Republican National Committeeman: State Presidential Caucuses And Primaries Are Meaningless


Over the weekend there was a political brawl at the North Dakota GOP’s state convention over national delegates. Despite North Dakota Republicans voting for Rick Santorum and Ron Paul over Mitt Romney, a majority of the slate of national delegates presented at the convention were publicly-acknowledged Romney supporters.

Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with rank-and-file members of the party, and chaos ensued with the former chairman of the party calling the process a “railroad job.”

Today one of North Dakota’s members of the Republican National Committee, Curly Haugland, went on the Chris Berg show to talk more about the national delegate selection process. According to Haugland all of the primaries and caucuses held by the states, the ones the media claims are apportioning delegates to this or that candidate, are meaningless.

According to RNC party rules, none of the delegates sent to the national convention to pick the GOP’s presidential candidate can be bound. They show up at the national convention “free to vote their will.”

And here you thought rank-and-file party members were actually having a say in selecting the president. You don’t, really. It’s all just political theater orchestrated to drive enthusiasm, and to collect data on citizens for the party to use for fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • DaveH63

    Hope for Change

  • HG

    One thing Romney has demonstrated throughout this primary election cylce is that he will not let decency, integrity, honesty, or fairness stand in his way of his nomination.

    • ellinas1

      It’s the republican way.

      • $8194357

        Its “all” carreer politicians way..

        • ellinas1

          True that. 

  • RCND

    How is it that, with RNC attorneys in attendance (and actively advising party leaders on stage), the word was not put out on the spot at the convention that national RNC rules existed which forbid binding delegates? All of a sudden we learn this after the convention 

  • borbrygmi

    I heard this on and thought WTF.   I am wondering if he said more then he should have.  The RNC will be having  talk with Mr. Curly.    I was cynical enough about the political process.  Wham! comes the truth.   7.62 starts looking sane. I wonder if the DNC or any political party is different.  With rules like that a few bucks in the right place and you can buy those votes.  RNC look to your own house to get things in order.

    • $8194357

      Well thanks gurgle….
      At the top of the pyrimid the two parties become one for the Olagarchys internationalist agenda of selling out National soverignty for the global mission statement agenda…
      Been watching it for years ya know…
      Goes back to the “incorperation of America” usurping the founding documents into a marxist ponzi type steering commitee corperate structure ” or in laymens terms”
      The rule of men above the rule of law elitist olagarchy…

      Going global real soon..

      Crazy is as crazy does my momma always used to say.

      Barrys momma told him from birth he was destiniened to be President some day…
      Go figure huh?

  • realitybasedbob

    It’s certainly not your daddy’s gop anymore.
    Whither thou goest, O once proud gop?

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    The conservatives are feeding on each other like a bunch of thoughtless sharks caught up in a feeding frenzy.

  • 1philgray

    I was a caller…curly looked like a fool…private party?  what an idiot…just quit now, and leave some room for real conservatives….
    love these idiots who think they know like hannitized…..are you making some so-called intelligent comments….what constructive thoughts have you ever posted due upon individual thought and not commenting on what other people say and actually think….

  • 1philgray

    I will keep posting this until Rob has a say on it….Republican Convention mic pull was against the law as well BTW…
    Conservatives are not feeding off of conservatives….we are out to kill moderates…………..period
    Read this and weep

    Though I am neutral at
    this time on Measure 2, the supporters make many valid arguments. Our RINO’s in
    the ND Legislature have brought “crony capitalism” to a new level. They have
    magnified tax unfairness, not fixed it.

    As a citizen of North
    Dakota, I believe Attorney General Stenehjem should investigate apparent
    violations of North Dakota’s election
    laws of Section 16.1 of the North Dakota
    Century Code. On November 16th, Governor Jack Dalrymple made false statements
    regarding Measure 2, the initiated measure to abolish property taxes. The story
    was reported on a Williston TV station on KFYR

    Governor Jack Dalrymple
    says Measure 2 would force everything managed locally to be wrapped up in a
    state program.”I do have concerns about the measure myself. I think
    eliminating all property taxes may sound nice at first but really it creates a
    lot of problems. There are questions about local control, questions about how
    you even manage a situation when you put everything in the hands of a state
    legislator” says Governor Jack Dalrymple.Tuttle’s response:”He
    hasn`t read the measure then. If you read the measure, it specifically states
    that money given to localities, counties and subdivisions have full and total
    discretion over the expenditures once they are allocated” says

    Here is a link to a video of the
    news story:

    Further violations of North Dakota’s
    corrupt practices laws were revealed early last December in an article in The Bond Buyer which documented undue hardship caused to North Dakota
    citizens in their effort to raise badly needed matching funds for federal
    disaster relief programs.

    The North Dakota
    Industrial Commission, headed by Governor Jack Dalrymple, recommended a
    resolution to halt all local
    general obligation bond deals conducted through the state. This resolution was
    passed based on false
    information in order to rally opposition to Measure 2 to abolish property taxes.
    General Obligation Bonds can be paid back using any of the 27 other existing
    state taxes:

    The measure, if passed,
    would prohibit political subdivisions from issuing GO [General Obligation]

    Outstanding property-tax
    backed debt, however, would likely be treated as a contract under the state
    constitution and continue to be paid, according to attorneys who work for the
    Legislature, which has held a series of hearings on the potential fiscal impact
    of the measure. That means local units could maintain a sufficient property tax
    levy to pay debt service for the life of a unit’s outstanding debt, counsel

    Two weeks ago, the North
    Dakota Public Finance Authority said it would no longer allow political
    subdivisions to issue GO bonds after Dec. 31 until the results of the June
    election [on Measure 2] are known.

    R20;We see this as the
    first domino to fall in Measure 2,” Traynor said of the authority’s
    announcement. “We aren’t even close to the election yet, and it’s already
    disrupting what we need to do.”

    The authority made the
    policy decision after the North Dakota Industrial Commission, which oversees
    nearly all state agencies, including the Bank of North Dakota, adopted a
    resolution Nov. 21 to not accept GO bonds from local political subdivisions
    during the “grey period” between Jan. 1 and June 12, 2012, according to DeAnn
    Ament, the PFA’s executive director.

    The three-member commission
    is made up of Gov. Jack Dalrymple, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjam, and
    agriculture commissioner Doug Goehring. Ament recommended the resolution to the

    R20;To me, it was good
    public practice to make sure we had secure debt,” Ament said. For the finance authority,
    the borrowers most affected are the local units that were planning to issue
    bonds to finance local matches for federal disaster grants in the wake of this
    summer’s devastating floods. Unless they come to market within the month, those
    borrowers will have few ways to come up with the money, Ament said. “If they don’t have that
    money set aside to be able to pay their local share, those that need to borrow
    will be unable to do so,” Ament said. “It’s not clear if GO bonds will be in
    existence in North Dakota at the local or county level. I don’t even know what
    kind or form of bond we’d come up with.

    is a link to the article:

    It is a matter of public record that
    Governor Dalrymple has issued multiple false statements regarding Measure 2 and
    has used state resources to do so. The North Dakota Century Code has provisions
    against such actions

    • ellinas1

      If you feel so strongly on this file an official complaint or a lawsuit or something.
      All complaints and no action. 
      Stop yer bitching, and get to work.

      • 1philgray

        you must be a bright bult there…..I will stop when I see full ad run by ROB….if your used to using name you call your wife, I suggest you become as active as I am…until then put a aspirin between your lips (all 4 of them) and shut up

        • ellinas1

          Once again for the hard headed:
          If you feel so strongly on this file an official complaint or a lawsuit or something.All complaints and no action. Stop yer bitching, and get to work. 
          Damn! Bitch, bitch bitch. That’s all you wingnuts do.

          • 1philgray

            were you a delegate?  I recognize my name…what is your name wingnut….dont even have the balls to use your real name on a website….who is the real wingnuts…..people like you whining on a website….I use my real name….you dont….punkass kids who post…
            If i had a rule on these sites…people have to have full name address and phone number to comment…
            Shut up the ellinas1 of the world once and for all….they act no differently then a liberal blogger….
            Ellinas1, if i ever see a post from you in future I give it the credibility of a 9-11 conspirator……NONE….
            ellinas1,,,,,some of us gave alot to this country to allow idiots like you to speak and vote….dont waste my time if you dont have the aspirin between you lips yet and give everyone your name loser…..until then….quit your whining and beyunching ok   it gets old,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

          • ellinas1

            I am very far from the frozen tundra known as North Dakota, where the Republican establishment managed to screw you, and you are wailing like a bitch.
            Man, I told you and will tell you again:
            If you feel so strongly on this file an official complaint or a lawsuit or something.All complaints and no action. Stop yer bitching, and get to work. Damn! Bitch, bitch bitch. That’s all you wingnuts do. 

          • 1philgray

            guess you have proved my point…whiny guy from some unknown parts…doesnt have the balls to give his name, doesnt have solutions, only bitching and moaning….calls locals delegates wingnuts….and yet does nothing to solve the matter…
            ELLINAS1 i just want you to know I will post and save your stupid comments and remember them years from now….you can change your name like your tampon….it will not solve the problem in our party…and especially guys like you with no nuts, and no name, whining and bellyaching with no recourse toward solutions….

          • ellinas1

            I gave you the solution to your problem. Take the bastards to court.
            That in my opinion is doing something about the problem.I can’t do anything about it as I reside in California.
            As far as remembering me forever, I really do not care.
            Take care now, you hear?

    • $8194357

      Starve the beast…
      the beast feeds of other peoples money….

  • borborygmi

    Let us go conspiracy theory on this .  Who benefits from contested primaries aside from the parties…..the media…gobs of advertising dollars>  Is the media and the major parties in an incestual relationship a conspirtorial relationship and joe America getting f@cked.

    • $8194357

      No say it ain’t so fart bubble…

      See it on the right now huh?

      Now look behind ya on the left…

      Dems been steering the ship of state for almost all of the last 100 years..

      Shooocker, huh?

      • borborygmi

        Is that because you are so far right anybody left of you is a marxist or at least kissing cousins

        • $8194357

          JFK was right of me fart bubble…

          Thats how far left the socialists have dragged us..

          JFK was further right than 80% of Republicans today..

          He tried to put the Constitution back into DC’s finances with an EO and was shot 6 months later for his effort…

          Internationalist progressives don’t want America with Constituional national sovernity..Messes with the agenda they been running since late 1800’s early 1900’s..

          Reagan tried but Carters mess left us spending the fiat crack like crazy..

          Money and the lust for power over others it brings…
          The Root of All Evill…

          Just a generation or two ago…I was an old skool liberal leaning right..
          What happened to America in those last 60 to 100 years? Democrats and central planning soviet DC governance and LBJ’s marxist social justice war on poverty happened thats what..

          • Econwarrior

            JFK was a millionaire playboy do-nothing Senator who got tapped to be President because his older brother got killed in the war.  JFK proposed socialized medicine, because it’s part of the left wing playbook to control the population; JFK was soft on communism, which created the Cuban Missile Crisis, which he then “solved” after bringing us to the brink.  JFK was no less liberal than obama, the country was just more conservative then.

          • $8194357

            I know I shouldn’t “challenge your opinion”
            but I am used to folks like you only from the left so WTF Robert..

            Marxist debt ponzi deconstruction of the targeted currency…
            Works for Soros type currency traders and corrupt international hedgefund bankers.
            Redistribues wealth up ward to crony capitalist international progressive friends, “in the name of” wealth redistribution to the “social justice poor” protected classes..
            Pretty dang old smart Marxists who critical theroryied and politically corrected cultural terrorized that one up.
            devil had their ear and Alinsky knew it..

          • Econwarrior

            In addition, JFK’s gangster father bought him the ’60 election, but Nixon didn’t want to tear the country apart over it.

          • $8194357

            Well I stand corrected Robert…

            He was still “conservitive enough” to try and reign in the Fed and put it back Constituionaly under the treasury were federal finances belong…No RINO has ever tried that.

            But you seem to dissagree with me there every time I bring this up as well..Corperate law of 1890 what ever..Still gave the international progressive wealth redistribution ponzi the upper hand at using the IRS to rob us blind.

            Compared to commieTed, IMO JFK and Robert sure did have a knack of pissin off Chigago type mobsters corruption in government, Castro, Kruchev and your beloved Fed Reserve tho huh?

            The five year window of secrecy for the financial soviet international steering commitee sure has worked its deconstructive magic with the bi-partisian DC water boys and girls doing the olagarchys bidding tho, huh?

            Correct me where I’m wrong ok..I’m sure you will..

          • $8194357

            Well At the top of the pyrimid the two parties become one for the Olagarchys internationalist agenda of selling out National soverignty for the global mission statement agenda…Been watching it for years ya know… Goes back to the “incorperation of America” usurping the founding documents into a marxist ponzi type steering commitee corperate structure ” or in laymens terms”The rule of men above the rule of law elitist olagarchy…
            Going global real soon..

  • The Fighting Czech

    SOOOOOO the delegates are “free to vote their will”  I understand that part,  but how do a majority of Romney delegates get appointedWhen they should have been the last dog in the ND race?  If this is the case,  shouldnt the GOP assure that the delegate that got appointed, should mirror the results of the caucus Vote?  I have a feeling that Putin, over in the USSR,  would give a thumbs up to the GOP way of doing things….. 

  • Ndconservative2011

    Curly Haugland thought the system worked just fine in the past when things went his way.  Now that he disagrees with the selection, he is crying foul.  Curly Haugland and Stan Stein are not part of the problem – THEY ARE THE PROBLEM !

  • Erwin0628

    California members of Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Grassroots Movement, are
    asking you to unite with us in our efforts to draft former Alaska
    Governor Sarah Palin as a write-in candidate in our great State. Please
    join the many Independents, Democrats, Conservatives who neglected their
    party affiliation, joined the GOP to support and put faith in the
    Governor to unite and lead our nation back to the strong America that it
    was. It is not too late. The filing deadline for a write-in candidacy
    in our state is May 15, 2012. President Obama in 2008 promised
    to usher in an era of hope and change. Yet the country’s mood right now
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    in our nation’s capital. Unfortunately, in this year’s primary
    election, the GOP frontrunner is a deeply flawed, weak, flip-flopping,
    can’t-connect-with-a-Joe-six-pack, stiff liberal guy from Massachusetts
    whose core convictions are as solid as jello: Mitt Romney. The other
    candidates are now dropping hints or are making behind-closed doors
    deals with the Romney team to save their own political aspirations.
    Mitt Romney’s campaign has recently confirmed that his “severe
    conservatism” can be easily shaken and erased like an Etch-A-Sketch.
    With his shifting positions on issues depending on who he is running
    against, how can he be trusted to keep his campaign pledge to repeal
    Obamacare? How much would it take him for him to shake off his election
    promises when they no longer serve him politically? Mitt
    Romney is well ahead in this race, thanks to his six years of non-stop
    campaigning for the presidency and the unabashed support of the GOP
    establishment. The Republican Party has been very clear in their support
    of the former Massachusetts governor, openly advocating voters and
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    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has always said that she does not
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    eventually stepped up to the plate and served our country well and
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    Another four years will seal the president’s disastrous fundamental
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  • toomuchguvmint

    What a great plan to encourage our young people to avoid participating in  the republican party!

  • Lynn Bergman

    The problem for many legislators is that they cannot get their arms around the concept of relinquishing their current extensive control of local entities by just sending a check to each county and letting the locals determine how it is spent…That, in a nutshell, is Measure No. 2.

    Yet, that is what they currently do, send a check to each county! It’s just that they would perhaps not get a small percentage back in the form of campaign contributions because no favoritism was employed!

    The real issue here is the obscene level of current revenues and especially PROJECTED REVENUES and the opportunity provided by Measure No 2 to leave a relatively modest portion of such revenue in the pockets of people and businesses. THAT is true and fair “economic development” WITHOUT picking winners & losers…