Obama: “We Can’t Just Cut Our Way To Prosperity”


That was the President’s message for his weekend address, saying that Republicans should get on board with pouring more money into the higher education bubble.

“We cannot just cut our way to prosperity,” says the President. “Making it harder for our young people to afford higher education and earn their degrees is nothing more than cutting our own future off at the knees.”

The problem is that we clearly can’t spend our way to prosperity either. The Hill reported on a CBO report which said “President Obama’s 2013 budget will hurt the economy in the long term, arguing the larger deficits it would produce would reduce the amount of capital available to businesses.”

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  • Econwarrior

    Actually, it’s the only way to prosperity.  Cut unproductive govt spending, and increase private sector investment by slashing obstructive regulations and reducing job-killing taxes.  Every dollar the govt takes out of the economy weakens the economy, so only the minimum should be taxed and spent by the govt for only Constitutional purposes.
    It’s really about simple accounting; reduce payouts while increasing income.

    • Joeb

      Obama is right, when you consider that only INCREASING the budget 10% when the plan had been to INCREASE it 20% is considered “slashing the budget” in DC.

      Until we stop spending more than we have, not only is prosperity out of the question, but losing reserve currency status becomes increasingly likely. Raising taxes on the decreasing productive segment of the population will only force more people into the nonproductive (non-taxpaying)  segment. While that might bode well for the reelection of the massahs of the Federal Plantation, it is not a plan for economic recovery.

      As Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with Socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”

  • Neiman

    Until and unless the GOP and now Romney, become proactive and develop quick strike teams to counter such lies, Obama wins the debate and the election. Saying the GOP wants to cut the budget drastically and to hell with people sells well when met with silence or juvenile responses.

    Every such charge should be anticipated, then instantly met with pre-developed and carefully crafted counter attacks that in very brief, extremely clear language show how the GOP cuts and associated legislation will at minimum maintain the status quo or preferably improve the situation. Obama has the bully pulpit and most of the media as his propaganda ministry, if we are to win the hearts and minds of the people dammit, we have to get a lot smarter, We certainly know Barry’s and the Dems divisive strategy aimed at painting the GOP as heartless and wanting to destroy America and knowing that, we need to have ready, accurate and passionate response to every lie and the means to get it out, even taken up by the Obama media, if created with a minimum of imagination. America will NEVER get the back breaking debt or its implication until the house falls in on them, unless we can show them the devastation that they will suffer.

    • Econwarrior

      Instead of preaching defeat, we need to double down on fiscal sanity, listing all the waste that needs to be cut, starting with the GSA and the whore parties down in South America.  It’s heartless for the Dems to continually waste our earnings on their crony payoffs.  That’s the winning message, not defeatism.

      • Neiman

        You can never understand the concept of developing a winning strategy, as you equate any criticism of conservatism or you as only being hateful and defeatist. Some of us believe that we are on a road to that very defeat, unless we are prepared to better engage the enemy, in intelligent, proactive ways. You just want to beat the people over the head and decry them for not being worthy of your greatly superior intellect, rather than being willing to learn how to better communicate with them. Just like you do here,  you are more interested in making enemies than trying to find ways to work together for victory, even with those that see the world in slightly different hues and tones than you do. I pity your closed minded, sense of self superiority. Go away!

        • Econwarrior

          You don’t speak for me, liberal.  You preach defeat, while I support victory.  Unlike you, I don’t think we are “on a road to defeat”; I favor winning the battle.
          Again, you lie; I don’t want to “beat people on the head”, I want the govt to be fiscally responsible, but as a liberal, you find that very threatening.
          Your moral weakness is illustrated by your dependency on lying smear personal attack, which is typical of the liberal mentality that is destroying our country.  You are on the side of evil, as you spew hate when someone questions your lockstep liberal defeatism.

          • Neiman

            You need to repent of your lies against me and get into anger management, as you have a serious mental problem. Go away, I told you the truth, you just wallow in your lies and hate.

          • Econwarrior

            As usual for a liberal, you try to distract from the fact that what I said about fiscal sanity is true by throwing your usual temper tantrum and launching a lying personal attack.
            I’m done with your temper tantrum, liberal; I’m busy working to defeat you and your allies, who are ruining this country.
            Why do you hate fiscal responsibility, liberal?

          • Neiman

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha!

            You are so childish it is incredible, my Lord you must be 8 or 9 years old. Even calling me a liberal, when you know it isn’t true, like a damn baby.

            You are also a pathological liar like your sister Gay Bob. I NEVER spoke against fiscal responsibility – not one word, you cannot copy and paste anything to support that lie. My entire comments were, as they are ever time you mount these mindless, childish attacks, about better strategy and communications for conservatives to defeat Obama. You don’t want him defeated or you would be open to examining our strategy and improving our means of communications.

            I cannot believe what a child you are, my God even most liberals are more mature. Now go away, you are making a fool out of yourself. I am not going to keep replying, children like you are a waste of time.

          • Econwarrior

            No one trusts a turncoat, liberal.  So far, you haven’t even tried to offer a counterargument to my call for fiscal responsibility on the part of your punk President, you just throw a temper tantrum and spew lying smears to distract from your treachery.
            Your strategy of trying to get real Americans to act like your commie buddies is transparent; we stand for what’s right, not what you think is politically expedient.
            We will win with the truth.

          • Neiman

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha!

            I am sorry, I am not laughing with you, I am laughing at you.

            You remain such a child.

            Where is the copy and paste wherein I denied the value of fiscal responsibility? No, you lied, you cannot support your lies and just keep lying. First prove your contentions, then we will talk, responding to childish tantrums from you is a waste of time.

            What a retard!

          • Econwarrior

            You avoided my true statement about fiscal responsibility and the job-killing taxes and regulations, and went right into lying smear and namecalling, just like all liberals.
            Can you get off your tantrum and address the issue?  We’re waiting…
            As always, when I smack your lies and defeatist rhetoric with the truth, you fly into a rage.

          • Neiman

            No little boy, we are waiting for you to prove your lies about my not wanting fiscal responsibility. Until then, I’ll get a good laugh every time you reply – at your expense of course.

            What a retard you are!

        • jackstan84

          Exactly and now watch the conversation turn to sewer with empty hate tactics and calling anything he doesn’t agree with a radical idea of the left. Watch him show his true colors and maturity of a 5 year old.

    • 308T

       Neiman said: “if we are to win the hearts and minds of the people dammit, we have to get a lot smarter” Not smarter, we have to show some balls and go on the counter offensive instead of whistling into the dirt & trying to play Mr. nice guy. Most of the Repub party needs to take a class from Palin on how to crush your enemies nut sac while looking calm,cool & collected at the same time. Rick Berg should be the first in line for that little session because Heidi’s got a bigger ball bag than Peter North.

      • Neiman

        While testicular fortitude has its place to be sure, IMO without a strategy that preempts Leftist attacks and has a better means to counter their class warfare and other lies of division, those lies gain ground. Let me give you an example:

        A family works hard, they care about their children’s education and don’t have much time to spend investigating the real policies of each party. Obama tells them daily as do his operatives via the media that the Ryan/Romney plans and that of the Conservatives to cut our way out of trouble, will reduce money available for education and that message gets out over and over again and it sticks, because it resonates that cutting the budget and thereby denying kids an education is a bad thing. It is unfair, but that is the real world and modern communications, in a sound bit age and where celebrity trumps facts.

        Now, wouldn’t it be wise for conservatives to anticipate those lies, be prepared with opposing sound bites that effectively counter their lies and be ready to launch an all out offensive every time the lies appear? Or, does it makes sense to say “we are right, we have the best solutions and we’ll just trust the people to reject the lies and catch up?”

        You can have your testicles, scratch them and hang them out for the world to see, I’ll take a war plan that is prepared for the lies, prepared to counter them in effective ways and sometimes actually forgets about responding, but anticipates and leads from the front. I was telling some emotionally disturbed special needs young men just yesterday, real strength is not bragging about, to use your term, your balls; but being prepared when the fight comes, leaving the bragging to other less emotionally mature folk. I recall a Marine buddy told me one time, the guy who talks about fighting and shoots off his mouth doesn’t want to fight and is easy to beat.The real tough guys are quiet and come prepared to win.

      • Jay

        You mean by resigning from office, backing Christine O’Donnell, spending months hinting at a presidential run before finally and mercifullh bowing out after it became clear she was unelectable! and having Kate of the million children appear on a reality show? Oh, yes. Palin really knew how to do the counteroffensive. Why don’t we lionize someone who’s not determined to be a national joke? Someone such as Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who had the balls to batlle a far-left, entrenched Senator in a Dem-heavy state and win?

  • Roy_Bean

    This is all Reagan’s fault.  Before he got the wall removed we had a clear picture of where Obama wants to take us.  West Germany was prosperous and free, East Germany had to fence their people in to keep them from running to the west.  Now the people who weren’t around to hear him say “tear down this wall” don’t realize where we are headed. 

    • $8194357


  • Wesbutte

    Oh for Petes sake.  Mr Obooboob says we can’t cut our way to prosperity, while at the same time tells everyone that we can SPEND our way to prosperity————all the way to the poor house and of debt with no return?    How stupid does he think we are.   The man is insane.

  • WOOF

    Spending our way out of the Bush recession.

    U.S. real GDP + 3.0% in the fourth quarter of 2011
    DOW at 13,000
    Housing starts , prices , rising.
    Unemployment down.
    Inflation below 3%

    • Guest

      Spending our way into a deeper hole.
      Unemployment…386,000 filed for unemployment last week.

    • $8194357

      The old Bush drove the bus in the ditch dodge woof?
      How many times we have to tell ya the Dems took control of Congress in 2006?
      Barry voted for the “left turn” into that ditch for two years before he said….”Bush did it”….
      Sucks huh…

    • two_amber_lamps

      In terms even a slack-jawed leftist should be able to comprehend….  


    • Bat One

      US real GDP for all of 2011: 1.7%
      Projected US real for 2012:  1.8% to 2.1%
      By comparison, GDP growth in the three years after 1933 was, 13%, 11%, and 13%.
      DJIA before the recession: near 14,000
      Housing starts and sales in the past 3 years:  Lowest rate since WWII
      Current nominal per capita income adjusted for inflation: $32,600 vs. $34,641 in mid 2008.
      Real personal disposable income per capita is lower now than it was in November 2006! 
      Hiring in the private sector 10 times slower since Obamacare passed than in the 16 months prior, with five and a half million fewer jobs today than when the recession began in 2008.
      The 8.2% unemployment counts only those persons who have applied for a job during the previous 30 days (U-3), not the total number of unemployed.
      The problem today isn’t the “worst recession since the Great Depression.”  Its the total failure of Obama’s “recovery” policies.

  • moors710

    When I taught at Minnesota State community and Technical College, I ran the numbers, wages and benefits,the cost of classroom and lab space at the rate of locally renting such space with maintenance, and compared it to the tuition that my students were paying.  Lo and behold my classes were bringing in about twice the money it was costing.  While I do understand there is some administrative overhead, any responsible business would be turning a profit rather than demanding more money from the state and demanding higher tuition.  Education is certainly broken at the administration level, and some of the classes that students are required to take are absurd.  We need to really check out if we need a public system of higher education when the private sector can do it more effectively, and having taught in private schools too, I can say the private schools do a much better job of getting students education that businesses want.
          Continued throwing money at public education is just subsidies in the march to a communist state.

  • mikemc1970

    We cut our way to increase revenues. We remove the jack boot of government oppression from the neck of the free market and the producers in society for prosperity.

  • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

    I used to think Obama was just a liberal/socialist. I now know he is insane.

    • Spartacus

       You’re confusing insanity with stupidity.

      • $8194357

        Or a very effective puppet for one world agendas thru weakening national soveriegnty for international agendas….

        This is alot closer to the “truth” IMO..

        • Spartacus

          He’s one and done regardless of his campaign. He launched an offensive against the judiciary a couple of years ago that he’s going to have to pay for in a month or so, the House isn’t going to turn blue this cycle and my money is on Harry Reid being at best next year the minority leader. I don’t think Obama will win, but it’ll be close. Even if he does win he’s still one and done given the legislative and judicial will oppose him, the one thing the stupid MF forgot was that when not in Chicago to choose your enemies wisely.

      • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

         I actually think the stupid bastard is insane.

        • LastBestHope

          His childhood was likely…upsetting.

  • $8194357

    But leftist asshats think they can “spend their way” to prosperity?

    My banker tells me no……

    We need to tell DC NO..

  • Spartacus

    At the rate of spending that occurs when he’s pulling his kids out of school to go on extravagant vacations with their mother that no one else during his tenure of managing the economy every few weeks we should all be prosperous in no time, that is until we have to start forking over to fund the welfare checks his poorly educated kids start collecting when they turn 18. He and Michelle are the most irresponsible parents I’ve ever seen, if they weren’t currently occupying the White House CPS would have relocated their kids to foster homes.

  • sbark

    When Obama and the Left think “prosperity”……that word to them is completly diff. than what  the typical American concept of it is.

    To them it means Fair and equal……..which means for the vast majority of Americans a decline in lifestyle toward  the dependency of Govt.

    The Left looks at a society that puts equality ahead of freedom or prosperity.

    The USA was founded with the concept of everyone being equal under the Rules of Law……there is no way to have everyone equal  in economic terms,  there are naturally just those that are smarter, take more risk and make better timed decisions—thats life.

    The Lefts quest for fairness or equality historically gives use 2 choices
    1)       The Utopian concept of Communism—end result is Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro and Che’
    2)       Economic disaster such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Detroit, Calif, New Jersey or Zimbaubwae’s hyper inflation.

    and either of the 2 choices takes a dictator to maintain control…..Show me that 1 man with so much virtue…….it aint Obama thats for sure

    • Spartacus

      The only time all men (and women) are equal is when they’re dead, regardless of deity. Liberals are in a hurry.

    • $8194357

      Three shot group in one hole sbark…..

  • http://channeltvlive.blogspot.com/ Nanangfahlevi

    maybe this is strategy obama? just watching…

  • Econwarrior

    In reply to obama’s lie, I say: “Yes, we can!”, in fact, it’s the only way.  Govt spending must be cut radically to Constitutional levels.  Otherwise, we will drown in debt.

  • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

    In related news, you can’t just eat less and exercise your way to weight loss.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    obama’s definition of prosperity: Bilk the tax payer so that government prospers.

    Will someone please tell Mr President Excuses and his wife, Mrs. Vacation to go to hell.

  • LastBestHope

    “The Believe in America plan that Governor Romney proposed as part of the 2012 presidential campain devoted a large portion to fiscal policy and addressing budgetary shortfalls.

    Governor Romney’s plan consists of capping spending at 20% of GDP and cutting non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent. He expressed support for returning to spending levels of previous years. He also states that entitlement reform will reduce spending, but does not give specifics on that reform. He states that he will reduce the government workforce by 10% by hiring one person for every two that retire. He also calls for a balanced budget amendment.

    In the 2012 primary, Governor Romney began to run ads that stated that the US government had a moral obligation not to spend more than it takes in.”

    • Gern Blanston

      “the US government had a moral obligation not to spend more than it takes in”

      What a radical concept. There are exceptions – WWII comes to mind – but in today’s world of debt figures that require scientific notation to enter into your calculator, it seems to be a reasonable idea.

      • LastBestHope

        To the Democrats and their “children of the corn”…the concept that “the US government has a moral obligation not to spend more than it takes in”….is radical in the extreme.

        So many of the young college age have only been given the ANIMAL FARM indoctrination (as taught by the Pigs)

        They have no history (and are taught none) of how socialism/communism is a FAIL….everywhere and everytime it has been forced upon a nation.

  • igx

    There is quite a bit of truth to this. They have to get GDP up and keep it up while cutting very carefully. We are in a terrible spot. 

    I think sending whole parts of the federal government, like the education department,  to the states with block grants is one thing they have to do.