Rep. Rangel: Tea Party Republicans “Don’t Care About Our Country”

In a message recorded in his office for the Longshoreman union, Rep. Charlie Rangel twice called Republicans “hostage takers” and accused them of not caring about their country.

“We should be talking about jobs and not being held hostage by groups of people that got elected without any experience and just come down with a anger that they have to get rid of our President for reasons that they developed during their campaigns,” says Rangel in the video.

“These people don’t care about our country.” (via Verum Serum)

I guess dissent is only the highest form of patriotism when it’s Democrats who are doing the dissenting.

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  • robert108

    The Party that wants to hit us with job-killing tax hikes is the one who doesn’t care about the country.

    • VocalYokel

      You forgot the part about them backing union thuggery…and choking businesses with regulations…and picking winners and losers with bailouts…

  • NDSuperman

    When he says “our country,” is the “our” part racist?

  • Dakotacyr

    Rob, you decry dissent when it’s the democrats.

  • mikemc1970

    Many of those TEA Party Republicans ran with the promise that they would not vote for any raise in the debt ceiling. We all know that campaign promises to Democrats are just lies that must be told in order to win elections, that must be what is utterly stumping them.

  • realitybasedbob

    Well that’s just crazy.
    Next thing ya know, some nutter is going to say that liberals hate America.

    • flamemeister

      No need to.  Liberals say that they hate America all the time.

      • Neiman

        Yeah, that is a given isn’t it? I mean so obvious any foreigner would see it?

        • flamemeister

          Libs back up their hatred of America not only with their words, but even more so with their actions.  Yet they do not leave.  Why might that be? —Ans.: It is safe and comfortable to hate America, and certainly hip and stylish.  Coward libs. Phui!

          • Neiman

            They all hate the America of our Founding Fathers, they love the America they are working to change into a godless, socialist utopia, in their vanity thinking they can avoid the mistakes that have destroyed every other socialist society and believing, mostly in ignorance that, they will be part of the ruling elite, having a greater life than they want to inflict upon the peons. So they stay here enjoying the comforts and prosperity of the America of our Founding Fathers as they are dismantling the society that brought them this life of ease.  They are in matter of fact, suicidal, self-destructive, dare I say it – morons.

          • flamemeister

            I believe they are something more dignified than morons, more like parasites and cancers which frequently kill the host and then must die with it.

          • Neiman

            Sorry, so you are saying they are moronic parasites?

          • flamemeister

            It pains me to say so, but … yes.

          • $8194357

            The lib take on America…America is a great country…Now help us fudementaly change it into a banna Republic…..

          • flamemeister

            To paraphrase slightly: Libs return to their folly as dogs do to their vomit.

  • Cal Schaible

    And we are to take serious the opinions of this unethical tax crook?

  • mickey_moussaoui

    pay your taxes Charlie or STFU

  • Randy G

    Famed tax cheat, racist Charlie wants to talk about jobs? Like the several million that have disappeared since Barry was sworn in? Too funny…

  • awfulorv

    Hard to admit this but, this guy makes me long for the days of Adam Clayton Powell. BTW, Tawana Sharpton now has his own, not to be missed, program on MSNBC. 

    • Bat One

      Adam Clayton Powell, huh?  Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long, long time…

  • JoZo

    If I’d a known it would be this much trouble,I’d a picked my own cotton!

  • Willis Forster

    Rangel spends 96% of his time in Washington, 1% in his district, and 3% at his caribbean tax fraud and has for at least 40 years. He knows nothing about the rest of America.

  • Bogeyis90

    Rangel actually said we were “being held hostage by groups of people that got elected without any experience”.  Who’s ever had less qualifying experience to hold elected office than PrezBO?

    • Slackwarerobert

      Yes, but his people are using guns, so it is alright to hold hostages.
      To use the ballot box to hold him hostage is just unexceptable!

      At least the economists who say we are not going to default can understand turbo tax.
      Every one that is saying doom and gloom can’t figure out there own taxes.

  • Moebellini

    Another complete loser running around congress. This pathetic human being has been stealing for over forty years. If you or I committed his crimes we would be in jail right now. Who’s that actor, is it Wesley Snipes who recently got a jail terrm for nor paying his taxes. He did a lot less than Rangel and Rangel is laughing all the way to the bank. And these illiterates from New York still vote him in. While they starve he’s eating filet and lobster on their dime……………………………………

  • britney1

    Dems/Libs/childish Pres. call Tea Party Americans terrorist, claim they are just as bad as the Hezbollah terrorist, you know terrorists who blew up American ship Cole, blew up Twin Towers, gave Pres $10 million dollars for his 2008 run for WH, yes, you read that last one correct.

    OBVIOUSLY the out of touch Dems/Libs/childish Pres. need to be educated who/what is a terrorists. If we educate them, maybe they might consider closing the welcome to America sign at the borders….I am fed up with these child like out of touch zombies.

    Palin gets ripped for having a scope on a map JUST LIKE the Dems did, she gets ripped by CNN, MSNBC, ABC and other trash networks go after her and family. Yet we hear the childish Pres. talk about guns to the American people’s head, terrorist tactics, TRY to scare the American people with his constant doomsday lies most days.

    No one falls for it anymore, the elderly are NOT as stupid as Pres thinks or hopes. The elderly listen, they research, they know Obie to be a constant liar, only Libs look to him for “leadership”, handful of Dems have wised up.
    Using Union thug mentality makes Obie an even bigger loser than anyone who had the job in the past. Corrupt goonies like Rangel, Pelosi, Reid, Biden must go.

    Obie is much too childlike to have any responsibilites, he should be in charge of the squirrel population  in the D.C. parks. That way he cannot harm/destroy the American dream any more than he has.
    Bummer for the little creatures but he has proven he doesn’t have a clue about being in charge of humans beings, he has proven that over and over again watching the squirrels may be up his alley instead.
    He IS a decent thug organizer but sadly, nothing more.
    He came on TV with his last scare tactic and urged American people to rise up and call, text, email Washington and let people know how they felt.

    This childish, out of touch Pres. lost 40,000 people on his facebook account.

    God bless America!