Obama’s Delays Of Keystone Pipeline Have Cost North Dakotans $573 Million Since January


Rep. Duane DeKrey requested that Lynn Helms, director of the North Dakota Industrial Commission’s Division of Mineral Resources calculate the fiscal impact to North Dakotans of President Obama’s decision to sandbag the building of the Keystone XL pipeline.

DeKrey forwarded the results to me via email. This is from Helms’ analysis of costs to North Dakota producers, mineral owners as well as lost tax revenues:

President Obama rejected the Keystone proposal on January 18, 2012. Prior to that date the 2012 price differentials had been declining from the 2011 “normal” values of North Dakota Sweet $6.64 below WTI and WTI $16.38 below North Sea Brent. North Dakota Sweet to WTI differential peaked in March, but WTI to Brent differential continues to rise as the Cushing, OK bottleneck grows worse due to no Keystone XL pipeline. The January and February produced and transported volumes are actual while March and April are estimated based on the conservative January to February increase. Total cost to North Dakota entities of the rising price differentials following rejection of the pipeline is approximately $573 million to date.

Here’s the chart attached to the analsysis:

That’s a big, big impact to North Dakota because of President Obama’s obstructionism.

If you want to know why North Dakota Democrats – specifically Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp and House candidate Pam Gulleson – were quick to distance themselves from Obama on his Keystone obstructionism, this is why.

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  • WOOF

    The pipeline will raise Midwestern farmers and consumers energy prices.
    “public statements by the pipeline’s backers regarding how they would use
    the facility to boost what Americans pay for oil by almost $5 billion
    per year.”
    Oil for the lamps of China

    • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

      Such thinly veiled anti-Asian bigotry; how sad!

  • Demosthenes

    And what if I don’t want the pipeline to go through my land no matter how much “money” or incentives you give me? Eminent domain, my ass.

    I am forced by law then for the greater good. Isn’t that socialism?

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      It seems to me that a group of property owners in Nebraska just got Keystone to change their route.

      • Pseal

        Buffet got the pipeline stopped.

    • Icyroads111

      You are an idiot.

  • $8194357

    The very definition of crony capitalism…..
    Out of our pockets into Warren Buffets….
    Into Barrys re-election campaign.
    Into enviromental nazis propaganda budgets..

    • borborygmi

      Warren does own the rails doesn’t he?

    • Icyroads111

      Warren  (burns) would give it all up for just a little bit more.

  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    Everyone has “a price.”

    • ellinas1

      What’s your price?

  • ellinas1

    Where the $573 million dollars go?

    • $8194357

      Rail costs charged by BNSF who just happened to be purchased not long ago by Warren Buffet….
      He’s making 100’s of millions a month from rail and no Keystone pipe line…

      • sbark

        ……….and a good chunk of it from there goes to Obama’s Re-election campaign coffers………

        N.Dak  as a state wouldnt vote Obama in a 100 yrs………..but they are forced to pay for his campagin……….thru Warren Buffet’s Railroad investments, into his checkbook……and then donated to the Kenyan…..


        and yet the guy has delinquent taxes since 2002…….millions upon millions

        • $8194357

          It is what it is sbark..
          Time for We the People remove our “consent” to be governed by such a corrupted federal moblike syndicate…

        • ellinas1

          How much of a good chunk 
          goes to Obama’s Re-election campaign coffers?

      • ellinas1

        Everything went to rail costs?

        • $8194357

          Hey E..

          “A large part”
          of the reason NDak “high quality sweet crude” that takes less refining and cost to turn it into gas, diesel, ect..ect..is 8 to 10 dollars cheaper than poison gas filled black crude is “shipping costs”

          Our better grade crude can’t get into the cheaper shipping pipeline and is almost all shipped by rail or semi trucks…

          The “middle men” BNSF get a large cut for those transportation costs…

          Keeping Canada out of NDak keeps BNSF raking in 100’s of millions a month right into recent new owner Warrens well connected pocket book greasing the wheels of Governement and enviromental radicles with a cut of the take..

          Same ole same ole but on a much larger and open stage…They don’t even try and hide it anymore…

          So Keystone said they would build in Canada and go west to ship by ship to a different market…China….

          Buffet makes money hand over fist here at home..Enviromental extremeist get stronger…And Soros Chinese investments get more “energy” needed for continued pre positioned assets growth…
          Barry threw him , Soros, the Petro Braz offshore field marked for China as well a while back at taxpayer expense with several billion “earmarked” in the “stimulus package” for Brazillion off shore development of which Soros is heavilly invested in as well at the same time Barry blocked all American off shore drilling due to the BP gulf spill…Alowing forign competetors to buy up gulf of Mexico and other American offshore investment plans as well…

           and Barry and the internationalist progressives in DC are getting well paid for it as did team Billary….

  • borborygmi

    How long does it take to build the pipeline? If they started building in Jan. 2012 would the oil be flowing now?   How much ND oil would be flowing through the pipeline if it did magically appear.  Wasn’t this line suppose to carry Canadian tar sand crude, not the sweet crude of Bakken.   Why not build the line to Bakken and not worry about the Canadian crude.  I believe there are other lines proposed to go from Bakken to Gulf Coast bypassing the bottle neck at Cushing.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      Why not just let them build the pipeline they want to build?

      • ellinas1

        You have not answered borbo’s questions.

    • Icyroads111

      The Middle East is the problem.  We need to be done with them.  We are now importing oil from them, refining it and selling the product to Europe, causing us to pay more at the pump.   Neither party makes any sense, nor does most of the population. 

  • borborygmi

    I looked on the Trans Canada site and even if approved the line wouldn’t be open until 2013. 
    How can someone calculate what a pipeline which isn’t even suppose to be open until 2013 cost North Dakotans and then blame it on Obama.  Phil wonders why I bust Robs chops and then Rob shows why when he puts up a BS study.   You know Rob I told my kids along time ago that when you lose someones trust it is difficult to get it back. Unless I am reading the info from Trans Canada completely wrong why put up this BS and sink to the level you bitch about.  Once again a conservative becoming what he hates.