Republicans Urge Democrats To Vote In Primary To Beat Conservative Candidate


Richard Mourdock is a conservative candidate who is challenging RINO Senator Dick Lugar in Indiana. Mourdock has the backing of groups like Freedom Works, the Club for Growth and the American Conservative Union.

Republicans are coming to the incumbent’s aid, though, which might be forgivable. After all, Lugar is the incumbent, and the party has an obligation to stand behind incumbents. But does that obligation extend to inviting Democrats to vote in the Republican primary?

I reported the other day that the Young Guns Network, a group led by two former top aides to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, is spending $100,000 in the primary between Sen. Richard Lugar and state treasurer Richard Mourdock in a bid to protect the Indiana incumbent – and here’s what some of that mail looks like.

A lit piece that the YG Network dropped focuses, as they’d said it would, on energy policy – but it is targeted to non-Republicans, as it reminds voters that Indiana’s GOP primary is an open one in which Democrats and independents can vote.

“Indiana does not have party registration,” the mail piece says over a picture of a smiling child giving a thumbs-up sign. “You simply need to show up at your polling location on May 8, 2012 to vote for Senator Dick Lugar in the Republican Primary.”

In case anyone didn’t get the point, the piece adds, “You can vote in the May 8th Republican Primary election! The May 8th Election is open to all voters.”

When you’re down to allying yourself with Democrat voters to beat back conservative challengers, it might be time for Republicans to review their priorities.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Matthew

    Why does the party have the obligation to back incumbents?

    • Rob

      It might be hard, in terms of future candidate recruitment, if the party doesn’t stand behind its incumbents.

      • fedupny

        I agree with you, Rob. I think the rules for the primary dilute the candidate to Republicans, create apathy among the base and create unaccountability. Probably precisely what is intended with these rules. The republican party has planks the candidates should be aligned with and if the candidate strays, the party should not be obligated to support him/her. They should support the person who is more closely aligned with the party beliefs.
        This is one reason why it has been hard to clean up the party with principled people as candidates.

      • Matthew

         You stand behind the incumbent when the incumbent stands with the party.

        Are you saying that unless you can guarantee somebody 2-4 terms that people won’t run?

        I would think it would be harder to recruit future candidates when they already know you won’t back them.

    • BuffaloBob

       Utah tea party Republicans dumped Sen Bennet last time.
      Same  reason  the ND Republicans  must  spend  money  to beat back Kevin Cramer  or  their  nomination   means  nothing.

  • Guest

    Non-Republicans can vote in the primary in Indiana.

    Rob is having another hissy fit about local laws from somewhere else.  They’re ruining small government, huh Rob?  If only there was a national law to keep this from happening.

    Also, is FreedomWorks from f*cking Indiana?  My understanding is that Indiana Republicans are doing this.  All the more small government power to them.

    FreedomWorks is anti-thetical to small government and anyone who cannot see that, as they go around picking candidates in local races, is a poptart.

    • Rob

      I guess I think it’s strange that Republicans would want Democrats to help pick their candidates.

      What, exactly, is your problem with that point Sparkie?

      • Guest

        You pretend to be for small government and then you run around sucking Dick Armey’s dick and picking pols in local races in places you ain’t from.

        Is that clear?  You are being a horrible hypocrite.  Do you understand that?

        Also, Indiana allows everyone to vote in every primary, if they so choose.  That’s their law.

        You can think it’s funny all you want, hypocrite.

  • Lmlucier

    It demonstrates overtly what I have been observing the past 10 years. Establishment GOP are more interested in defeating traditional conservatives then defeating extreme left liberals. It is clear the establishment GOP are basicly NAtional socialist i.e big government. The dems like Obama are International Fabian Socialist. Both tend to gravitate to corpoate fascism as a means to there eventual end. Tolerate at your own risk. We must defeat these pigs. The ideas of Ron Paul represents the antidote.  Vote for those to any office who are sympathetic to this cause or be complicit.

  • The Fighting Czech

    From the party right here in ND that says your vote matters as long as you vote for the guy we chose… You find this surprising????  

  • Ratbite

    Gee & Republican elites wonder why I can no longer support their proabortion, progun control(Romney), big spending, free speech oppoisng, CONSERVATIVE HATING Party!!!! THey can no longer take this conservative’s vote for granted. They have to earn it with conservative candidates!! NOT RINOs.

  • Ndexault

    For a real Conserative that won’t follow the establishment in Washingtion, vote for Duane Sand for Senate.

  • Robert Lewis

    The Republican Establishment (Which, by the way, doesn’t exist.  Just ask them.) is as out of touch with America as the Democrats.