PETA Runs Ad Suggesting Shark Attack Victim Deserved It


SARASOTA — Following an apparent shark attack in the Bay area this weekend, the animal rights organization PETA has announced plans to run an outdoor advertising campaign attacking a recent Bay area shark attack victim.

The organization plans to promote an ad that shows a human “drumstick” hanging out of a shark’s mouth, next to the words “Payback Is Hell. Go Vegan.”

This is the ad:

Of course, if you’re the sort of idiot who thinks that animals are the same as humans, I guess this makes perfect sense.

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  • Jamermorrow

    Shark fin soup for me tonight.

  • Bat One

    Shark steak braised in white wine and spices, then placed under a hot broiler, is very tasty.

  • HG

    I’d like the vegans to put their legs in the water and prove that shark attacks are karma for eating meat.

  • headward

    Save a cow, eat a vegan.

    • Bat One


  • Mark

    go vegan?  um, isn’t the cows and their farts that contribute to global warming?  by eating meat aren’t i doing my part in helping the Earth?  typical dumb ass liberals —- both ways as usual

    • headward

      Other way around.  I think somebody ask Al Gore why he isn’t a vegan if he’s so afraid of global warming.

  • Ratbite

    Heck the shark thought the guy was a seal & it probably spit him out when it realized it’s mistake. Gotta watch Shark Week on the cable. 

  • noblindersonme

    PETA is the nutty group that just keeps on giving and no group is more valuable to the right wing nuts than PETA. Whenever PETA does anything it is cause for celebration here. Any contrary issue that could spell trouble for the hypocritical right can always be modified and muted by dragging out this nutcase group! and don’t tell me that is part of why you always give PETA MORE than the political due it deserves. Case in point – another more important news story that is prominent now is the melon illness that is spreading across our nation now. As of yesterday I read 16 DEAD and 100’s sickened by the spread of tainted melons . The implications of this is this is what happens when ‘regulations’ and health inspectors  are cut back and deemed ‘too anti -economy ‘ by the right wing de-regulators’! 
     Dozens die from rotten eggs from the poultry industry , this melon issue , and so many others that just fade away because those dead and sickened don’t deserve the limelight here! It would be contradictory to give credence to the ‘regulators’.
     After all how ‘ miniscule are these ‘health scares’ , 99% of the time we have a healthy food suppply right! No sense ‘crippling the job makers by ‘regulating them to death! Right!
     So less . get back to this shark thing ! for THAT IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT !

    • tony_o2

      We need inspectors to test every single piece of food product in existence.  And if you don’t think this is reasonable, then you must be anti-regulation and want people to get sick and die.  I mean, how can you put a price on health and life?

  • noblindersonme

    btw   I am a CATTLE RANCHER! PETA is a nutcase group that doesn’t scare me beause I know that I farm the right way! I know cattle are not the same as people , only the nutcases on the right fringes think liberals  think like that! But I do know cattle does deserve “Humane ‘ treatment which is how I have lived my life.
    Of greater concern to me is the poor inspections that exist that could let tainted meat in the food chain , thus sickening consumers ( that couldbe  YOU ,couldn’t it!) and thereby causing panic which would cause the market value of my beef to drop! 
     People are gonna eat beef  no matter what PETA does . but they might not if ECOLI is rampant in their food. And the righties don’t want ‘safety and regulations ‘  do you!!!

  • noblindersonme

    now to my ‘detractors!’ prove to me that I am  a nut and go out and eat some melon!  Don’t tell it wouldn’t cross your mind that it could sicken you! and then tell me Peta and sharks belong at the top of the list of ‘what concerns me today.’

    • badlands4

      You should put spaces in-between paragraphs of your posts so they can be read more easily and doesn’t seem quite as much  an incoherent rant and you DON’T GET EXTRA POINTS FOR CAPITALIZING EVERYTHING AND USING MULTIPLE PUNCTUATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!! All that shows is the rage through the fingertips, onto the keyboard syndrome.

      I am not sure what your real point is. Are you saying that PETA is a bunch of right wingers? Are you saying that some right wing puppet master is behind PETA “dragging” them out whenever things get rough to take the focus off of things and forcing them to make ads like this(and all the other ads) vs PETA “dragging” themselves out with these kind of campaigns? Are you seriously suggesting that spending 5 minutes making fun of PETA is really distracting from any other subject?

      PETA is fun for all. The left likes to mock it, the right likes to mock it, and the middle like to mock it. In fact, PETA mocks itself. Mocking PETA takes nothing away from the rest of life, other than giving a chuckle.

      Secondly, the PETA shark ad has nothing to do with inspectors or cantaloupe or the way you raise your cattle. The ad wants you to go vegan so they do not want inspectors to make sure your eggs are safe. They want you to eat no eggs. Contrary to anything you believe, PETA doesn’t agree with your claim that you treat your cattle humanely since they see you as a bovine mass murderer regardless of what you say or do and would happily put up a billboard right outside your property showing a cow eating your brain to “get back” at you, telling all of us to go vegan, and frankly………I would find the mocking of that ad as funny as the mocking of this ad. In fact, PETA is in the vein of no inspectors at all because you eat only what you grow and what you can buy local. Viola, problem solved with the inspectors.