Obama Lied Today About Felony Accusations His Campaign Has Made About Mitt Romney

Barack Obama

“Nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon,” President Obama said today during his first session with the White House press corps in months.

Turns out, somebody did, and it was Obama’s own deputy campaign director Stephanie Cutter (via Jeff Goldstein):

It’s amazing to watch as Obama is allowed to simply make up, and then live within, his own reality.

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  • mikemc1970

    It’s all falling apart. He’s got nothing but his palace guard media going to bat for him and covering up the lies pouring from his campaign on daily basis. Even some of his media are starting to turn against him.

    • http://randysroundtable.blogspot.com/ Randy G

      The final meltdown has begun. he will be laughed at shortly, by his own fans.

      • Wayne

        I think his ‘fans’ were extremely stupid in the first place to be duped by this guy.

    • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

      Messiahs, whether genuine or false, get crucified, hanged, or torn to bits eventually.

  • Wayne

    Bush wasn’t even close to this lying POS. If Obama was Republican the double standard, hypocrite liberal trolls on this site would be going absolutely crazy but since he’s a Democrat – crickets chirping. No it’s not crickets chirping, it’s, ‘hey this guy is doing great’. Remember this when a Republican is back in the White House next year and they start their smears again. Their credibility, after Bush then Obama, is zero.

  • Spartacus

    What’s new? His entire Presidency has been based on lies.

    • $8194357

      And “omissions”…

  • Captornado

    When isn’t Barry lying? Stick to that line, it’s a much shorter list.

    • FlameCCT

      “When isn’t Barry lying?”

      When his mouth is closed!!!

  • Jay

    Saying Obama’slying is like saying the Earth revolves around the Sun, Rob.

  • $8194357

    Barry lied?
    Every time his lips move…

  • ellinas1

    Selective editing does miracles.

    • robert108

      You should know, as that’s all you do; steal the words of others and edit them to give a false impression.

    • Gern Blanston

      True, but not relevant to this story.

      • ellinas1

        Very relevant.
        Read all that Stephanie Cutter wrote, and you will come to a different conclusion.

  • mickey_moussaoui


  • awfulorv

    Where are those dupes who exalted Barack as a Magnificent orator? A veritable genius with his tongue, so much so he couldn’t stand having Churchill’s bust in the same room as he. They’re Probably at Netflix checking out “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” for the tenth time, that’s where.

  • Snarkie

    Oh where did I put that BIG GIANT HANKY?
    When I find it, I’ll pass it along.

  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    Gee, he might get disbarred over this like Bill Clinton did!

  • Harold

    I don’t think Obama even knows when he’s lying, throughout his life that is how he has survived and lying is just one tool he used throughout his life to survive that dingy mother and father he had.

    • FlameCCT

      I believe you’re right. His whole upbringing was steeped in various forms of Marxist ideology. His mother, his fathers, his maternal grandparents, his college, his pastor, his community organizing, etc. All fostered his compete immersion in Marxist ideology to the point that he has no clue about reality. Then you add in his background with Islamic sharia in which it is “OK” to lie to anyone that does not hold the same ideology as oneself.

      It is only in rare moments when he believes that all the people within hearing distance hold the same beliefs or no one is listening who holds different beliefs that he easily speaks the truth on his ideology.

      • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

        Yeah, it’s amazing he found the time to be a good capitalist, become a multi millionaire, get elected President of The United States of America and kill Muslim terrorists along the way.

        I heard he wasn’t even born in America, whatcha got on that?

        • Wayne

          Being a millionaire doesn’t mean his a capitalist. He’s a corrupt politician that’s why he’s a millionaire.

          • robert108

            A “capitalist”, according to Karl Marx, is a successful businessman, someone who makes profits.

          • FlameCCT

            Which means Obama is not a capitalist because he has never run a business.

          • Onslaught1066

            He is, however a great Crapitalist as he is well versed in amassing huge piles of… crapital.

        • FlameCCT

          Wow, for someone who has “reality” in their moniker, you appear to live in fantasy land.

          Good capitalist? Obama has never run a business, never met a payroll, never paid bills. IOW he was never a capitalist.

          Kill Muslim terrorists? Well, I do give him credit for giving the Seal Team the “Go” order. It was only his FOURTH opportunity to get it right and he still had to be pulled from the golf course and persuaded by Hillary of all people. So you have no problem with him violating another nations sovereign airspace with drones? Wasn’t it rbb who continually condemned Bush for using drones?

          Wasn’t even born in America? Due to lack of evidence, this statement is moot. Obama and his team have spent millions ensuring that none of his records are released. No birth record, no college record, no passport record, etc. Yet y’all whine about Romney only releasing two years of tax returns like most candidates including McCain. If Romney is hiding something, which I doubt the IRS overlooked, then what is Obama hiding?

  • jack1

    When Romney was at Bain they purchased a company called Damon Clinical Laboratories. Damon later paid $117 BILLION in fines for Medicare fraud. Romney directed benefitted from the deal until they were caught.

    Of course, those are facts, so they only matter here in the real world. Not in teabagger fantasy land where you live.

    Besides, Romney wants to end Medicare so that will solve the problem.