Protesters Give Leith Nazis Exactly What They Wanted


I’ve been watching the live stream of the National Socialist Movement’s town hall meeting in Leith and the counterprotest organized by UnityND.

Things have been going about as you would expect. The nazis are promoting hatred and the protesters are denouncing it, all while a large number of local and state law enforcement keep the peace.

I admire what the folks at UnityND have done in organizing a social media and in-person response to the nazis, but in a way I think they’re helping those they oppose more than they like to realize.

I can’t help but feel as though the best response to the nazi “town hall” would have been no response at all.

It has to be cathartic to show up and scream at nazis. To call them names, mock their movement and denounce their bigoted ideology. I’ll bet that feels good, particularly for the large Native American contingent on hand who know a thing or two about racism, but what does it accomplish? Very little, as the right of these nazis to organize, hold meetings and purchase property is as sacrosanct as it is for any of the rest of us. Protesting isn’t going to stop them.

In fact, protesting gives them the one thing they need desperately from outside of their movement, and that’s attention.

These creeps live on the margins. Their ideas find few adherents. They have very little political and social clout. Except when they are given attention from outside of their movement.

They accomplish this by causing a stir. By doing and saying controversial things that fire up the public, and draw media attention.

The situation in Leith has probably garnered more attention for the National Socialist Movement in the past few weeks than that group has received in the past decade (if it’s even been around that long). But maybe, now, enough is enough.

It’s time to stop playing these haters’ game. It’s time to live and let live, and let their hatred ooze back under the rock this media attention has turned over.

Ask yourself this: Which would have been a more effective message to these bigots today? The hundreds of protesters and dozens of reporters who showed up to cover the proceedings, or nothing?

I’m saying “nothing.”

Update: This tweet from a Leith local about Craig Cobb, whose property purchases set off the controversy there, speaks volumes:

I’m sure he is, and that’s the problem.

(Picture via @245NorthMain)

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • RCND

    Unfortunately you are right. Those opposed to this movement will not grow significantly because of this protest. But the attention gained by NSM will help them gain membership or sympathy from the lunatic fringe they need. All for a few tankfuls of gas

    • Rob

      I think you’re right. Unfortunately, I think the more attention these idiots get, the stronger their movement gets.

      We shouldn’t stop them from speaking or assembling or engaging in lawful commerce, but we don’t have to pay attention to them either.

  • Opinionated

    And how is this speech different than Jeremiah Wright and his us of kkk lingo? Hear congress people talk this way all the time, I see a president who likes to pick and choose who he is the leader of… Tolerance my friends tolerance

  • TomKi

    If the anti-racists have a positive platform, we can promote it calmly and with strength. There is a difference between fighting racism and embracing humanity.

    • Rob

      That sounds nice and all, but I tend to think that the best message for the nazis would have been for nobody to show up at all but them.

      Those idiots love to fight. They love to create controversy. I’m afraid the UnitedND response is giving them exactly the fight they want.

      • Neckbeard

        sounds like a certain troll with a blog I know of…

        • Rob

          I’m not sure how I’m trolling anything here. I think it’s perfectly valid to question whether or not we’re giving these people too much attention.

      • SusanBeehler

        The method of “not showing up at all” is a contributing factor with the property tax problem in North Dakota, sitting silent is a decision, it is a “nothing” decision.

        • Rob

          It’s not the same situation. It’s two very different situations.

          These Nazis do not make public policy.

          Now, if they decide to start running people for office (far more likely now that they’re getting all this attention, i’m afraid) then locals absolutely must show up and oppose them.

          But shining the spotlight on their stupid town hall meeting? That just gave them the attention they craved.

  • smarter then that

    If you really followed your own logic why would you write about them…are you just not also feeding the fish….

    • Rob

      Well, to be fair, I’m not writing about the nazis so much as I’m writing about the response to the nazis.

      Really, I think the situation in Leith would dry up and blow away if people would stop overreacting. This is a small group of marginal people who have little chance of accomplishing much of anything.

  • awfulorv

    I’d be willing to bet the majority of homeowners in Leith did not feel the need to change old habits, and lock their doors while they slept last night.
    I wonder if the same can be said for the denizens of Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, or Oakland?
    I wonder, also, if they would have locked them if The New Black Panthers were choosing to set up shop in their town?
    I wonder, again, whether this might not be one of those put up, or shut up, comments…

  • bman

    Were these protestors by any chance waiving pictures of Che Guevara, Obama, Heidi and chanting “hope and change” and “healthcare is a right”?

  • Yuna Braska

    I disagree.

    I was thinking the same thing when trying to decide if I should go to the protest. They’re not unlike internet trolls, and they certainly thrive on attention. That much is true. But you have to ask what is the alternative POV, and then weigh it all.

    So last night, I was surfing all the white supremacist web sites hyping this protest. Among a lot of inanity, there was a persistent us-them meme: the white supremacists vs. the residents of Leith. I also got this message from the mayor Leith.

    In the end, after weighing my concerns, I decided that while the supremacists were going to get some attention, it would mostly be negative. Alternatively, I saw the people of Leith pleading with rest of us for help/support. I decided that the show of solidarity was more important than giving the bearded lady right wing freak show the attention they desired.

    Cobb and his ilk now know that they are not just trying to outnumber the 16 extant residents of the town, and the residents of Leith have been overjoyed and empowered by our support.

    • awfulorv

      If truth be told, I’ll bet the good citizens of Leith were hoping you’d all head west, and direct your protests at stopping some of the activity at a few of those nasty old fracking sites.
      I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens then, myself…

      • tony_o2

        Is there any indication that the citizens of Leith didn’t want the protesters there? Are you so hardheaded in your bigotry that you can’t comprehend that the people of Leith do not want the racist pricks living in their community?

        • awfulorv

          Whoever said anything about liberal commie wannabes desiring to live in the community?

    • awfulorv

      By the way Yuna, you’re not related to that Luco Brasi of “sleeping with the fishes” fame are you? If so I’ll try to be more respectful in my replies…

    • Rob

      I honestly don’t think the “town hall” would have happened – I don’ think the National Socialist Movement would have even come to town – had it not been hyped.

      I appreciate the good intentions, but I think the protest did more harm than good.

      • Yuna Braska

        “…I think the protest did more harm than good.”

        Your vapid contrarianism has been noted, but, unlike me, you haven’t actually weighed the harm and the good.

        You have an incomplete comparison in which you focus myopically on the harm: that cobb and his ilk would get attention, also based on an unsupported, if not fallacious, absolutist premise that that attention is all harm and no good.

        In addition to getting some attention, and hence support, from his fellow ilk around the country, he’s getting a lot more negative attention.

        Alternatively, Leith is getting a lot of attention, and support, more so than any community of that size might have mustered without such a protest, tipping the legal fee challenges in their favor.

        Cobb’s plans are far less likely to succeeded, now that they’ve been outed, and an opposition has coalesced, thanks to all the attention you think is supposedly all harm.

        • Rob

          Maybe it makes you feel better to attack me for asking the question, but I’ve thought about the situation as much as you have. I’m just coming to a different conclusion than you are.

          I think racists from around the country are going to glom onto this now, wanting publicity.

          I don’t think it’s all the protester’s fault. I think it’s the media’s fault too. But attention is what these people want.

          • Yuna Braska

            pointing out that your contrarian argument is vapid and myopic is not attacking you… it’s attacking your argument. But your style v substance fallacy whine is noted.

            And no… you have not *arrived* at any conclusion. That would require factual premises, of which you have none. In addition to refusing to acknowledge and respond to the alternative conclusion which I have arrived at, you simply assert your conclusion without actually weighing it with respect to the facts and other factors…. For example:

            “I think racists from around the country are going to glom onto this now, wanting publicity”

            This, again, is you insisting on the overly-simplistic and myopic preoccupation that if racists would get attention it’s absolutely always good for them and bad for everyone else.

            I agree that these trollish types thrive on attention, but there’s simply a lot more too it than that. You’re basically of the mind that outing their plan to take over a community somehow helps them… that raising an opposition to that take over somehow helps them. Or, alternatively, if only we’d had let them take over the town without any fan fare on our part, then we could declare victory over racism and believe we somehow thwarted them or denied them what they wanted?

            You make about as much sense as an ejection seat in a helicopter when you’d apparently punish/thwart racists by decrying any mention of them or opposition to them.

            Your prescription, in no uncertain terms, is apathy. It’s like you don’t think it’s really a big deal that they’d take over a town and subject the extant residents to their hatred and inanity.

            Discussing the merits, or their dearth, of this protest requires a cost-benefit analysis. A complete comparison. That means acknowledging that there are benefits, and then weighing them with respect to the costs.

          • Rob

            This, again, is you insisting on the overly-simplistic and myopic preoccupation that if racists would get attention it’s absolutely always good for them and bad for everyone else.

            I thought this was pretty self-evidence. And as proof of my concept, consider that the National Socialist Movement was never coming to North Dakota until Cobb started getting headlines. Then, suddenly, they moved in. Because it was an opportunity.

            An opportunity created by giving these idiots attention.

            Your prescription, in no uncertain terms, is apathy.

            Not really. My prescription is “live and let live.” Let the stupid racists be racists while all the normal people live their lives. The best way to keep racists marginalized is to keep them on the margins.

            People like you are pulling them into the mainstream, unfortunately.

            You disagree, and that’s fine. but I look at the Westboro Baptist cancer as evidence of what happens when these attention-getting antics by bigots are given, you know, attention.

          • Yuna Braska

            “People like you [and MLK?] are pulling them into the mainstream [by not ignoring them]…”

            We call this fallacious contrary-to-reality inanity affirmation from negative premise.

            Contrary to your fallacious delusion, racism is no longer mainstream in america, or openly tolerated, as result of the Civil Rights Movement; all manner of protests and counter protests which got lots of media attention for the bigots too.

          • Rob

            Contrary to your fallacious delusion, racism is no longer mainstream in america, or openly tolerated

            I’ve never said that racism is mainstream in America, though I think the expression of all ideas (even hateful ones I disagree with) should be tolerated. That’s free speech.

            But you’re making my point. These guys aren’t mainstream. Engaging them elevates them. It’s a mistake.

      • awfulorv

        Oh I don’t know, though I didn’t see any pics of good looking women, if memory serves, that’s what it’s all about.
        Smoke a few joints, drink a few brews, sing a few songs, not a bad way to meet women, perhaps get laid…

    • TruthBeTold

      “Bearded lady right wing freak show”???
      These guys are part of the National Socialist Movement. Far from ‘right wing’.

      • Yuna Braska

        One of the sub-prime derivative packages, dodgy mortgages sold to investors, was labeled the “Enhanced Leverage Fund”

        Do you always believe labels?

        Despite the Nazis calling themselves socialists, the academic community considers them right wingers by virtue of their actions and stated goals.

        • JoeMN

          To truly understand history, sometimes the fog of time and political motivation must be lifted
          To this end, may I present to you the famous leftist;
          George Bernard Shaw

          The left fundamentally opposed Nazism for one reason
          That the wrong people were being killed.
          The selection should be made based on class.

          • awfulorv

            Mr Shaw also traveled to Moscow and pronounced Stalin’s show trials to be the epitome of judicial fairness. Actually, he would have made an exemplary producer at MSNBC news.

  • Thresherman

    In the end, it is a tempest in a teapot.

    • awfulorv

      You’re right, and next they’ll catch the eye of some government official concerned about the racial imbalance in the town. First you know they’ll be bussing in Somalians, from Minneapolis, to correct the situation.

      • SusanBeehler

        Sounds like you are ready to buy some property in Leith from your fellow white Nazi guys.

        • awfulorv

          Nothing of the sort. I must tell you, however, that I stand ready, at anytime, to invest in a part of Rob’s SAB enterprise. The part that allows you to prattle on, and interminably, on.

  • toocoolforskeul

    From what i saw on the news, the protesters were causing more problems than the nazis. The nazis are attention whores and the media gave them exactly what they wanted.

  • Say It

    The protesters went way overboard. Do you think that a Nazi movement taking over Tumbleweed, ND, is going to make a difference?
    The Sheriff probably spent his yearly budget on this one day tirade.
    The Nazi’s got alot of free advertising. If any Nazi’s takeover Leith, they probably do not want to stay the winter anyway. If they move in from a southern state, they will be the first to head south in November.

  • Drain52

    Those neo-nazis sound like a bunch of sour krauts.

  • bman

    You have missed the point. The media only talks about the racial aspect of the Nazi’s. They bypass the conversation about how fascism is about national socialism. It is about the platform of the Democratic party. I guess we will let the left sidestep that aspect of this conversation one more time. Sigh.

    • JoeMN

      That’s because the Nationalist Socialist aspect fails to fit SPLC’s agenda

    • Yuna Braska

      Despite socialism being in their name, the academic community is of the consensus that the Nazis are right wing.

      But if you want to make them into Obama fans…. LOL…. it’s certainly good for a laugh.

      • The Whistler

        That’s why you can’t take academicians seriously. Nazis are a different flavor of collectivism with a nationalistic flair.

      • JoeMN

        This distinguished professor would disagree

        The unspeakable horrors of Nazism didn’t happen overnight. They were
        simply the end result of a long evolution of ideas leading to
        consolidation of power in central government in the quest for “social
        justice.” It was decent but misguided earlier generations of Germans —
        who would have cringed at the thought of genocide — who created the
        Trojan horse for Hitler’s ascendancy. Today’s Americans are similarly
        accepting the massive consolidation of power in Washington in the name
        of social justice.

        If you don’t believe it, just ask yourself: Which way are we headed
        tiny steps at a time — toward greater liberty or toward more government
        control over our lives?

        Perhaps we think that we are better human
        beings than the German people who created the conditions that brought
        Hitler to power. I say, don’t count on it.

        • Yuna Braska

          your appeal to authority is noted.

          Which way are we headed?

          That’s easy.

          We’ve been on a 30 year trip of swinging ever further to the political right. It’s the Reagan era…. a backlash to the FDR’s new deal era and all the stinky hippies. We’ve been swinging so far right that even Reagan would come off as a RHINO apostate in today’s right wing weather.

          If you want to refute that the academic community, and anyone with half a clue, is of the mind that the Nazis were right wingers, I think you need to produce some political evidence, as opposed to so many strawman arguments, as if an imaginary opponent, the little voices in your head, is arguing nazis happened “overnight” or that the German populace was not “misguided.”

          Dispense with the redherring blithering and make a point.

        • LennyPincus

          It is ridiculous to say that Nazism was the result of a quest for “social justice.” Absolutely ridiculous.

          Ivory tower chatter.

          • JoeMN

            What makes you think today’s left holds a copyright on “social justice” ?

            After all, what is social justice but a promise to deliver goods and services to one group, at the expense of another ?

            What is remarkable is that the obvious reductio ad absurdum that the video demonstrates is adopted by esteemed social-justice advocacy groups and proudly advertised as an endorsement of their philosophy. It is clear, under these circumstances, that these are intellectually bankrupt movements.

          • Yuna Braska

            “What makes you think today’s left holds a copyright on “social justice””

            You’re adding a strawman argument to your red herring tally (3 now).

            Reading the comments above, it is obvious that nobody but the little voices in your head is arguing that the left has a monopoly/copyright on social justice.

            Are you sure you want to go to the economic version of Intelligent Design (Austrian economics) as somehow proving that the left is intellectually bankrupt?

            It’s quite the hyperbolic and absolutist inanity, not to mention shooting your own ideological endorsements in the foot, to so vapidly assert that by simply endorsing a philosophy, you’re supposedly intellectual bankrupt.

            Ironically, your nonsense and fallacies, though, provide a great example of intellectual brankruptcy.

          • JoeMN

            Well, Yuna, I’ll give you this
            You appear to be holding the record here for being short on facts, yet long on hot air.

  • flamemeister

    From what I see, this is being covered almost daily in east and west coast news outlets.

  • SusanBeehler

    How many other city halls allow thier inside of thier building to raise Nazi flags and hold a meeting, legally I don’t think city property can be used for every group and every political cause? Maybe this is a little town but most city halls are used for city government business

    • Yuna Braska

      When a community is that small, everyone is part of the city government business.

      • SusanBeehler

        I don’t think the use of a city hall for a town meeting called and conducted by out of state Nazis counts as ND small town business.

    • awfulorv

      In other words, that free speech bs is just some crap. I’ll tell you what you may say, and think…

      • SusanBeehler

        Just like the 2nd Ammendment is not unlimited, the first is also not unlimited.

        • Rob

          It’s amazing to me that you would say something like that.

          And who should we put in charge, Susan, of what people do and do not get to say. You?

          The 1st amendment doesn’t exist so that we can talk about the weather. The true test of our commitment to free speech is whether or not we allow the most controversial sort of speech.

          • SusanBeehler

            Are playing the “I don’t know anything about law which limits what we can and can’t say” card? As a society we do have a say over what we legislate. We have laws and the courts have upheld limits on speech which is used to incite violent or illegal acts a clear and present danger factor. We have laws for libel, slander, obscenity, and the “fighting words” doctrine. We also have decorum of how meetings are conducted and policies and laws in place when and how speaking is allowed at meetings. Freedom of speech is not a “free for all” say what you want without consequence. It is not a commitment to free speech, but speaking in a manner which is within the law and of the community time, place and manner.

          • JoeMN

            Do gun rights proponents have free speech rights in your little tyranny, Susan ?

          • SusanBeehler

            Tyranny? the first ammendment is the first against tyranny.

          • JoeMN

            Then repeat after me;
            Even though I abhor everything these bigots have to say, I will defend their right to say it.

          • SusanBeehler

            I will not defend tryanny; this is not a First Ammendment issue. They are advocating tryanny against the small town government of Leith. You are siding with the wrong group, the people of Leith need to be sided with not the “Cobbheads” wanting to take over Leith. I think it is a joke of how many people on this blog refer to many in government as Nazis than when the real “Nazis” come in there is those like yourself willing to defend the Nazis for what? your distorted interpretation of the First Ammendment. I do not defend bigots because it is a principal I stand on.

          • Rob

            So, you think the 1st amendment only applies to speech you like?

            Recognizing that the Nazis have 1st amendment rights is not the same thing as siding with them.

          • SusanBeehler

            Of course not. But thinking we as communities have to allow them use of a city owned facility is not a right. As a taxpayer I do not have the “freedom of speech” to go into a school and stand in front of classroom and say whatever I want. As a taxpayer I do not have the right to go to a city building and tack up any flag of my political preference. We do not have to stand by and allow anyone to do as they please under the guise of a 1st amendment right, it is not a unlimited right.

          • JoeMN

            Defending NAZI’s ?
            Or defending free speech ?
            How would restrictions on free speech stop these bigot’s Susan ?
            In fact, isn’t shredding the constitution high on their play list ?
            Why give them what they want ?

          • SusanBeehler

            I wouldn’t call what you have wrote defending the constitution, I call it acting like you cannot doing anything within the framework of the constitution. High on their play list is getting others to join with them instead of standing against them. No one is shredding the Constitution, they like your thought process like to hide behind their interpertation of it to get what they want.

          • JoeMN

            Let’s rephrase the question, Susan
            Exactly what specifically would you prohibit ?

          • JoeMN
          • SusanBeehler

            Many cities have a sign ordinance, we have to comply with. If this guy was smarter getting his message out he would have painted his home with the message or hung it in a window. The police are to enforce the laws in the community.

          • JoeMN

            BTW the courts have set the benchmark high for “fire in a crowded theater, or fightin words.
            Obscenity law, libel, slander

            None of these thus far apply to the Nazi’s

            But just out of curiosity, what would a Susan Beehler speech code look like ?

          • SusanBeehler

            It depends on what the “speech code” is for. First I would not let a group display a flag associated Nazi’s in “my town hall”, I would have a policy in place of the use of the city owned building, to easily deny groups such as this from using the facility. Then any town hall I would hold would have ground rules spelled out and it would have a procedure for shutting it down or removing those who would refuse to comply with the rules. Representative Cramer at his Gun Violence Panel he held in Fargo was held at a venue other than a “city hall” and he had a decorum in place to prevent a freedom of speech “free-for-all”. Many little towns people are just respectful of others so there is not a policy or decorum. I would think small towns may rethink policies to prevent something like the “town hall” meeting in Leith. Just like most people know we should not cut in line to get to the front when people are in line, it is common sense, JoeMN, not a right, but a decorum and can be a policy which still perserves our right for freedom of speech.

          • Rob

            The town hall was organized by the Nazis, Susan. You should inform yourself about these issues before weighing in.

            They made arrangements to use a public space which is, and should be, available under the same terms to any other member of the public.

            If there is anywhere in our society where the right to free speech should be absolute – even hatred like Nazism – it should be public venues.

          • SusanBeehler

            I am aware of it, but maybe you do not see the theme through out my posts. If it would have been in my town, the city hall could have not been used for a town hall meeting called by anyone. I disagree with allowing hate groups using our public venues. Would you allow the Taliban to hold a town hall meeting too? Would you allow sex offenders a town hall meeting in a public venue on how they would like to take over your town? The First amendment has limits even in a public venue. Do you think the state capital would allow a group of Nazi’s to use the Senate chambers for a state meeting, even if Hilter himself called the meeting. To allow hate groups, terrorist groups to hid behind a “right” is ridiculious. This is exactly why they want to infiltrate conservative and libertian groups because of the strange interpertation of our rights, you are siding with them because of a misguided interpertation.

          • Onslaught1066

            You see, Rob, what you fail to understand and interpret from the theme of Susan’s and and indeed all liberal autocrats’ posts is that some fat pigs named Susan have more rights that others, and woe betide anyone who would seek to prevent her from inflicting her peculiar brand of “equality” upon those deemed inferior.

          • SusanBeehler

            Was that you about 17 minutes in to this video?

          • Onslaught1066

            No, but I read all about you in Animal Farm.

            Oink, oink.

        • awfulorv

          I’d say …not to be infringed… is pretty damned unlimited.

          • SusanBeehler

            Read the post to Rob. I’d say you are a disrespectful racist from the posts I have seen from you .

          • awfulorv

            What’s this read the post to Rob crap?
            Is that similar to the old “I’m gonna tell daddy when he gets home” threat?
            Look Susan, it’s likely I caught you while you had your monthy visitor, I can’t help that.
            Perhaps you should consider avoiding your keyboard on those days…

          • SusanBeehler

            You are exposing yourself: a sexist, racist may even possibly a “Cobbhead”, I figure you are not worth rewriting the post. You may want to use your hairy finger or other appendage to move up on the screen. I don’t need a monthly time to rip you, Mr. “Cobbhead”

  • The Whistler

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    When I started teaching, the best advice I got was “Never wrestle with a pig. The pig enjoys it, and you just get dirty.” That applies to immature teenagers and these racist thugs.

    But, at the same time, it is important to show that the community does not agree with such animals. Yelling and all that performance nonsense is pretty pointless. But, if no one says anything, then the message of tacit support is sent. I can’t get the video on the website to work, so I don’t know what form the protest took.

    Where I grew up, a similar racist set up shop in a small town for much the same reasons: cheap land and a mostly white population. For the most part he was ignored (the right thing to do).

    However, what can happen is that some hot-head on the side of decency does something stupid. These racists are looking for that, and one of their tactics is to provoke it. To me, that is the real danger here. I know that kind of thing happened to the racist back home and it actually served as cover so that the police didn’t dare touch him. He knew how to play victimhood to the hilt. However, he did break some laws, and the police were finally able to deal with him that way, even as he cried victim all the way to jail.

    I don’t know if Mr. Cobb has broken any laws. I do fear a well-intentioned hot-head doing something stupid that will build up sympathy for Mr. Cobb’s evil views. A protest is the kind of environment that makes people believe that they are justified in doing something stupid. But I disagree with Rob to the extent that the entire thing cannot just be ignored because the message that sends is approval or indifference.

    • Rob

      Yelling and all that performance nonsense is pretty pointless. But, if no one says anything, then the message of tacit support is sent. I can’t get the video on the website to work, so I don’t know what form the protest took.

      There was a lot of yelling and name calling. Pretty infantile, for the most part. At least from what I saw.

      But I disagree with Rob to the extent that the entire thing cannot just be ignored because the message that sends is approval or indifference.

      I’m not arguing that the whole thing should be ignored. Only that showing up en masse to a high-profile protest of them gives them exactly the attention they want.

      Criticize them, sure. That has happened. I think it’s clear that 99% of the ND population thinks these guys are idiots. So let’s leave it at that.

      • SusanBeehler

        “I’m not arguing that the whole thing should be ignored. Only that showing up en masse to a high-profile protest of them gives them exactly the attention they want.” I think this is a funny comment from you when considering some of those who showed up to protest Gabby Giffords or the No More Name Rally than you blogging about it. Your statement sounds like “Bad to protest Nazi’s, Good to protest victims of gun violence”

      • Waski_the_Squirrel

        Thank-you for filling me in! I was afraid it would be yelling and name calling. Since I don’t have TV, I miss out on this stuff, for better or for worse. This kind of performance absolutely discredits those of us who recognize these people for what they are.

        By the way: I am glad you are covering this animal. I think your own website has the right balance in keeping people aware, but not creating sympathy for the man or the type of attention he craves.

  • del

    We have a black supremacist, racist and socialist in the White House and his Socialist Democratic Party controls the senate and they are transforming our nation. Explain to me why I should be worried about a couple of morons in Leith?

  • LennyPincus

    Sit and do nothing or say your piece. Your advice is the former? Pretty lazy.

  • awfulorv

    Thanks for all the pics. It’s a bucolic little town. Very nice, I’ve half a mind to come up there and buy the whole shebang, and raise Honey Badgers…

  • awfulorv

    Again, I must ask why the slaughters the various Communist movements have generated over the years are always glossed over, and the Nazi’s are always held up as the poster boys of evil?
    Perhaps, it could be simple as the low informationers difficulty in spelling any word over seven letters long and, Khmer Rouge, for instance, would be totally befuddling…

  • Lynn Bergman

    Cudos to those who went to protest this filth. Too bad the same people cannot recognize the similar danger that socialists (i.e. “liberal Democrats yearning for maximum wealth re-distribution”) present to our future. Socialists number in the tens of millions in the USA and the 5% that are avowed marxist communists are more dangerous than terrorists due to numbers and historic institutional infiltration.
    The repeal of Obamacare could awaken the sleeping communist giant with a sense of urgency; is such a fear what most motivates the US Senate?

    • awfulorv

      Communism sounds good doesn’t it?
      We’ll all work, and share equally in our production.
      What economic system could be more fair?
      Unfortunately human beings are involved, and the communist system, wherever it’s been installed, has been a terrible disaster for the masses.
      And don’t tell me China is the exception.
      They’ve already killed 50-75 million, and expect big uprisings any day now, when the peasants begin demanding their share of the profits the rich have garnered, through a form of capitalism, BTW. ps, that’s kudos…

  • awfulorv

    Would it surprise you to find, after extensive questioning, sans name calling, that these fellows are, perhaps, more closely aligned with the average American’s beliefs than that fellow you’ve installed in the White House?
    As I see it, these people are in the business of warning you of what’s coming, what you can expect if we continue down the path the leftists are leading us.
    Those in Washington simply want to control you, and everything you do. Think Productive Robots, because that’s what they’d prefer you were.
    But, if you disagree that your grandchildren should not have to pay for some ignorant, and ugly, yet promiscuous, person, capable of working, but disinclined to do so then, by all means, climb aboard the idiot train while it takes us all towards the last stop, oblivion…

    • tony_o2

      The core of the NSM is white-supremecy. Please tell us why skin-color has any relevance to the discussion of America’s problems. Why do they blame minorities yet give passes to white-trash welfare queens?

      • awfulorv

        Oh I’m not talking about just any skin color.
        The Chinese, Koreans, are doing just fine.
        Matter of fact if they all decided to return to their homelands, this country would miss them terribly. Sadly, the same cannot be said for that most sonorous of groups which, ironically, contributes not nearly what their numbers should warrant, to the industry of the country.
        Yet it is they who are constantly whining, and complaining, of their treatment, by that country.

        • tony_o2

          So you’re ok with some skin colors, just not others. Tell us why skin color has any importance.

        • tony_o2

          When are you guys gonna call for all the white freeloaders to return to their homelands?

        • JoeMN

          To suggest that sending certain minorities (read blacks) “back to their homeland” would solve anything means you are missing the mark terribly.
          The black population itself is not even a symptom of the disease.

          These symptoms include, but are not limited to;
          Soaring illiteracy rates thanks to the failures of public education.

          High crime rates thanks to a blatant irregard of the right to self defense.
          Generational poverty and illegitimacy thanks to misguided welfare policy

          Joblessness thanks to high taxes, excessive regulatory burdens,

          And wage controls which works to disenfranchise the unskilled worker and hold black teen unemployment rates over 40 percent

          The disease is liberal policy which made this all possible.

  • Pastor Of Muppets

    “I can’t help but feel as though the best response to the nazi “town hall” would have been no response at all.”

    Nonsense. “Silence is assent”

    Leaving them alone to do whatever they pleased is exactly the wrong answer. They may gain some short term support from other scumbags because of this burst of publicity, but in the long run, the only way to get rid of them, the only way to make them close up shop and move on, the only way to make sure they are forced to hide in the cracks if they do decide to stay, is to let them know in no uncertain terms that they are unwelcome.

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

  • awfulorv

    It is good that you question the motives, and express opposition to this group.
    But that’s as far as it should go.
    You have no right to restrict their movements, burn their houses, or otherwise deny them the right to congregate with others like themselves.
    Methinks you should, instead, be more concerned with the flagrant abuse of executive powers taking place place these days in Washington.
    This man, Obama, seems to misunderstand, I’m being generous, the scope of powers our constitution gives the President.
    He seems bound to saddle us with this monstrosity called Obamacare, even though he must know that a good majority of us do not want it.
    Why would he be so deaf to the wishes of we citizens in this matter?
    He also seems willing, even eager, to go to war in the Middle East, where there are no white hats, only blood stained fanatics. Meanwhile our Southern border is being invaded by hordes of Mexicans in what should properly be called a non-shooting war, if it weren’t for stifling political correctness, that is.
    So put this Leith foolishness on the back burner, where it belongs, and call your representatives and tell them to de-fund, or shoot that damn Albatross that keeps circling overhead…

  • Legalize Capitalism

    “These creeps live on the margins. Their ideas find few adherents. They have very little political and social clout. Except when they are given attention from outside of their movement.”

    You know what? You’re right! I’m never commenting on your blog again.

  • fredlave

    Let them move into Leith. After one or two North Dakota winters we’ll see how many are still there.

  • Sanford Sklansky

    Dave Niewert would disagree. You should read what he has to say. He has had a great deal of experience writing about these groups.