Obama: “We Don’t Have A Spending Problem”


According to an interview between the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore and Speaker of the House John Boehner, in behind the scenes negotiations President Obama insisted that “we don’t have a spending problem.”

Which is an odd admission for a President who says that we need a “balanced approach” to deficit reduction in public.

In an interview with Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, newly re-elected House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) opened up about President Obama’s utter unwillingness to cut a single dollar from federal spending. In a stunning admission, Obama reportedly told Boehner, “We don’t have a spending problem.”

Boehner added that President Obama continues to maintain that America’s federal deficit is caused not by governmental overspending but by “a health-care problem.” Said Boehner, “They blame all of the fiscal woes on our health-care system.” Boehner told Obama, “Clearly we have a health-care problem, which is about to get worse with Obamacare. But, Mr. President, we have a very serious spending problem.” Obama eventually replied, “I’m getting tired of hearing you say that.”

Perhaps the President should review this chart, and get back to us on that lack of a spending problem:


Also, since 2009, federal tax revenues are actually increasing. We took a big hit thanks to the 2008-2009 economic collapse, but revenues are back nearly to the record-setting levels of the post-Bush tax cut era:

graph (2)

The problem we have is that federal spending has never really stopped growing, even when revenues plunged during the economic collapse:

graph (1)

This is the very definition of a spending problem.

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  • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

    For once, he’s telling the truth. According to him, “we” don’t have a spending problem, it’s all of you other people. He’s doing just fine on the public dime, thank you very much!

  • igx

    Government is 24% of GDP. Tax receipts are 17% of GDP and have averaged 18% no matter what. We have a demographic time bomb and Medicare is WAY underfunded. So what he’s saying is he has a secret plan to elevate GDP to a permanent and stabile 5%.

    He’s a dangerous idiot.

  • Bat One

    Obviously a rational approach to the nation’s financial situation is but one of the areas of responsibility that the chief Democrat doesn’t take seriously. Barack Obama simply isn’t qualified to be president.

    • igx


    • mickey_moussaoui

      We have a leadership problem

  • Neiman

    He is right – we do not have a spending problem, we have an OVERSPENDING PROBLEM.

  • sbark

    Dem’cats are addicts……..to govt spending. Like an alchoholic until they break down and make an admission there is no cure. Problem is that is their political existence, if spending for free stuff is curtailed——-no votes.

    They have a deficit of ideas except spending other peoples money on projects that encourage voting for more–exactly what our Founders warned us about 200 yrs ago.

  • schreib

    Not a problem???? Hahahahahhaaaahhhahahhahahahaha. Oh my, I am trying to hold my bladder I can’t control my laughter.

  • LastBestHope

    We have a craven, sinister, corrupted leadership problem.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Try and spend that billion dollar coin krugman wants to mint….lol
    fricken loons

  • mickey_moussaoui

    What, me worry?

  • thomasb

    The Federal Government, and most of Americans are addicts to spending. There is no way they will realize the problem. It would be like asking a person weighing 800 lbs, if he/she has an eating problem?

    To tell the truth any real solution would be seen as murder, and a act of terriorism against them. If you doubt this suggest a cross the board budget cuts, in all departments, so to balance the budget.