Ryan Taylor’s Hypocritical Call For Ethics Reform


Liberal gubernatorial candidate Ryan Taylor has issued a “white paper” on ethics reform in North Dakota. The paper is interesting in that it cites both a Soros-funded Forum Communications report ranking North Dakota at the bottom of the nation on ethics issues (the ranking bizarrely put New Jersey in first place) and a recent Forum Communications report nailing Republicans for taking oil industry contributions (because contributions from unions and other special interests are ok, I guess).

You have to love the cooperative synergy. Two of the three “sources” cited in the “white paper” are Forum Communications report, one of them funded by George Soros.

Anyway, Taylor’s “white paper” calls for more government panels and committees to battle government ethics problems. As though the solution for government ethics issues were more government.

I addressed this position in a column for the North Dakota Policy Council back in April when the Soros-funded report came out (I am the NDPC’s Policy Fellow for government transparency and ethics). I don’t think government panels and committees promote ethics because, as Tacitus put it, “laws were most numerous when the commonwealth was most corrupt.”

But beyond Taylor’s silly proposals to fight government corruption with more government, there’s this from the fundraising email he sent out with his white paper: “Part of that plan is stopping the corrupting influence of huge out-of-state donors.”

That’s rich coming from the member of the state Democrat party which has, historically, gotten 80 – 85% of their money from out of state. Senators Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan, along with Rep. Earl Pomeroy, routinely got over 90% of their campaign financing from out of state. In this cycle, Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp has received 73% of her contributions from out of state sources so far (compared to 63% for her opponent Rick Berg).

What’s more, according to the North Dakota Secretary of State’s campaign disclosure site, Taylor himself has taken a total of $36,315 in contributions from 42 out of state sources including a number of unions and liberal special interest groups.

I don’t think Ryan Taylor is motivated by a desire for ethical government as a desire to silence his opposition’s supporters.

Dem Gov Candidate Ryan Taylor Ethics Paper

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Emil Kashuntz

    Lets elect the same Republicans who got us in the current economic mess. Bush and his gang refused to pay for the wars they started. Republicans refuse to tax the rich, and have voted against every attempt by Obama to get the economy going. It should be obvious to anyone that the trickle down jazz just doesn’t work. The rich promised us all jobs if we quit taxing them. Now these pigs have the lowest tax rate in history, where are the jobs? While the working man is expected to go without affordable health care and put off retirement, the rich have refused to make any sacrifices. The Rush Limbaugh, Fox News mentality has put the country in the worst recession ever. Now, the simple Hoopleheads are going to vote for one more round of tax breaks for the rich and more Republican obstructionist?

    • Tim Heise

      not even worth responding too

    • robert108

      The current mess is entirely due to obama’s economic policies, which have failed everywhere they have been tried. The crash was due to the Democrat affirmative action home loan mandates, covered up for thirty years by Fannie and Freddie, and obama is continuing those same policies with housing, which is why it’s still dropping.
      it is the lies of the left, and obama’s delusions, that are making things the way they are now.
      obama had two years of unbridled power, and what did he accomplish besides running up record debt?
      Nobody “promised jobs if we quit taxing them”, but you haven’t stopped your obstructive taxation and regulation policies that drive jobs overseas.
      We want lower taxes for everyone(there are no such things as “tax breaks”), while you Marxists want to use the tax system for class warfare purposes.
      Fox News tells the truth, which is why you’re wetting you panties in fear. Your edifice of lies is crumbling.

    • sbark

      Let him keep posting………….he’s a great example of Dem’cat mentality, all the effects of class envy, coveting other peoples property. Expecting people to hand him their property all in the cry of “fairness……..
      We’ve spent 15 trillion on Poverty thru various Dem’cat programs………why are you still poor……..did you invest it all in Solyndra?

    • robert108

      obama had two years of unbridled power to get the economy going, but he wanted to try failed Keynesian mumbo-jumbo instead. Epic fail, and completely predictable. The Democrat affirmative action home loan mandates plus the Fannie/Freddie coverup took down the economy.
      The achiever pay the vast majority of taxes in this country, so you lie again.

  • Emil Kashuntz

    Let’s see Romney’s tax returns. What happened to the screaming Birthers, where are they now. What is Mitt covering up. Why should he be embarrassed if he paid no taxes, that is what Republicans are most proud of. What is he hiding?

    • headward

      Tax returns are not a constitutional requirement to be President.

      • Emil Kashuntz

        What is he hiding? Why should he be embarrassed he paid no taxes? Not paying taxes is the virtue he is selling. Why doesn’t he show the public he is the ideal rich guy who pays no tax?

        • nWo

          What are you hiding? hmmmm.

    • Tim Heise

      Please this rich. Tell Obama to release his college transcripts. Why is it that we do not know much about what he did between havard and IL state legislature. Why can’t we read hillary clintons masters thesis. This is silly and hypocritical.

    • sbark

      …. Mtt should release the tax returns, but black out and redact virtually every number in them……..along the lines of the Obama Regime releasing a measely amount of documents associated with Fast and Furious, with those being blacked out also……….
      Lets also see Obama Health records on top of his College records, and lets see how Obama got assigned his present SS number.

    • tony_o2

      What does Romney have to do with Ryan Taylor?

      • robert108

        Nothing. When smacked with the truth, left wing liars scramble to change the subject, using predigested talking points.

    • robert108

      Let’s see obama’s college transcrips and scholarship applications, and the details of his trip to Pakistan during college, after he shows us an actual copy of his real birth certificate, not a fake copy of a computer-generated fake.

  • Rick Olson

    There’s no way Taylor’s going to beat Dalrymple. North Dakota hasn’t elected a Democrat governor since George Sinner, and Sinner was pretty much a “RepubliCrat” anyway. Ryan might as well start polishing his resume now, because he’s going to need a job after the election is over.

    • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

      Under George Sinner, the most I would have paid in state income taxes was 14% of my federal income taxes. This bunch in charge now are NOT Republicans!

    • Geoff

      Not true, we elected hoevan didn’t we? He had a D behind his name prior to running for election. Secondly, we are on the verge of electing daylrymple who just received support from the teachers union. Pretty sure that means he’s a dem too. Am I wrong or right?

  • Big Bully

    His hat has more common sense than the object it sits on!

  • Tim Heise

    Our current gov is not perfect BUT a heck of a lot better then smiley

  • Dustin Gawrylow

    Is this really what his campaign is working on? Wow. I would hate to have given him money. So much material out there, and this is his focus?

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      The problem for Taylor is that there’s already a moderate Democrat in this race.

  • Emil Kashuntz

    Drunk on the lies of Rush and the fantasies on Fox News, it will be hard for anyone to overcome the massive Hooplehead vote the Republicans will have for their candidates. Give the simple minded promises that they can keep their guns, you will support their hate for gays, and tell them how much you love God while you rob them blind with tax cuts for the rich. That is a no fail strategy in North Dakota. They will never notice the rich never delivered the jobs they promised if they got the tax cuts the rich demanded. Now with the lowest tax rates for the rich in history the Hoopleheads wander around in a daze wondering why they are broke an unemployed, yet they still vote Republican.

    • nWo

      Hey Emil, do the letters FO mean anything to you?

      • http://www.facebook.com/dakotaquinn Mike Quinn

        yes, it means For Obama, and I am proud

        • Onslaught1066

          That’s terribly interesting.

          You know who else is proud?

          Ellin-A$$ said:

          “As of today nothing changed since the ancient times.”

          Pederasty is a sexual relationship between an adult male and an adolescent boy.

          The word pederasty derives from Greek (paiderastia) “love of boys.

          Relationships in ancient Greece involved boys from 12 to about 17.

          Ellin-A$$ says:

          “I am proud of Greece and proud of my Greek culture. Every bit of it.”
          So, are you another proud child raping greek pederast… Or just a pedophile?

        • guest

          Another obama idiot raises his hand.

    • sbark

      You cannot reason a man out of a position he has not reasoned himself into………but that itself defines Liberalism…..

    • tony_o2

      Have anything to say about Taylor’s hypocritical position on out-of-state donations to North Dakota politicians?

    • Snickster

      More name-calling and fluffy nonsense… and completely free of facts, too. How long HAVE you been working for Heidi Heitkamp?

    • Lianne

      I guess you can’t respond to the topic of the article (Taylor and his latest whining) because there is nothing more to say than what Rob already said. Therefore, the only option available to you was to take a hard left to change the direction of the discussion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dakotaquinn Mike Quinn

    This blog is like Fox News on crack. Look at the clowns in the Republican party. Herman Cain, The Donald, and now of course you have the ultimate embarrassment Michele Backman. Somehow the whole story of how the Republicans have turned on their latest nut case never gets mentioned here. So we are all excited about Mitt the man who believes golden tablets were found in the 1800’s in New York by a Con man and God sent them.

    • sbark

      at least none of them actually and or literally hate the USA………which cannot be said of Obama and apparently more and more Liberal Dem’cats.
      Speaking of “ultimate embarrassments”……….have you found the extra 7 states Obama says there are yet?……….has he found out Hawaii is not Asia yet? Does he still see “fallen hero’s” sitting out in the crowd yet? Has he found the 10,000 people he said died in a Kansas Tornado yet?
      ……without a telepromptor they guy is a idiot without a clue—-but hey—he’s a Messiah to millions of Dem’cats…….its a tell sign of their IQ’s

    • tony_o2

      Anything to say about Taylor’s hypocritical position on out-of-state donations to North Dakota politicians?

    • robert108

      The left wing war on conservative women continues…

  • sbark

    I like Mark Levin asking for a List of Obama’s drug dealers of his youth, when he’s fully admitted to doing heroin………..which by the way is a Felony…..
    Bascially the Dem’cats are trying to pull a Fat Jap syndrom scheme……..keeping the attention on anything but the Dem’cat party and Obama’s regimes record.

  • Emil Kashuntz

    The bottom 50% of the United States now only has one percent of the total wealth. The greed driven tax policy of Republican rats like Rush Limbaugh has created the worst income inequality in the history of our country. Unfortunately the Hoopleheads will never hear about this mess on Fox and from Rush. The Hoopleheads only worry about losing their guns, being forced into gay marriage, and the price of gas. Michele Bachman has shown us just how gullible the Hoopleheads are. This woman lies to the extent her own party is embarrassed, but the Hooplehead keep voting her in.

    • guest


    • robert108

      “The greed driven tax policy…” of the Democrat Party. There; fixed your lie.

  • fredlave

    This guy Ryan Taylor has got nothing. He’s attacking a popular governor with accusations, hoping one would stick. Heitkamp is in the same position. She hasn’t done squat since 1996 or so and most North Dakotans know that to elect and Democrat would damage the state’s economy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dakotaquinn Mike Quinn

    Imagine slaves on the plantation all excited to vote for the plantation owner. This is the brain of the right wing dingers. Everyday the top one percent ripps off the working class and tells the right wing dingers it is the best thing for them. How could any person working for a living and reading anything of merit be a Republican? No educated person would buy the crap dished out by the Republicans, but the Hoopleheads watch Fox, listen to Rush and actually believe the stories they tell. There is no shortage of dolts easily fooled by the likes of Rush. The Republicans have captured the dolts and convinced them to work against their own interest. Just like the propaganda of the Nazis, Republican propaganda relies on fear, hate, and paranoia. Rush’s ranting sounds like Hitler at one of his rallies. Like little children the Hoopleheads like to be told stories and get scared.

    • sbark

      ……..a Bolchevik on drugs, sold to him by Obama, out of his stash left over from his youth………

    • Captornado

      Says the guy who probably has posters of Ed Schultz, Will Wheaton and Keith Olberman on his bed room wall!

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    I don’t think Taylor is actually serious. I think he is just trying to keep his name in the media. He fakes a little outrage and the media fawn over it. He may actually believe in this, but he knows full well it won’t happen.