Pawlenty To Obama: “Sorry To Interrupt The European Pub Crawl, But What Was Your Plan For Medicare?”

Governor Tim Pawlenty called President Obama on the mat over Medicare via Twitter:

Whatever you may think of Pawlenty and his candidacy, this is a good point.

Republicans in the House passed a budget, which includes reforms for Medicare. That budget got 40 Republican votes in the Senate. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is saying “There’s no need to have a Democratic budget.”

Obama, too, has been railing against the GOP’s plans for Medicare reforms, and yet has put no Medicare plans of his own on the table.

Our nation is bankrupt, Medicare is eating the national budget alive, and all Democrats want to do is attack the Republican proposals to address those problems without offering any solutions of their own.

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  • Bat One

    Regardless of what the problem is, unless we’re taxing more, borrowing more, spending more, and going further and further in debt, Democrats aren’t interested in a solution.

  • mikemc1970

    I’m liking what I’m hearing from Pawlenty, but I don’t have any familiarity with his politics, not being from Minnesota, so I don’t know a whole lot about his past.

  • JustRuss

    Even Bill Clinton says that medicare will eat the economy. Or do Democrats not care what he has to say anymore?

    • Goon

      Clinton will claim that his words were taken out of context.

  • dakotabound

    Oh snap!

  • Bat One

    Karl Rove made an interesting point tonight.  According to Rove, there is a federal law that requires that when Medicare reaches a 45% deficit, the president is required to submit a plan to Congress detailing how to fix the disparity between outflows and receipts.  President Bush did this in 2007/2008, and because Congress was controlled by Democrats the plan he submitted never saw the light of day.  But in 2009, 2010, and now 2011 Obama has ignored the statute and submitted no such plan, despite the requirement that he do so.

    In a country where we rightly pride ourselves in the idea that all are equal under the law, Barack Obama is once again arrogantly ignoring the law of the land, and violating his oath of office in doing so.

    • lillyluminatus

      There have been entire treatises written on the dozens of ways in which the Bush administration flagrantly flouted well-settled laws.  

      Were you upset about that as well, or does it only make you mad when it’s a Democrat?

  • awfulorv

    2008 indeed, is there such a thing as mathematical Dyslexia?

  • awfulorv

    Could we have two more Joplins over here?

    • JustRuss

      Look! A distraction! Over there!

  • SigFan

    It’s looking more and more like Pawlenty is going to go bare-knuckle in this one.  Good for him – no BS, say what you mean, mean what you say.  I hope this isn’t the last time he tries to pin Obama to the mat, although it’s probably easier to nail jello to a tree.

  • George in Dallas

    The Republicans don’t want a discussion.  They are satisfied with Paul Ryan’s plan.  No statesmen / women here.  It’s Paul Ryan’s way or no way.  Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln would be booted out of the Republican Party as being uncooperative with the party leadership.
    So far I see no love of country in any of the candidates.

  • lillyluminatus

    I’m a bit confused.  

    The President and congressional Democrats already led on this issue by cutting half a trillion dollars from Medicare Advantage in the healthcare reform bill.  You know, the VERY CUTS that House Republicans used to demagogue their way into the majority.  The GOP had it’s chance to help the Democrats reform Medicare, and instead it sat on the sidelines.  

    • JustRuss

      Cut half a trillion here, add a trillion there and voila! Why would we see anything wrong with that?

  • awfulorv

    Were I to play Government spending Mechanic, I’d listen to what sounds like seventeen pistons clanking away, read the receipts of wasteful fuel usage, and then declare, this engine will run just fine on twelve cylinders. Actually anyone could diagnose the problem , it’s plain as day.