptian security forces which have still not succeeded in breaking up the disturbances.

    In Tripoli, Lebanon, protesters and the Lebanese army exchanged heavy gun fire. In Khartoum, Islamists shot their way into the US embassy and the American school before setting them ablaze.

    In Tunis, the American ambassador almost suffered the same fate as his colleague, Chris Stevens and three consulate staffers who were murdered in Benghazi, Libya, last Tuesday, Sept. 11. The ambassador and several US diplomats were rescued from the burning embassy building by a special Tunisian counter-terror unit and taken to safety.

    Friday, saw the first five fatalities as well the first violent Muslim demonstration in the Australian town of Sydney.

    debkafile’s counter-terror and intelligence sources draw seven conclusions from nearly a week of surging anti-American violence across the Middle East, South Asia and beyond:

    1. The anti-Islamic video film was not the cause of the upheaval only a pretext.”

    Read it all @“moderate”-Muslim-regimes-cornered-by-radicals

    • Proof

      There’s plenty of evidence of Obama being burned in effigy and having shoes thrown at his picture for years to know that there was hatred towards the US before anyone had ever heard of this obscure little movie.

      When Carney says it’s not US policy, but a movie, that caused the attacks, he demonstrates that Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

      • LastBestHope

        “Blame the Movie” is the fig leaf being used to cover up the total meltdown of Obama’s appeasement policies. MSM is doing all they can to hide the reality of America being punked but events are not cooperating.

        Looking somber and declaring that those who killed our people will be brought to justice won’t cut it. Americans know the difference between winning and losing.

        • Proof

          I think the movie they’d like to blame is “Birth of a Nation”.

          • $8194357

            East is east
            West is west
            “never the two shall meet”..

    • $8194357

      But Barry is doing roof hits and choom choomin along repeating the officle state media position and lie that these riots are about an extremist christian video
      and not at America or Judeo/Christian western culture..

      Arab spring equals global jihad IMO..

      And meanwhile….
      Back at Barrys DC ranch Dudley is busy…busy…busy..

      U.S. District Court Judge Katherine Forrest made permanent an injunction against enforcement of Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act, which was declared unconstitutional. Section 1021 is a provision that allows the federal government to have the military detain and hold indefinitely any person, including U.S. citizens, on simply claiming that they are suspected of terrorism or involved with terrorists and requires absolutely no evidence be provided against them. No due process is given to the detainee. consequently Section 1022 is tied to 1021 in that it requires military custody, not local authorities.

      Judge Forrest said the section was a “chilling impact on First Amendment rights.”

      The NDAA’s indefinite detention policy was signed into law by Barack Obama on January 1 of this year, supported by members of the Democrat, as well as, the Republican Parties and was supported by the Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney during the primary debates.

      The Obama administration took only a few hours to file an appeal of the judge’s ruling and attorneys even asked her to halt enforcement of her order.
      Continue Reading on

  • mikemc1970

    48 hours warning. The blood of our fallen is on Clinton’s and Obama’s hands. I hope the House will start some hearings on this.

    • Proof

      I doubt that anything would happen until after the election. No matter how deserved it might be, it would be painted as partisan and Obie and his crew would cast themselves as victims of the mean ol’ Republicans.

    • $8194357


      Do you remember the story when the Pentagon confirmed that a U.S. soldier deliberately kicked a Guantanamo prisoner’s copy of the Koran — the Muslim “holy book” — in violation of the military’s rules for handling the “sacred” text?
      The usual suspects in the media stoked the flames of this “desecration” in order to sully the reputation of the United States in the eyes of radical Muslim extremists who are hell-bent on destroying Christian civilization.
      These radicals are not just against the decadent West, the Great Satan as they like to call us, but against Jesus Christ and the gospel. This is an old war. In the early days of America’s founding, our nation had to defend itself against Muslim extremists who were kidnapping American sailors and enslaving them
      “For nearly two hundred years, Barbary pirates had haunted the Mediterranean, enslaving infidels and extorting millions of dollars from European countries in a holy war against Christendom. Newly independent, American ships became a target of piracy. Instead of paying tribute, after his inauguration Jefferson chose to fight. . . . Jefferson ordered the new U.S. Navy to Tripoli in 1801, starting the Barbary War that ended in 1805.”[1]

      End quote

      The “REAL” reason for global jihadist violence is thier own koran and thirst
      for tribute paid or violent blood lusts.

      Always has been and always will be their own fanatical devotion
      to global surrender thru as Alinsky would say:

      “any and all means”…