Obama Wants To Downsize America’s Nuclear Arsenal, Where Is Heidi Heitkamp?


Downsizing, and even eliminating, America’s arsenal of nuclear weapons seems to be very much on the agenda for the Obama administration in the coming term. In fact, President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel co-authored a report called Global Zero which called for the elimination of all ICBM’s.

Including those maintained by the Minot Air Force Base. Senator John Hoeven referenced the Global Zero report recently during a speech here in Minot, arguing that the ICBM’s shouldn’t be cut. I agree with Hoeven, not because the ICBM’s are an important part of the mission in Minot, but because I believe the missiles to be an important part of our national security strategy.

But the question is: Where is Senator Heidi Heitkamp? Why hasn’t she spoken out on this issue?

Remember that the nuclear weapons, and the Minot Air Force Base, were hot-button issues during Heitkamp’s campaign against Rick Berg last year. Berg criticized Heitkamp repeatedly over big-money contributions she took from an anti-nuclear weapons group. In fact the group, the Council for a Livable World, was one of Heitkamp’s top campaign contributors.

But Heitkamp dismissed the criticism. “Heidi believes in a strong national defense, and that means securing vulnerable nuclear weapons in unstable countries, but also preserving our missile defense systems and North Dakota bases,” her campaign manager Tessa Gould said.

If that’s true, where is Heitkamp on this issue now? Hoeven is speaking out about it, but the silence from Heitkamp is deafening after a campaign full of promises about standing and being independent on issues like this one.

On this specific issue, in fact.

But as usual when it comes to areas where Heitkamp’s liberalism is at odds with the feelings of her red-state constituency, she won’t lead so much as go through the motions and mouth talking points when prompted.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Roy_Bean

    Her Garmin will let her know when she’s back in North Dakota. That’s when she will speak out.

    • headward

      …in 5 years

  • Onslaught1066

    Meanwhile, Moochelle wants to downsize Heidis Arse.

    You know, so she’ll fit in her office.

    • sbark

      She might want an office big enough for a batting cage……..so she can campaign all year long

  • Vi

    She is too busy worrying about the size of her office to think about us little people back here in ND.

    • sbark

      my exact thoughts…..

  • joe mauer

    I bet you scare the shit out of Heidi everytime you post drivel about her. By the way, is your sarcasm meter working today? You should run some of your posts past your other uneducated cultists so you don’t come off looking like an inbecile.

  • Lianne

    Why is dakotacyr not here defending her silence? Where is he?

  • headward

    She’s a do-nothing senator

  • Opinion8ed

    Shopping for flannel shirts in Boomtown is exhausting work. She could not shut her mouth during the entire election now she is silent on the illegal recess appointments, and the MAFB Mission… Crickets…

  • borborygmi

    ImO they aren’t a nessecary part of our defense anymore.

  • Stuart

    Lets take a look at our Air Craft Carriers that are in Port without fuel. That article is on the Drudge Report. A ready military? Common on Heidi is a poodle for Obama. And will only vote against him if he advises her he has enough votes to pass a controversial bill that would make her look bad in North Dakota. This process is not just Rhetoric, tricks,or smoking mirrors but sophism at its best.

  • Stuart

    How many bills did any of our Senators or Representatives author ..Republican or Democrats that actually passed? I probably could count these passed bills with one hand with a few fingers removed. Smoking mirrors and empty rhetoric .

  • camsaure

    That’s because downsizing isn’t goin far enough in her world, she wants the US to surrender.

  • Camburn

    The question is: What can the USA effectively afford. We have over 9,000 nukes. It is enough to blow up the world several times over. Wouldn’t it be financially prudent to have enough to just blow it up once?
    We spend more than the next 16 nations on defense. The USA tax payer is getting screwed big time. When we spend this much, while achieving the same result as those nations who spend much less, as a conservative that tells me that we are not getting bang for our dollar.

    • sbark

      We spend that much on Defense cause’ for decades we’ve had to or choose to cover the Euro/canadian/Sheik’s socialist world from the evils of the more socialist world of Russia, chi-coms and their radical Islamic pard’ners of convienience in world domination……..

  • Stuart

    Camburn, you comment could be responded to with John Glenn’s comment, the only thought that entered my mind while in outer space was, that we contracted out making the parts to this machine to the lowest bidder. Nukes? I hope it wasnt’t Eidco…just joking!

  • Stuart

    Instead of the nukes issue, should we be looking at the 14,000 vacant federal buildings that are being kept up with Union workers, electricity ,repairs and heating costs and no taxes to produce revenues? But the Dems don’t want this!