Republican Legislator Introduces Bill To Stop State Enforcement Of Any New Federal Gun Control Laws


Rep. Roscoe Streyle is on the verge of filing new legislation aimed at protecting North Dakota from any new federal gun control laws. Yesterday Vice President Joe Biden, appointed head of Obama’s gun control task force, hinted at the possibility of new regulations and restrictions through executive order. Streyle hopes his bill would make sure that any new federal gun control laws would have to be enforced exclusively by federal officials.

Streyle’s law wouldn’t go so far as nullification, it wouldn’t prohibit federal laws from being enforced in the state, it would just mandate that no state resources be used to enforce them. It also wouldn’t prohibit the state from passing stricter gun control laws. It’s intent is to ensure that the gun control policy enforced by North Dakota officials is policy North Dakota lawmakers approve of.

A draft copy of the legislation (which Streyle says is the framework but will still go through some tweaks before formal introduction) is below. Streyle tells me it will ultimately have co-sponsors from legislators around the state.


Draft Legislation For Gun Protection Bill by Rob Port

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • headward

    This is the right step. Anybody voting against this bill should be called out and voted right out office.

    • slackwarerobert

      I can’t wait for harry reid to “think of the children” and kill this one.

      • RCND

        I’m sorry… I missed the news he had been elected to our state legislature

        • slackwarerobert

          It was in all the papers, holder doesn’t give a rip about state rights. And a state law with no way to enforce it is worthless. Unless you have an AG that will lock up feds for breaking it it is just paper. They wont even charge state justices who violate the law and write their own school budgets.

          • RCND

            I think you may want to read the bill. This isn’t nullification

          • Rob

            I just updated the post with the lastest draft of the legislation, and I fixed the embed which wasn’t showing the text before.

          • Goon

            That’s because Holder and Obama are tyrants.

  • schreib

    I am so sick and tired of the need to pass state laws to protect us from an out of control federal government , ie the Obamunist, who refuses to abide by the constitution which clearly states the duties and limits of the fed government upon its people. We now need constant protection FROM our own government because they no longer know their place.

    • OldConserv2011

      You’re right. It is a scary thing. But if we didn’t have state legislators like Roscoe who are unafraid to take a stance, think of how much scarier it might be. And I’ll be very interested to see how this plays out during the session. I can’t imagine how anyone could argue against it but if anyone does, they need to be called out to the entire state.

    • Goon

      I am too, read the constitution.

  • sbark

    …..a map of N.Dak gunowners…..each colored dot represents a gun owner in N.Dak

  • WOOF

    Broadway comes to North Dakota.
    “To dream the impossible dream

    To fight the unbeatable foe

    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go”

    • HG

      I think you libs are in for a reality check should the President act unilaterally on gun control. You will wake up to a whole lot of state, county, and city officials unwilling and in some cases defiantly resisting the President’s actions.

      • Goon

        If he does this it’s going to create a crap storm.

  • Emil Kashuntz

    This says everything about what is wrong with North Dakota. Right wing gun nuts, red necks, and people living in 1776. Ordinary people have come to their senses about the need to control gun violence. On the other hand the silly dingers could care less if children are shot in massacres, they just want to get elected and appeal to the simple minded. Very sad a goof like this even gets elected. An embarrassment to the state that makes everyone realize we are still in the grips of elected idiots here.

    • Roy_Bean

      We almost got away from elected idiots here, but then Heidi was elected by a hair.

      • sbark

        seems as if we are having alot of voter IQ tests recently……Measure 2 and the complete failure to reduce property taxes…………and now Heidi who ran just as Conrad, Dorgan and Pommey did….except without a plaid shirt standing in a wheat feild……
        Corad knew he was out on his ear for force feeding us ObamaCare…….and then we elect Hiedi who is on the radio record advocating death panels.

    • RCND

      Then move

    • HG

      So explain how gun control is suppose to prevent another Sandy Hook?

      • slackwarerobert

        Only thing I can figure is his holiness will raise the children from the dead if we give him what he wants. Only thing worse than a true god, is a petty god wannabe.

    • slackwarerobert

      In 1776 the government wasn’t abusing its power and didn’t fear the people having guns. Restore freedom and responsibility and there will not be a problem with guns. The only one wanting children killed is obama with his insistence they can’t shoot back.

    • slackwarerobert

      the newhaven shooter was not 21 so could not carry the handguns to the school without breaking state law, or into the schools without breaking federal law. So why didn’t obama arrest him for breaking the law before he shot up the place since the gun law was already passed that should have stopped him?

    • Thresherman

      Where is the hue and cry for gun control outside of the liberal media Emil? Or by “ordinary people” do mean the select few who share your world view? Gun violence has been decreasing in this country for years, no thanks to liberals. But then on the other hand, I’m beginning to believe that you are no more than a North Dakota Fascist who thinks the only rights worth protecting are the ones you support. Maybe what we need to do is to start blaming you and punishing you for the acts of madmen and then refer to you as some sort of unshaved neanderthal when you object. That would be grossly unfair, but what the hey, you reap what you sow, right Emil?

    • Goon

      You’re a moron and buffoon guns away there will be more shootings.

    • sbark

      ……and your Leftist history includes stalin, mao, hitler, lenin, che’, pol pot and a host of others………
      did they protect the “children”……….were there no dead children in the 170 million dead attributed to your political relatives of no further than inside 2 generations?
      …..and we should trust the left………..everyone is born ignorant, leftists work harder to stay there.

  • Roy_Bean

    They have spent 4 years telling local officials that they can’t enforce immigration laws, do you suppose they will have the same plan with gun laws?

    • RCND

      They will need local and state help with any new gun laws. I think that is the point of the bill

  • slackwarerobert

    I thought holder v arizona already settled this, only the feds can enforce federal law.
    But I will write my scumbags to amend this to include ALL federal laws, not just new gun laws, and also make them civilly liable for any violating of the gun laws. If they wrongly take your gun, then they should pay dearly for it. Even if it is for a few minute under “officer safety” if they had no reasonable articulate excuse. If they can’t cite a law they suspect you of breaking, and take your gun they should loose their job, but I will settle for them being homeless as a good first step. All the laws in the world are worthless when the ones breaking them can’t be touched, and the prosecutors won’t charge them with the crime. But civilly you get to file, and don’t need to worry about your bought and paid for prosecutor.

  • slackwarerobert

    I think Bill Bixby put it best….

    Don’t make me a felon, you wont like me when I’m a felon.

  • the Fighting Czech

    OHHH talking tough. The feds love that. They enjoy even more, watching these same politicians piddle in their pants at the first threat of withholding Federal money if they dont Submit.. If your expecting leadership/courage from Bismarck Im gonna guess your gonna be disappointed. I hope Im just being cynical, but Im guessing in this case Im more of a Realist.

    • RCND

      Actually the bill would already forbid them from accepting fed money to enforce new gun laws. I like that part of it… it makes clear our rights are not for sale as they should not be. If the state legislature does not pass this they do so at their own risk. It also sends a message that they need to enforce their existing gun laws (this bill won’t prevent that) first before considering new ones

      • slackwarerobert

        It isn’t the money from the feds for enforcing the law. The problem is the addicts in the state house who are bribed with the highway and other funds. But that will be a good amendment as well they can’t pull other funds for obeying this law either.

        • RCND

          The way I read it, its funding regardless of source

  • matthew_bosch


  • Mike Peterson

    I appreciate this individual’s stance on the issue, but we need to be bolder. The #1 goal of our legislature- aside from tax relief- should be to distance North Dakota as much as possible from the Federal Government. We are witnessing an extremely bold Washington. We must be equally as bold in safeguarding our freedoms and prosperity.

    Take a cue from Arizona in this regard:

    • Rob

      What Arizona is doing is merely a resolution. What Streyle is doing is enforceable law.

    • sbark

      agree………and this law should limit future ability of RINO’s and leftists to even start to infrindge on 2nd amendment rights………..
      …..along the lines of the “right to farm” bill passed in Nov……….guard the guardians.

  • Shadowwalker

    We need to follow WY in this regard. Arrest anyone that tries to enforce any infringement on our right to arm ourselves. The Second Amendment wasn’t to allow us to hunt or target shoot. It was specifically intended to protect ourselves from what ever threat presented itself. This includes a tyrant! We the people were intended to have equal or greater weapons than our government to keep them in check. Any elected official that doesn’t understand this plain meaning needs to be replaced and this includes the mayor of Fargo, the drunken Denise the Menace. I know for a fact that the sheriffs department in the County of Cass is a miserable failure at protecting its citizens. And to think we spend a large sum of money to allow them to work in true gun free zones as our children are in pretend gun free zones. What a bunk of male bovine excrement! Why are our children unprotected and why are any of the citizens of North Dakota unprotected. Yesterday I visited with my 60-something year old mother as she told me of the things that have happened to her friends daughters and grand daughters on their trips to Minot. This little old lady is now afraid to shop in Minot because of all that has happened in our state. I have offered to pay for her self defense training as well as any permits and equipment that she may need. So much for the friendly people of North Dakota that a little old lady doesn’t feel safe going to the Walmart in Minot on a Saturday afternoon by herself. I am more than willing to be an armed guard for her but this is often unpractical. It is time to take our state back brothers. Get the mentally ill off the streets and impose harsh penalties for those that are willing to hurt innocent people and make very clear that it is ok to defend ones person without question. I hope you hear that Wayne S.

  • Dallas

    Looks like another Tea Bagging nut job from Minot. This will be an expensive embarassment if passed……Dallas

  • JanuaryJones

    I’d like to show my appreciation to the man who wrote this. Thank you whoever you are!!!

  • dwolf

    why doesnt nd have a “2nd Ammendment”?