Paul Ryan: “Under The Obama Economy, Government Dependency Is Up”


While admitting that his running mate Mitt Romney was “obviously inarticulate” in talking about the 47% of voters who don’t have an income tax burden, Vice President candidate Paul Ryan points to the larger issue. Under Obama, we have fewer Americans who are self-sufficient and more Americans who are dependent on the government.

Via NBC:

“He was obviously inarticulate in making this point,” Ryan said in an interview with KRNV. “The point we’re trying to make here is under the Obama economy, government dependency is up and economic stagnation is up, and what we’re trying to achieve is getting people off of government dependency and back to a job that pays well and gets them onto a path of prosperity.” …

Asked if Romney regrets what he said, Ryan responded: “Oh, I think he would have said it differently, that’s for sure, but the point still stands. We have too many people becoming too dependent upon government because of the poor economic policies of the Obama administration.”

I don’t know how you argue with this. Is there anyone out there who will (publicly, anyway) defend higher levels of government dependence as a positive trend? Cutting through all the nonsense about Romney being a rich, out-of-touch plutocrat, under Obama what we have is fewer people working, and more people depending on the government.

That’s Obama’s record, and it needs to change.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Kevin Flanagan

    People dependent on the government are more easily controlled than independent people.

  • mikemc1970

    Democrats will defend it to the bitter end, but they’ll lie about the real reason. Votes.

    • $8194357

      And love of all things Marx, Mao, and Cuba..

      • mikemc1970

        They also love Hugo Chavez, they think it’s so sexy when he walks down the street saying and pointing at various businesses:


        • $8194357

          Its so Chic to be Che in leftists cirlces..

    • john

      Funny thing, but in ND that percentage dependent on government probably climbs up over 60% when you throw in heat assistance, farm subsidies and economic developement funding, tax breaks and TIFF districts.

      • mikemc1970

        And I bet you’re perfectly OK with government making things cost so much with taxes and regulations that add costs and stifling competition adding even more costs. Making people have to come to the government with their hands out. You are truly evil, but in your sick mind you actually believe you’re doing good.

        • john

          Really hurts the old ego to face the fact that you live in a socialist, doesn’t it. I’m evil, and you live in a fantasy land.

          • john

            That should read socialist state mike.

          • robert108

            Still not true.

          • john

            My wife and I just had a good laugh after she read this thread mike. We especially like the part where accuse me of supporting government intrusuion and regulations that raise costs. Hilarious. You have a double standard my friend and expecting the government to be your safety net for stupidity when it comes to disasters is ludicris. You want your cake and eat it too. Incidently, we have never taken a dime from the government for aid. How about you mike?

        • john

          Just curious mike but let’s take minot as an example, folks knowingly built or purchased homes on a flood plain. They didn’t carry insurance. When the floods threatened they held prayer vigils asking God to spare their homes. When God ignored their prayers and their homes were destroyed they now expect the government, state and federal to pay for the losses caused by their own stupidity for building or buying on a flood plain. Yep, that’s the government’s fault and God is evil by your reasoning mike.

          • robert108

            Typical left wing liar, trying to blame God. Those folks will pay for that aid with their taxes, especially when the Democrats take their boot off the neck of the private sector.

          • mikemc1970

            Not the same thing. It’s the statists like you who stifle an open economy which keep prices low, for goods and service, and create work that can provide a living wage. Then make people come to the government, with their hands out, just so you can control their lives.

            Your example, disaster recovery, is one of the reasons we the people, who own government, created it.

      • robert108

        So-called “tax breaks” are not welfare; that is another obama lie.

  • $8194357

    He’s modleing it after Castro’s Cuba..

  • Game

    To pretend that every American who is part of the aforementioned 47% is”dependent on the government” is extrodenarally insulting to millions of hard working Americans who are retired or who work low paying jobs.
    But hey, keep doubling down on your stupidity Ryan.

    • Rob

      And yet, the fact remains that government dependence in America right now is at all time highs.

      Shouldn’t we, you know, do something about that?

      • Game

        Why to ignore my point.
        The millions of Americans who are low income wage earners and those who are retired are not “dependent on the government” and they deserve more respect than than.
        Everybody wants to see people who are getting help becuse they are poor get off benefits. Heck, that is why the President allowed states flexibility in welfare to work if they could produce better outcomes. Heck, I think we can do a lot of things to reform the system. However, this republican fantasy that if you just make life harder on poor people they will magically “pull themselves up” is not based in reality.
        Here is the thing that people like Romney and Republicans just do not get. Being poor is really hard, and working your way out of poverty is a major risk. Republicans love to talk about how business owners take all the “risk” in the system. However, if you look at a guy like Mitt Romney, if he took a risk and failed, he had a major nest egg to fall back on. However, if a poor person takes a risk to try to improve their lives and fails, they very likely could end up homeless or risk loosing the basic securities they do have in life.

        • borborygmi

          Tough they should have planned ahead and stashed some cash for the hard times, just a bunch of leeches…….oh wait they are living paycheck to paycheck ….nevermind

          • robert108

            Due to the fiscal irresponsibility of Democrat social spending, along with keeping interest rates low to mask the inflation from their excessive taxation, saving has been actively discouraged. When you spew the lie that economic growth is caused by consumer spending, don’t expect a lot of saving, which is really the spur to economic growth. Lending govt debt doesn’t produce prosperity, it’s about private capital being put at risk to make a profit that grows the economy. Democrats hate private capital, risk and profit, so how can they grow jobs and the economy?

        • donwalk

          If your income and benefits come from the government then you are dependent upon them. If your income and benefits come from Walmart, Ford Motor Co. or any other private Corporation then you are dependent upon them also. It is not rocket science!
          The difference being that those dependent upon their income coming from government are receiving said income from a source that is also dependent upon the same private corporations – a double hit on the corporations.
          The higher the hit is upon the corporations, the fewer jobs created by the private sector who manages money far better than massive government.

      • borborygmi

        But if the Bush tax cuts are made permanent the job creators, ie small business owners will be able to hire because of stability in the economy…..except that is the same tax structure that is letting 47% of the no income taxpaying freeloaders looking for there entitlements. Conundrum for the Conservatives. How can they trickle down jobs and wealth and disrespect 47% of the population that are leeches on society and which they created with the Bush Tax cuts?HMMMMM

        • robert108

          Tax rate reductions don’t create anything; they enable American wage earners to create their own wealth, and so they don’t need govt “help”. That is why responsible tax policy is anathema to Democrats. Hiring and growth will begin when obama leaves the govt, with his constant greed for our money and his hostility to American personal freedom. Govt is the leech on society.

      • robert108

        Left wingers live to make more Americans dependent on govt. It’s all they have, since when free Americans are unshackled, they produce their own prosperity, and don’t need govt handouts.

  • john

    Too funny. If any of you actually believe that Romney/Ryan or any other combination of any two people can turn around in four years the fiscal disaster that the BUSH bailouts put us into, I have some beach front property in the Saudi desert I need to sell. It’s gonna take decades to fix this problem.

    • Rob

      Oh, I don’t think Romney can or would do it. I’m casting my ballot for him as a tepid vote for going over the cliff a little more slowly. Because, while Bush was bad, Obama has been much, much worse.

      • john

        Hummm, you don’t think he could or would but you vote for the lesser of two evils Rob? I think that strategy could be more effective if used on Congress too rather than the presidency. The only way we get away from the fiscal cliff is to figure out how to elect a Congress and President that know how to compromise and reach across the isle. Romney is no Reagan or Clintion anymore than Obama is.

        • robert108

          It’s stupid to vote for the much greater evil, obama.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        Romney, The Amature, has demonstrated no particular knowledge or intellect that shows he could make better decisions. The only reason he was successful at Bain is because business owners wanted to do business with the governors son.

        • Yolanda

          So many people know where you are.


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          • AnotherObamaHalfBrother

            Who is this tax dodger William L. Bonilla II? Is he related to “Turbo Tax” Tim Geitner?

    • yy4u2

      If you truly think the Bush bailouts were the sole responsibility to fiscal decay (which has turned its head into a disaster under Obama and friends), I truly think you believe you have some beach front property in Saudi. It may take decades to fix the problem as it took nearly a century of progessive ideas from both sides to get us here. Had to laugh at your reach across the isle comment below; this group of Dems reach across to give anyone with an R behind their name the bird. They follow their lord and saviour, the state that can and will do anything it wants which it deeply feels to be the best for the serfs, behind their great leecher Obama.

  • john

    Just watched a story on the newly released Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans. They should be a lock to vote for Obama as their net wealth increased by 13% last year. Good for them.

    • realitybasedbob

      Just more proof that President Obama is crushing the spirit of job creators with more taxes and burdensome regulations and secret Muslimisms that impede growth and what, their wealth increased under President Obama?

      Never mind.

      • jl

        An i’d bet a majority of those 400 gave to the Obama campaign. Democrats-party of the rich.

  • Joseph Teach

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