Obama: Entitlements Provide A “Safety Net” So Americans Can “Take Risks”


The problem with social safety nets is that they encourage risky behavior. When you remove consequences, society’s actions can become irresponsible. One need look no further than the government safety net (bailouts) provided for the banking industry’s subprime loans to see that.

But according to President Obama, this is a good thing. “The idea that together we build this safety-net, this base of support – that allows all of us to take risks, and try new things, maybe try – get a new job – because we know that there’s this base that we can rely on,” the President said in Florida. “So, these investments, in things like Education and research and health care. They haven’t been made as some grand scheme to redistribute wealth from one group to another. This is not some socialist dream.”

Except, it is kind of a socialist dream. Redistributing wealth to government-run social programs so that people can rely on those programs, instead of themselves, while they go on some journey of self-discovery?

This is really sort of a childish vision of society. To say that these entitlement programs create opportunity is to ignore the opportunity destroyed by the redistribution of the wealth that funds them. To say that removing consequences from life choices leads to better choices is nonsense.

How much more opportunity would Americans have were they not being forced to participate in these behemoth, bankrupt programs? What tells us everything we need to know about Social Security and Medicare is that participation in each program is mandatory.

What would happen if Americans were given a choice as to whether or not they participate? Politicians like President Obama claim they support Americans having opportunity and making choices. Except when it comes to their social engineering programs, I guess.

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  • Bat One

    When its other people’s money, spent despite their objection, it ain’t an investment.

    As for “taking risks” the American voting public took a huge risk three and a half years ago on a glib, inexperienced, unaccomplished “leader.”  Six trillion dollars of debt later, its time to cut our losses.

  • Random Passerby

    so it’s there so we can make choices without consequences? What can possibly go wrong with that premise?

    • yy4u2

      It’s the RINO n Democrat ‘Field of Dreams.’  Build it and they will vote for us.

  • cylde

    Democrat congressman Cleaver got a 1.5 million dollar loan from the Small business administration for a car wash  that is in bankruptcy now and the taxpayer is on the hook for 1.2 million of the loan because of govt. guaranty. Is it surprising that a democrat can not manage a small business yet holds himself out as the best person to run the country? He blames the professional manager that he hired for the failure.They both look like obamas brother.

  • ScottEngageAmerica

    The problem with social safety nets, besides the fact that they encourage risky behavior, is that they are running out of money.

    The 2011 OASIDI Trustees Report indicates that by 2036 the Social Security trust fund will be exhausted and only be sufficient to support 77% of scheduled benefits (http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/TR/2011/II_D_project.html). And, Medicare’s trust fund is currently forecasted to run dry in 2024, and would only pay 90% of benefits starting in 2024, then dropping to 75% in 2045 (http://usa­t.ly/m1jBS­l).

  • OTA Mom

    How lovely that these individuals are free to pursue their dreams on my dollar…  while I drag my babies out of bed by their ankles at an ungodly hour every morning and send them to daycare, scratch out a living at a job I hate, debate the most economical way to feed and clothe my family on our budget while still managing to pay the mortgage, health ins., phone and electric bills, then get up the next day and do it all over again.  So disgusted by it all.

  • igx

    This is idiotic. If you want more intelligent risk taking let more stuff go bankrupt and tell the Fed to end the easy money.  Bankruptcy option was set up to encourage  intelligent risk taking. 

    Everything is phony and pumped up unnaturally. 

  • VocalYokel

    Who’s that guy standing next to Harvey?

    • http://Sayanythingblog.com The Whistler