Rep. Kevin Cramer Says “Guilty As Charged” When Called A Boehner Loyalist


The House Republican caucus if factious, for sure. Chris Cillizza at The Fix got together a group of reporter to try and identify which Republicans belong to which faction based on their votes on a half-dozen bills.

“Whether it’s the failure of the farm bill, the vote for speaker or the fiscal cliff negotiations, it’s become quite clear that the House GOP is riven into a handful of factions — factions that have made leading the group nearly impossible,” writes Cillizza. “What we wanted to know was what these factions looked like and who fit into them — both as a way to understand what has happened in the House over the past six months and to analyze what might happen in the coming fights over immigration and the debt ceiling.”

The votes they chose were “(1) the fiscal cliff compromise plan, (2) the speaker vote, (3) the “Sandy” relief bill, (4) the debt-limit delay, (5) reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act and (6) the farm bill.” And based on those votes, they’ve identified Rep. Kevin Cramer as a loyalist to Speaker of the House John Boehner.

“These 46 members are the Boehner base, such as it is,” writes Cillizza of Rep. Cramer’s category. “These members are with Boehner — almost no matter what.”

I asked Rep. Cramer about that characterization yesterday. “Based on those six votes, I am guilty as charged,” he told me though he did have some caveats.

“The list doesn’t show I supported amendments which would have made those bills more conservative. I supported amendments offsetting the spending on Hurricane Sandy relief and adding judicial system protections to VAWA [Violence Against Women Act],” he said. “I also wrote and supported an amendment to protect private property rights in the farm bill, which was adopted into the bill by the House.”

Regardless, it seems that when Speaker Boehner needs Rep. Cramer’s vote, he’s got it most of the time.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Clairvoyant


  • Jonesy

    I don’t want to be represented by Cincinatti, I want a North Dakota representative!! Cramer is nothing but a shill for the elite of the political party! He ran as a conservative and now he’s nothing but a party lapdog!

    Apparently that works both ways…..

  • Ratbite

    Well Kevin this insures this conservative will NOT support you come 2014. Heidi & Hoeven are bad enough but the last thing we need is someone in the wimp Boehner’s back pocket. I thought Kevin was going to DC to fight the enemy not join them. Guess he’s caught Potomac fever too. Too bad I had thought he was a genuine conservative. Looks like he needs primarying also.

    • borborygmi45

      I am betting he could give a rats bum whether you and your ilk support him.

  • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

    My guess would be Mr. Cramer, being a genuinely modest person of traditional values, perhaps felt it would be unbecoming to walk in the door and start defying the established leadership right off the bat.
    Sadly, kicking ass and taking names is precisely what most of us who supported Mr. Cramer hoped he would do.
    Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have shown newcomers to the Mutual Admiration Society that is Washington CAN walk in the door and take public, visible, principled stands that are not popular with the establishment.
    Where is the Kevin Cramer that thumbed his nose at the NDGOP and skipped the convention? That’s the guy I voted for.
    John Boehner is beyond weak as Speaker; he is an establishment hack tried-and-true and a disgrace. He hates the Tea Party more than the Democrats do.

    • Clairvoyant

      “Mr. Cramer, being a genuinely modest person of traditional values”

      • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

        I too wish Mr. Cramer was showing more spunk and fight against the GOP establishment. But I am unable to say anything against his character.

        From what I have seen the past 4 years Mr. Cramer possesses little pretention or hubris. He is not an individual with inclinations towards drawing attention to himself or self-aggrandizement.

        So while I wish Mr. Cramer had some Louie Gohmert or Michelle Bachman in him; the reality is that probably just isn’t who the guy is. However much I may disagree with some things he has or has not done; I believe his reasons however misguided I feel they may be; are sincere ones.
        It will be up to us, the voters, to decide if Mr. Cramer has been effective enough at advancing a true conservative agenda to once again merit our vote.

        • Jonesy

          “From what I have seen the past 4 years Mr. Cramer possesses little pretention or hubris.”

          Have you actually talked to the guy?

        • Clairvoyant

          I’ve dealt with Cramer at 3 different Republican conventions when he previously ran for Congress. My take: He was born without humility and is among the more arrogant and pretentious folks that I’ve met. Having said that, his politics WERE a breath of fresh air. But, he has fell into the trap that has befallen virtually every Democrat and Republican in Washington (save Michelle Bachmann and Rand Paul). It’s called the cash machine and its driven by the special interests that drive those 2 infested parties as directed primarily by Boehner (on the Republican side).

          Cramer reminds me of the early days of Byron Dorgan. Dorgan was just like Cramer with the same pretentiousness and arrogance (and the same promises to “change Washington”). Dorgan got wrapped in his party’s soiled diaper, shortly after arriving in Washington, which is the path that Cramer is taking. Another Dorgan/Cramer similarity, they both played the “good Christian” card along the road to office.

          • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

            I have met Mr. Cramer in somewhat private settings and spoken with him a handful of times. Perhaps a dozen.
            Clairvoyant I guess I’ll say I’m surprised by your impression of Mr. Cramer but I do not claim to know him well enough to say I’m right and you are wrong.
            Who knows? To be sure one needs ambition to stay in politics as long as Mr. Cramer has.

          • Clairvoyant

            or perhaps a desire to be a “lifetime politician” AKA Dorgan and Conrad?

          • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

            Mr. Cramer has been in political office, not the private sector, the vast majority of his adult life. That is true.

        • Ratbite

          Hey Pat, I’ve seen absolutely no spunk or fight in Kevin. Only the typical roll over & play dead of a Republican elitist. with Potomac Fever.

          • Lianne

            Just because he doesn’t stomp his feet, shout, and carry-on does not mean that he has no spunk. He speaks softly, politely, but with conviction and commitment to his beliefs.

  • RINO

    You all have no idea how crazy you sound from outside the echo chamber.