Only 16% Of Workers In Obama’s Green Jobs Training Program Found And Kept Jobs


Another flop for Obama’s “green jobs” agenda.

President Obama’s green jobs training program, which was part of his stimulus, has failed on most key jobs measures, according to a new internal audit that found it was training workers who already had jobs that didn’t need green energy skills, and was failing to place new enrollees in jobs once they finished the training.

The Labor Department’s inspector general also said grantees who received the green jobs-training money did a poor job of reporting their results.

Only 38 percent of those who have completed training got jobs based on it, and only 16 percent kept jobs for at least six months — the key measure of success for the program. …

Of those workers who already had energy-sector jobs, the auditors said they were retrained, even though they didn’t need it.

The problem with Obama’s “green jobs” agenda is that green jobs are based in an industry that is entirely dependent on the government. Without government subsidies, mandates and protectionism wind and solar and ethanol wouldn’t exist in the energy market.

So of course training new workers for an industry that will only grow in so far as government subsidies for it grows aren’t likely to have a bright career outlook.

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  • mikemc1970

    Obama is a flop. Everything he touches turns to cr@p. The economy, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all worse for Obama’s Inverse Midas Touch.

    • fedupny

      So instead of a “green economy” we get a “brown economy”…maybe he’s color blind?

  • Randy G

    As Mooch says, “this recovery is huge!”

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      Why do you call her Mooch, racist Randy? Is it because she is not white, so her status is degraded to moocher class?

      • Yolanda_willie’s_slut_mommy

        A mooch is mooch, no matter what color, you racist piece of shit.

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          So he calls her a mooch because he is racist. Got it.

          • Yolanda_willie’s_slut_mommy

            As usual, you’ve got nothing. She’s a mooch because she’s a mooch. Traveling all over the world with her little rug rat moochers at the tax payers expense.

  • Harold

    People on the govt dole and on welfare don’t care about these facts that are being presented, cost means nothing to them, because they don’t pay for anything like working people have to, the govt provides everything to them free of charge. So numbers and costs of Obama’s failures just doesn’t soak into these types of individuals.

  • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

    Only 8% of Obama’s investment in companies failed, Bain Capital had a 22% failure rate.

    I’m going to bet on the math, Romney’s a loser.

    • Hal915

      When the federal govt. picks losers for investments, I lose money. When Bain lost money, only Bain and their investors lost anything. You still don’t understand Capitalism, Will.

      I don’t believe your numbers because some of the failures have been propped up so the record doesn’t look as bad. Don’t you remember the letter from the White House concerning that?

    • Lisa

      obama is a FAILURE.