Pro-Abortion Activists Call Governor Dalrymple “Inhumane” And “Fat Ass”

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple

Yesterday I posted some of the oh-so-classy pictures from pro-abortion activists rallying around the state.

Today, upon news that Governor Jack Dalrymple signed three controversial pro-life bills, the pro-abortion movement erupted with childish anger.

Twitchy has a round up, here are some of my favorites:


For all the potty-mouthed tirades, gnashing-of-teeth and rending-of-garments it’s worth remembering that the bills Dalrymple signed into law had strong and bi-partisan support in the legislature.

The well-funded pro-abortion movement is very savvy at creating a lot of noise online, but the legislature was very much doing the will of the people here in North Dakota.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • camsaure

    Abortion(murder) is not really all that right vs left. It as about morality, which I admit is somewhat less common on the left then right, except we have Hawken who tries to claim to be to the right. Only the very extreme far, far left really supports it.

    • sbark

      Previous Leftist govt have broken down the family/ societal structure their way………the USA radical left is choosing to do it their ways (welfare dependency, abortion, gay rights)………
      end result is the same………….

    • suzzan

      So your brother/sister/friend/father/mother/ who kills in the name of war is a murderer? I guess so huh!

      • exsanguine

        ….yes, the adhd response of the leftoids…STRAWMAN!

        Here, let me equivocate some more! You’re like the fargin Walenda’s.

        • AV

          Legally speaking, murder means certain types of (unlawful) killing, so abortion isn’t murder.

          If you broaden the term to include all killing, then how Suzzan is incorrect? Or, should we just let the language-impaired ruin the meanings of yet more words?

          • exsanguine


          • yy4u2

            My mother calls people like you educated idiots n for good reason. Killing something you more than likely helped create is not murder. Killing the persons responsible for your buddy’s face on your uniform is murder.

            Yep, mom was right again.

  • giggles

    This blog is a disgrace. Keep up the journalistic integrity.

    • tomorrowclear

      Yes, but he makes up for it with volume.

    • sbark

      For sure…….anyone that disagrees with the Left is just too stupid to participate in society……….that is why the Left prefer 9 judges stacked by the Left to make “important decisions” that people just cant be trusted with

  • Jeff Haman

    I had the misfortune of listening to Sandy Buttweiler for about 3 minutes today while she had on a female republican ND senator that was against the legislation, Buttweiler and her guest both called Dalrymple’s act of signing the bill “embarrassing for ND.” Buttweiler stated that Dalrymple was ignorant, (for admitting that the bill may or may not pass Constitutional muster- I doubt Buttweiler thought the same thing about Obama when his “affordable care act” was being challenged at SCOTUS) the guest agreed. Buttweiler calling anyone ignorant is the definition of irony.

    • tomorrowclear

      Observe the SayAnything nitwit. Did you catch that, kids? Jeffrey Nitwit compares these Grande specials to the Affordable Care Act. That’s the law that was famously upheld in its most crucial parts, by the Court. How many of you are willing to put a wager on the constitutionality of these Grande specials? Come on, don’t puss out (pardon the pun).

      • Today

        You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you.

        • tomorrowclear

          So, you’re willing to put your beaver where your mouth happens to be? What should we set it at? How about the average intelligence quotient of a “pro-life” protester?

        • Thresherman

          Just because he is distracted every time someone hollers SQUIRREL, he automatically thinks everyone else is as dense as he is.

  • tomorrowclear

    You don’t really want to go down this road, do you Robert? I still have the site bookmarked in which the owner pasted links to all the Facebook posts by GOP racists the day after the election. Would you like to go tit-for-tat (pardon the pun)? We could start with your merry band of nitwits here and comb their FB pages that they so foolishly allows us access to, for starters.

  • Themis Speaks

    I’m curious how many in the pro-life camp are also supportive of sex education and access to birth control in an effort to prevent unplanned pregnancies? It seems counter-intuitive to force life values on a group of people who may not be of the same religion (i.e. no sex before marriage, etc) – especially with the rise in unplanned pregnancies within the Church.

    • Chris Brownell

      I certainly support sex education with the permission of the parents. Access to birth control? Sure with permission of the parents. By unplanned pregnancies do you mean unplanned sex? Just wondering. I also wonder if you mean asserting value to an unborn child and thus value to human life, is some how forcing a value on the mother. It is not. It is simply placing value on the life of her child.

      Sex causes pregnancy, and if you want to have freedom of choice, choose to not get pregnant. Lastly, I am sure you have some statistic in mind when you mention unplanned pregnancies in the church. Please share.


  • Missbreaks

    Calling people who believe in a women’s right to determine whether she should live or die due to her pregnancy pro-abortion is offensive. Gun owners believe they have a right to protect themselves – you don’t call them pro-death.

    • sbark

      but shouldnt the womens rights be called Pro Choices (plural) They get multiple choices even before the choice to abort or not.
      or are you saying their actions up to the point of getting pregnant are totally spontaneaous unthinking acts of carelessness?
      Lack of perceived risk brings on lack of responsibility.

    • Lianne

      The life of the mother has not been placed in jeopardy. As sbark explained, the responsibility and control of one’s body and uterus starts long before pregnancy occurs. A woman has total control of all of her actions up to the moment of the act of sex, except in the cases of rape. But, killing an infant who can not speak for itself is nothing less than murder.
      People are charged with murder or manslaughter if their actions cause the death of a fetus.

  • Mike Peterson

    It’s amazing, this year so far, we’ve witnessed a complete meltdown of liberals emotionally and cognitively in their arguments. They can’t stand the complete paradigm shift. They have resorted to complete kindergarten tactics, such as name-calling, yelling and out right rudeness. That’s no way to win a debate, and it’s only going to come back to haunt them. Virtually every one of them- the legislators, their activists and armchair computer-screen quarterbacks – are completely blowing it.

  • Dusty

    More democrats voted for these bills than republicans voted for a
    Obamacare…which was more extreme?

  • toomuchguvmint

    Sure is nice to have a governor that can figure out that when someone stops a beating heart a human life is being ended!

  • suzzan

    ND govt treats “their” women like they are brainless! Shame on the stupid government. Abortions will remain whether the govt likes it or not. It’s fine and dandy to let our young men be forced to kill in wars yet it is not ok for woman to make decisions about their own bodies. Maybe they can bring back stoning. Those legislators would be surprised (maybe not) at the women in their circles who have made this choice. I am sad to be a ND citizen today!

    • Lianne

      Retro abortion is looking better and better all the time. ;-)

    • yy4u2

      We are, too. (Sorry that you are a ND citizen)

  • Edd

    After reading through all the bills, I don’t see what the melt down on the left is all about. Yes it will drastically reduce the number of abortions performed, but the cry of how doctors will run from the state, women’s rights have been turned back 200 years, (Roe Vs Wade was in ’73) just seems a little over the top….

  • headward

    Most of these liberals are also for Obamacare as well. Funny how they’re pro choice here but anti-choice when it comes to health care, light bulbs, allowing smoking at private businesses and guns. Guns are the 2nd amendment. What amendment protects the right to have an abortion?

  • LegalizeCapitalism

    Rob Port: consistent defender of first amendment rights. Except when people use naughty words. Especially in reaction to government overreach on one of the many things he sells out his supposed libertarian ideals for (known as Ron Pauling). Then those exercising their should be ashamed!

    Because, you know, when they dumped that tea off the boats I don’t really think they were thinking about being classy. I think it was more of a protest of government overreach that this country was founded on. I’m guessing the British thought it was super vulgar.

    As much as you try to fool even yourself Mr. Port, you are only a reinforcement of the establishment. Nothing more.

    • Rob

      First, I’m not sure what my criticism of childish tweeting has to do with the first amendment. Pointing out that these people are behaving immaturely is not the same thing as wanting them silenced.

      Everyone has the freedom to say stupid things.

      Second, my opposition to abortion is entirely consistent with my libertarian beliefs. The problem is, so many people view the issue the wrong way. It’s not about controlling the woman. It’s about protecting the child.

      The real division between pro-life and pro-abortion is when life begins. People like me believe it begins at conception. The pro-abortion folks think it ends later (everything from at the point of viability to just before birth, it seems).

      If you believe that life begins at conception, than extending to that life constitutional protections for life is hardly an expansion of government.

      • tomorrowclear

        Why do you arbitrarily choose that particular point? The process of creating human life begins long before that point.

        • Rob

          Political expediency. It’s an earlier point. I’d like to go earlier, but that’s a lot less likely to stand.

      • borborygmi

        “Everyone has the freedom to say stupid things.” and write stupid things, huzzzahs for Rob. My son contends that ERs wouldn’t exist except for stupidity, I think a correalate would be Blogs would exist except for stupid people writing and saying stupid things

  • Thresherman

    Look, I do not agree with the bills for whatever reasons I have. Having said that, I can see nothing that tells me that the laws were passed in any way other than in the normal accepted manner. That is how our republic works. You win some, you lose some. For those who are engaging in emotional attacks on those with whom they disagree, well, they are drawing no credit to themselves. When you sink to the personal attack instead of advocating your position, you diminish both yourself and your position.

  • borborygmi

    That about what the Conservatives say about him when he goes the other way. Poor man can’t get a break

    • Rob

      That’s just politics.

      I get the same thing from both sides. When i’m for gay marriage, I get respect from the left and trashed from the right. When i’m pro-life, vice versa.

      It’s hard to take stands on controversial issues. Which is why most politicians try to avoid it as often as possible.

  • borborygmi

    ” had strong and bi-partisan support in the legislature.” And it also had bipartisan support against the legislation.

    • Rob

      Yes, but bi-partisan minority support.

      That’s sort of key, don’t you think?

      • borborygmi

        Anything the Democrats are for will be a minority. You seem to be touting the bipartisan support The bipartisan was not a majority of Democrats. There was Bi Partisan support against also. Call me Bor-Fox-borygmi keeping things fair and balanced. The Republicans voting against these bills are no doubt rinos, commies, socialists or worse in Consevative viewpoints.

        • Rob

          The media portrayal has been that these are extreme bills.

          Yet, the media also goes on all the time about “bipartisan compromise.”

          Well, every single one of these bills was bipartisan. So why are they being called extreme?

  • lefty

    Give me a fat ass Gov. anytime when it comes to protecting life.

  • Albert Kashuntz
  • Dallas

    This issue brings out nothing but the best………