Rep. Cramer: Farm Bill Debate Was “Intellectually Dishonest”

Rep. Kevin Cramer was on Chris Berg’s Valley News Live show last night talking about the passage of the farm bill, and he expressed some dismay with the quality of debate around the bill calling it “intellectually dishonest.”

He took exception with Democrats suggesting it represents a dismissal of food stamps policy, but according to Cramer that welfare entitlement isn’t going anywhere.

“Food stamps are permanent law,” he said. “It’s mandatory spending.”

“The bill they voted on in June had some modest cuts to the food stamps program, but now food stamps will stand on their own as permanent law and now the…farm portions of the bill are permanent law.”

“We will take up a separate farm bill as well.”

In Minot this afternoon I had an opportunity to talk with Rep. Cramer (he was on a tour of the Bakken with other members of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee) and he said that ultimately he felt the Senate/House conference committee on the bill would produce something similar to the June iteration of the farm bill, which would pass all the farming legislation along with modest cuts to food stamps.

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  • kevindf

    Little Billy and Jack-the-Hack pander to the rich farmers as they always do.

  • toomuchguvmint

    Dishonesty has always been a major ingredient in farm programs. See

  • ec99

    Dalrymple gets a state check for being governor and a federal check for being a “farmer”…both for doing nothing.

    • Ratbite

      Bet if you check out the environmental working group web site you’ll find that Governor Jack is getting more than one check & so are his wife, kids, & other family members.

      • Say It

        It is common practice to enroll the wife and children that are over age 18 in the farm program. This allows the limits on farm program benefits to be bypassed.

        As the saying goes “when a farm program is announced, the farmers will have it figured out by noon, on how to find loopholes.”
        Parnerships and multiple addresses are also used to bypass the farm program limits of benefits.

  • Say It

    I like to point out to anyone that defends the farm program: where in the US Constituition is there a Farm Bill.
    The day will arrive, where there is no Farm Bill, since the US Government is beyond insolvent.
    Let the crying begin…

    • Prairiemom3

      You’re assuming the Constitution means something.

    • sbark

      Have no problems with that stance……..but be sure to spit equal venom on the opposite side of the Govt that farmers are hung with in your search for this vaunted free market.
      Be sure to scream for Agric. and business in general to be rid of EPA, animal rights, Envro wacko, govt controls on exports that keep a consistent food supply so consumers can eat at half the worlds cost…………
      Be sure to be anti-govt on both sides of govt………while of course your eating at half the next cheapest country in the world… a cost of 180 per taxpayer they get 4500 in cheaper food…….its not the farmer that’s being subsidized….its the consumer that is getting welfare.

      • Say It

        The farmers are subsidized in more than the Farm program. They do not have to pay property taxes on their farmsteads. They recieve other exemptions as well. They are not required to pay overtime to their farm workers over 40 hours. Farm workers (especially at spring planting and harvest), work over 40 hours.
        I went to Fleet farm and was asked if I was a farmer. A farmer could fill out a form, recieve a buyers card and entitle them to purchase items at Fleet Farm at a lower sales tax rate for the farm.
        Why are farmers subsidized right now? They have been making money hand over fist. Farmland prices are very high. Farmers are buying new machinery, like there is no end. Until this year, the Case-New Holland Plant in Fargo, was building tractors, as fast as they could get/fabricate parts.
        When the US Gov’t finally goes flat broke, the farmers will have to live without subsidies. Better to wean them from the subsidies now.

  • devilschild

    I can’t even begin to count how many times I was told during the ACSC lockout that they aren’t farmers, they are growers. Now that they want another handout from the government suddenly they are farmers again. How handy is that?

  • Ratbite

    & when was he last time a Marxist Democrat had an intellectually honest debate with anyone?? Better yet when was the last time a politican had any intelletualy honest debate with anyone?? IN POLITICS THERE IS NO ITELLECTUAL ANYTHING!!

  • toomuchguvmint

    That is our rinos – busy targeting the largest farmers with millions in annual benefits and small farmers with back stabs. Oblivious to and determinedly ignoring the extreme disparaty and discrimination that riddles these schemes.