Saturday Linkaround


Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page

The Sun Also Sets

Annals of censorship

Amanda Carpenter destroys Harry Reid’s “Rail Solyndra” – in 140 character chunks

Obamacare: The Reckoning – Krauthammer

What we can learn from Thomas Jefferson and Star Trek… a recipe for limited government

In Obama’s world, the murder of a couple of British tourists by someone who could look like his son isn’t worthy of comment

President Obama’s Hall of Blame

In one graphic, what’s wrong with American healthcare

Did ‘Stand Your Ground’ Actually protect Trayvon Martin?

Pro-life ‘October Baby’ rejected by major studios, blitzes box office

Another $17 trillion surprise found in Obamacare

Obama’s “None of the above” Energy policy.

The Sad Plight of Obama’s Edsel

5 Uncomfortable Truths About Liberals

Marines down on Obama

The Obama Women Are in Vegas

‘KillZimmerman’ Twitter advocates violence against Martin’s killer

Injustice Department –Mark Steyn

If you have crushing student debt, it ain’t capitalism

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Mark Steyn

Inflammatory Expert Cited –Iowahawk

All you need to know about Canada’s penny withdrawal

Final Count Of Democrats Who Voted For Obama’s Budget Proposal

John Bolton on Obama’s Unprecedented Betrayal of Israel

Earl Scruggs Dead At 88

We have officially reached the David Dinkins stage of the Obama presidency

Oldie but a goodie: Obama By the Numbers

Rule Five Roundup

American Power- Rachel Bloom: Inside the Mind of a 12-Year-Old Boy NSFW

Malaika Arora Khan

Camp of the Saints – Rule Five Saturday, Hump Day Rule Five

Classic Liberal – Kim Smith

Idle…hands? NSFW

The Daley Gator – Daley Babes –Melanie Tilbrook and Misaki Nito

Dustbury – Jennifer Love Hewitt

El Opinador Compulsivo – Redhead, Next time, take the train

Eye of Polyphemus – Claudia Black

The Feral Irishman – Beauty

Friday Night Babe – Katie Holmes

National Cleavage Day – with Jeri Ryan

The Right Way -Friday Babe

Guns and Bikinis – Darlene Ramirez, Juju Panicat, Nicole Graves

Hookers and Booze – Both of them

Jake Finnegan –Jennifer Nicole Lee

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World – Friday Pinup , National Cleavage Day

Maggie’s Notebook – Rule 5 – Estella Warren

On the red carpet

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If all you see…, Danicamania, If all you see…

pitsnipesgripes – Eyes (couple NSFW)

PostalDog – Vanessa Hudgens

Randy’s Roundtable –Midweek Break, Thursday Nite Tart

Reaganite Republican – Elin Nordegren, Miss Estonia

Rio Norte Line – Rule Five oldie: Pussycat Doll Made Good Edition

Sex in Advertising

Soylent Green –Friday Corset

Support your local Gunfighter – Bengals Cheerleader

The Last Tradition –Helen Flanagan

Theo Spark –Bedtime Toddy, Bath Night

The Other McCain- Rule 5 Sunday

Three Beers Later – Noomi Rapace

Rule Five Dream Girls

Vintage Babe of the Week – Dyanne Thorne

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style : Post- It notes

*By no means comprehensive.

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  • Mike G.

     Thanks for the link.

    • Proof

      You betcha!

  • KingShamus

    Thank you for the linkage, my friend. 

    Glad you enjoyed the view.

    • Proof

       You’re welcome! And a fine view it was, too!

  • Sparkie Arbuckle

    Dude, you link to some serious skin color racist garbage.  How can all those racists complain about Obama being a racist if they, too, are racists?  Is it that Obama is the wrong kind of racist?

    Fill me in.

    • Proof

      Sparkkkie, you listen to the little race baiting voices in your head too often. If you have a complaint or an issue or even a thought, please be specific. Or do you just type to hear the echo of the keys inside the vast emptiness of your head?

    • Proof

      Hey, Sparkkkie! Coming up on the one week anniversary of your drive by libels!  Are you demonstrating your feebleminded descent into dementia, or are you just a spineless, gutless, POS coward who makes a drive by libel and then runs away like a scalded dog whenever you are challenged to provide evidence for your lies and libels?

      Please be specific as to which of these links you believe is “racist” and why. Extra points if you can define WTF “skin color racism” is. Skin is not a race. And, as has been pointed out, even George Hamilton has not been discriminated against because of his skin color.

      BTW, mere criticism of Obama is not prima facie “racism”, despite what the looney Left bleats about it.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        Wow, you must be a racist if it stings that bad, poofy.

        • Proof

          Pointing out your lying libels doesn’t “sting”. Reading the offal you write stinks. 

        • Proof

          According to your “logic”, Sparkkkie (or lack thereof), you must really be a feebleminded, demented,spineless, gutless, POS coward if it stings that badly.

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        Jammie Wearing Fools.  Skin color racists.

        • Proof

          Your inability to read and comprehend simple English is everything we expect from you Sparkkkie.   Try reading the entire sentence again for comprehension: “Please be specific as to which of these links you believe is “racist” and why.

          I’d go into your nonsense about me “linking to them every week”, because that is demonstrably a figment of your feebleminded dementia.

          Why, oh why, dear braindead Sparkkkie do you say that “Jammie Wearing Fools” are “Skin color racists”? Be concise. Show your work.

        • Gil

           Still calling your wife and her parents the “SPICS?”

      • Sparkie Arbuckle

        Also, since when are you interested in discussing anything, hashing anything out, evidence, or anything other than namecalling?


        Your indignation is too fricking funny, racist piece of shit.

        • Proof

          Still no evidence, eh, Sparkkkie? I guess maybe it was both your feebleminded descent into dementia AND you are just a spineless, gutless, POS coward. Now run away like a scalded dog here, too, since you do not have the balls to back up any of your lying libels, Master Race Baiting offal of the Vermont Public Schools.

          Go pretend to be a “professor” again somewhere, Sparkkkie. That’ll sure show me!

          “racist piece of shit” We’ve told you it’s unnecessary to sign your work, Sparkkkie. The three “K”s in your name say it all.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Poofy just can’t get enough race baiting in.  He doesn’t understand the difference between police letting a murder go scott free after shooting two British tourists or arresting him.  Every mature adult knows the murderer would be arrested, immediately.

    Poofy is a simple minded-race-baiting fool!

    • Proof

      Nothing but ad hominems and projection, eh, Racebaitertized? Can you name one link that was racist? Your butt buddy Sparkkkie apparently couldn’t either. 

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Poofy, is “race-baiting” yet another word you fail to understand?  Your link about the British people being murdered is not an apt comparison to police letting a young man go for shooting a young teen armed with only skittles, because he was their friend.

        You always try to libel and insult black people because you clearly have issues with them.  Is that racist?  Who knows for sure.

        • Proof

           Projection. Stop kissing Sparkkkie’s ass and tell me if you can, which of the links you butt boys think is “racist” and I’ll explain all the big words in them you didn’t understand. Starting with …”as”.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Poofy always tries to distract when he gets caught race-baiting and trying to libel blacks.  There simply is no apt comparison to police letting a civilian go for shooting a black teen armed with only skittles, and arresting a black criminal for murdering tourists.

            You are just trying to paint blacks negatively because hatred of blacks is an inherent trait of racists.

          • Proof

            Yet more projection from the race baiting noob who said:

            “when i used the word darkies,  i  mean
            people with dark skin” -Hannitized