Obama is C-in-C of Dems Class Warfare Against Productive Members of Society

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“The debt ceiling should not be something that is used as a gun against the heads of the American people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners, for oil and gas companies that are making billions of dollars because the price of gasoline has gone up so high.”

-Barack Hussein Obama II

Continuing with our theme of Democrat hypocrisy and class warfare, we have the words of Barack Obama, trying to incite hatred of the wealthy, all the while using the violent rhetoric of “a gun against the head”, language which, incidentally, he assures us we ought not to be used. (Part of Obama’s patented “civility”, don’tcha know?)

Other than riffing on corporate jet owners, which is also hypocritical, since the “tax break” given to corporate jet owners was a part of the stimulus package that NO Republican voted for and Obama personally signed, Obama takes aim at the “oil and gas companies that are making billions of dollars because the price of gasoline has gone up so high”.

Don’t you think it’s just the tiniest bit hypocritical for him not to mention the biggest recipient of cash from every dollar paid at the pump is government? That government receives a larger percentage of every dollar paid at the pump in taxes than is every realized as “corporate profit”?

And that those taxes ratchet up every time the price of petroleum and gasoline goes up?

That’s like a thief pulling a semi trailer up to your house to rob it, pointing at your neighbor who’s stealing your newspaper. Rather than deplete the strategic petroleum reserves of the United States, which are there in case of a real emergency and not just falling presidential poll numbers, why doesn’t the millionaire who flies the largest US corporate jet from fund raiser to fund raiser consider lowering federal taxes on gasoline, oh, let’s say to the amount of tax collected per gallon in 2008 when he was elected to office? (A time which more and more of us are thinking of as “the good old days”.)

Obama and his party are spendaholics, so don’t expect them to cut the common man relief any time soon from the regressive taxes at the pump which hit the poor hardest.

That might require leadership.

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  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    Obama is turning into a regular lie-geyser lately.  Deep, deep, desperation.

    • robert108

      “Lately”???  He has been spewing lies since he entered the public arena.

      • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

        I believe we are seeing higher quantity and lower quality.

  • robert108

    Since gasoline was around $1.65/gallon when he was elected, and since he has placed numerous obstacles in the path of the domestic oil industry, the price of gasoline today, which is more than twice what it was before his election, is entirely due to his policies and behavior.

    • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

      I’d like to think that every sign, outside every gas station in the country, is an unpaid ad for “Anyone But Obama”.

      As Mark Levin has said,  “I would vote for a can of orange juice over Obama, but I would prefer a conservative,”

  • mark

    Gas was higher in the summer of 2008 during the Bush administration. I paid $4.25 a gallon. Now it’s seventy five cents a gallon cheaper. What’s with that?

    • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

      When Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House, in 2007,  I believe, gas was about $1.85 to $2.25 a gallon, and Madame Speaker told us this high price was outrageous and the Democrats were going to do something about it. They did. Just not what anyone expected. (Or wanted)

      • robert108

        Since they are paid shills of the environmentalist movement, the Dems are committed to high gas prices.  They want us to stop driving our own personal transportation, and be herded around in govt trains and buses.

    • robert108

      Always glad to educate an ignorant leftie.  President Bush announced that he would rescind the Presidential drilling ban, and within hours, the price of oil started to drop.  In October, because they were afraid of the upcoming election, the Dem Congress failed to renew the Congressional drilling ban, and the price of oil continued to drop, finally reaching $33/barrel just before the election.  obama inherited $40/barrel oil from President Bush, but his renewed drilling bans, plus his generally putting his boot on the neck of our domestic energy industry has driven the price up to almost three times what he inherited from President Bush.  Today’s gasoline prices are entirely due to obama’s energy policies.
      Glad to smack you with the truth.

    • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

      You might have been able to pay $10/gal. if you’d insisted.

  • Neiman

    It is easy to tell when ANY politician is lying – his/her lips move. Let us not be naive or pretend innocence: When you have a political ruling elite (Democrat or Republican), we will have professional liars and lying is the normal language of the world.

    When I was young, in ancient years, a man’s word was his bond, no matter what a man did not lie and if he failed and was caught, his reputation was forever ruined, that is what made the difference between men of honor and dishonor. Sadly, lying is the merchandise of politicians, all politicians.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Nothing will improve untill we remove the black russian from the oval office.

  • Bingo

    Obama is set on ruining the financial stability of this country–It’s hard to believe that his mentors actually thought that was a modus operandi worth striving for, but so it is, and their boy in power is right on target to collapse the economy with enormous deficits and undermining Big business, especially the oil business without which we would have to economy at all. Big Government is his sole pleasure and his sole pursuit.