PETA’s 2008 Person Of The Year Caught Shopping For Crocodile Skin Purse


I’ve not written anything about Oprah’s claim of racism because a Swiss shopkeeper wouldn’t show her a purse because I have a hard time believing that the service an uber-rich celebrity gets in a swanky purse shop in Europe says anything all that interesting about race relations.

But here’s something interesting. In 2008 Oprah was PETA’s Person of the Year.

And what sort of a purse was she shopping for in Europe? A crocodile skin purse, which I don’t think is all that animal-friendly:

She is one of the richest and most famous women on the planet.

So when Oprah Winfrey popped in to an upmarket boutique for a new designer handbag she was taken aback when the shop assistant refused to show her a bag.
She said the £24,460 crocodile skin item was ‘too expensive’.

Instead of making a scene, the billionaire TV magnate calmly left the Swiss store.

As is usually the case with celebrity activism, they don’t really intend to hold themselves to the same standard they’d like the rest of us to live up to.

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  • ec99

    “She said the £24,460 crocodile skin item was ‘too expensive’.”
    Anyone see a problem here? If it had been a Swiss boutique the price would have been in Swiss francs, n’ est-ce pas?

    • PK

      It was probably converted to pounds by the UK’s Daily Mail. The UK, or i should say The Crown(which is a city-state inside London), is the epicenter of the world economy. That’s where the real financial elite hide all their money and launder it to, to avoid paying any taxes. That’s where the big banks(who own majority shares, thus control, over most of the corporations in the world and make up all the Central Banks including the Federal Reserve) are based. But i guess i’m told it’s silly to think European royalty have any power these days. They only own half the world and control most of her resources.

  • JoeMN

    That bag would match the crocodile tears of PETA

  • kevindf

    What does she have against alligators?

    • ec99

      They’re American.

    • banjo kid

      Nothing , she thinks every one should own a piece of one .

  • awfulorv

    She’s put one over on you. She is listed as one of 41 executive producers on the movie,yet she didn’t put up any money. Her share was derived from publicity gained, at least twice, by her alleged discrimination. Boycott the film and her channel till she repents her racism…

  • two_amber_lamps

    So was it an ill-contrived attempt at race-baiting allegory or a truthfully related story which invalidates her PETA accolades?

    Much like the time old question of “how many licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop” perhaps the world shall never know.

    Meanwhile what’s worse, to be branded a liar or a hypocrite?

    • Gern Blanston

      For the record, I’ll go with liar as being the more negative brand.

    • banjo kid

      how many licks ? til you crunch down with the teeth that’s how many and it will vary from person to person how many licks that will be .

  • The Whistler

    This isn’t the first time that Oprah has pulled a phony racism charge. Back in 2005 she was complaining that a Paris store wouldn’t let her shop after closing hours.

    • banjo kid

      Why the nerve of some business’s !

  • headward

    IMO, Oprah is a typical hypocrite racist victim from the left.

  • banjo kid

    They show them killing alligators every day on TV so whats the big deal? They make use of all the gator not just the meat . Give her a break it is not like she confessed to saying a racial epithet 30 years ago. Alligator hand bags look nice , much better than on the gator . Own TV is blocked on my cable, has been since it first began. It isnot because I am racist at all but because she has nothing to watch .

  • Flyby_Knight

    “I have a hard time believing that the service an uber-rich celebrity gets in a swanky purse shop in Europe says anything all that interesting about race relations.”

    Well said.

  • Mark 2112

    ho hum, just another lefty hypocrite.