Ron Paul: Racist Anti-Semite

I’m about as politically incorrect as they come. Facts are facts, and I’ll talk about them no matter who it ticks off, but saying that 95% of black men are criminals (not to mention talking about Jewish “Zionist” conspiracies) is just plain B.S.:

Paul reported on gang crime in Los Angeles and commented, “If you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be.”
“Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the `criminal justice system,’ I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal,” Paul said.
Paul also wrote that although “we are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings and burglaries all out of proportion to their numbers.”
Stating that lobbying groups who seek special favors and handouts are evil, Paul wrote, “By far the most powerful lobby in Washington of the bad sort is the Israeli government” and that the goal of the Zionist movement is to stifle criticism.

I’ve never been a Ron Paul fan, mostly because of his ideas for foreign policies, but this is the first I’ve heard of these comments, and I find them reprehensible.
Do blacks commit crimes out of proportion to their population demographic? That’s true. But saying that ninety-five percent of them are partly or entirely criminals?
Give me a break.
Rep. Paul is trying to say that the words above weren’t written by him (but rather someone else helping him with his newsletter), but c’mon. Let’s be serious. If they appeared in his newsletter attributed to him then he’s responsible.
An apology, not an excuse, is what’s needed.

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  • Vallon_Estate

    You have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. I have met with US presidential hopeful Ron Paul on several occasions; had the chance to chat with him and discuss his beliefs over a cup of coffee on one occasion. He is as honest a man you will meet-albeit slightly misguided on occasion. Zionism (& its proponents) is inherently evil and is designed to deflect& stifle criticism using terms like “anti semite” anytime anyone criticises it. thats how it thrives and continues to dominate our foreign policy

    I dont agree with Mr pauls comments on African Americans, however my grandfather, who loved EVERYONE would often make similarly dated comments when discussing minorities. The guy was a saint & saw things as they were. Mr Paul might put his foot in his mouth on occasion but he genuinely cares about the US and has pour best interests at heart.&You my friend are pc-you just dont know it

    • Sjtuite


      Oh okay. So its okay now. You talked to him and believe he is a “honest”. Okay lets just forget everything that appeared in Ron Paul’s political newsletter.

      As for your grandfather, sounds like he is uneducated. I also would not want to have him as my President.

      It seems like Paul supporters offer excuse and excuse for the guy. Sure, you may agree with a few things he says and some of his policies. But overall he is a far right extreme conservative. Most Americans do not support these type of people. Before you go an make claims that people need to do “more research”, I think you should go do some yourself. Google Ron Paul+Racist+Survival Report.

      Its not about “being PC”, 99.9 percent of the people do not want someone who would make such disgusting statements elected President. Face the facts, Ron Paul is irrelevant. Most people do not even know who he is.

    • Fred

      He’ll say whatever you want to hear.

  • Chaya

    I don’t understand why nobody on Fox is reporting this!!  They were able to dig up all they could on Obama.  But why is it ‘hands off’ when it comes to Ron Paul????

    • Fred

       You’d almost think Fox had some kind of agenda…

  • Daniel

    The newsletter was written in his name but was authored by Lew Rockwell. While Ron Paul didn’t write them, he certainly bears some level of responsibility for what was written in his name in his newsletter; however, one should keep in mind that Ron Paul didn’t himself right these words.

    • Daniel

      (Write these words I should say) Sorry for the typo.

  • John

    I hardly think Fox is on Ron Paul’s side; they went out of their way to try to derail his primary campaign in ’08, their star Sean Hannity goes out of his way to trash him, and they tried hard to keep him out of the Republican ’08 debates.

    • GaBullDog067

      How can Hannity even et away with his treatment of Paul in the 08′ debate??? Freakin ridiculous. Saying that Paul didnt win the debate when THEIR OWN POLL crealy showed he did. F- HANNITY, POS.

  • David Dodge

    From what I can tell Paul indirectly blames the 9/11 attacks on america for supporting israel.  For that reason Hes an anti-semite muslim apologist IMHO.  Any opponent – dem. or republican. will use that against him in the elections and win.  America doesnt like racists – most of us remember and know about the Holocaust in Europe.  Israel may have some issues but you dont hear about jews blowing themselves up for Jehovah in order to enter paradise.   And besides, even if we hand Israel over to the hardcore muslims, they will still hate us.  They basically hate anyone who isnt a hardcore muslim – they have a whole set of laws governing non-believers (  They dont care theyll kill you if you are Christian, Hindu, Shinto or lol even a Druid and you obstruct in anyway the growth of Islam – it doesnt matter.  People like Paul dont get it.  LOL Stormfront supports Paul (check youtube).  What else do we need to know.  Paul is a fringe kook diehard Libertarian that is only running as a Republican because he feels he can steal their thunder with his rabid pack of diehard libertarians, fringe anarchists, disaffected turn-the-other-cheek anti-war democrats, potheads and code pink followers.

    • Sharon

      Sounds like you are just as guilty of what you claim Dr. Paul to be by calling all the people who support him nasty names. Boy, I would be ashamed if I were you. Hypocrisy doesn’t look good on anyone.

  • Rlong

    saying that we could “safely assume 95% of black males are criminal” in DC was not a comment to be taken at face value. there is this thing in language called sarcasm. Paul was making a pointed criticism about the dc criminal justice system which has a history of racial profiling. 

    • Jonas

      Thanks for pointing that out !  I had the feeling something was not right….

  • joysteele

    It seems Ron Paul fans don’t hear much of what he says.  I always catach him when his slip shows.  Where has every one else been?  I don’t like Ron Paul.  He doesn’t like me so I don’t like him back.

  • Mactan85

    Israel is an sucking nation and Ron Paul like to stop that !