Obama Decries Gimmicky Slogans While Standing In Front Of A Gimmicky Slogan

From Obama’s remarks at Georgetown University today:

But here’s the thing – we’ve been down this road before. Remember, it was just three years ago that gas prices topped $4 a gallon. Working folks haven’t forgotten that. It hit a lot of people pretty hard. But it was also the height of political season, so you had a lot of slogans and gimmicks and outraged politicians waving three-point-plans for two-dollar gas – when none of it would really do anything to solve the problem. Imagine that in Washington.

The truth is, of course, was that all these gimmicks didn’t make a bit of difference. When gas prices finally fell, it was mostly because the global recession led to less demand for oil. Now that the economy is recovering, demand is back up. Add the turmoil in the Middle East, and it’s not surprising oil prices are higher. And every time the price of a barrel of oil on the world market rises by $10, a gallon of gas goes up by about 25 cents.

Here’s a picture of him making the speech:

Speaking of “slogans and gimmicks,” what’s that in the background?

This guy is beyond parody.

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  • SigFan

    WTF – Obama doesn’t like slogans? Well KMA, I Hope he doesn’t Change his mind. I get too many laughs out of his asinine slogans and how doggedly his sycophants latch on to them.

  • mikemc1970

    and Democrats wonder why they’re largely considered hypocrites.

  • http://realitybasedbob.sayanythingblog.com/ realitybasedbob

    OHHHHH good one!

  • Bat One

    Apparently, Harvard Law School takes itself far too seriously to offer guidance on avoiding hypocrisy..

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

      Please explain to me how it can be hypocrisy if Obama is claiming the slogans and gimmicks were made during the height of political season and the slogan he is standing behind is not?

      We all know politicians say and do some crazy things during the election year, just read anything Sarah Palin said during the election year, for example.

      Clearly there is a difference between making hard choices and leading the way to better energy plans and making political promises during an election period.

      You guys aren’t smart enough to use the word hypocrisy.

      • Nornnud

        Obama is a dangerous narcissistic buffoon. Read his books. Only one of his Dumb Masses who follow his skewed logic could call what he is doing as “leading” the way to anything except to the jumping off place like lemmings. You need to wake up and read a bit more often.

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          What does reading one of his books tell me about his plan for new energy? Please explain to me your point about him being “a secret Muslin”.

          I don’t need to read a book about him, I know him and his family.

      • Tjdavid21444

        Typical lib response – you folks just aren’t smart enough to get our nuanced phrasing. Gimmicks and slogans are just that – gimmicks and slogans. Obama spouts them (or rather reads them from his ever present teleprompter) and the minions follow like good like robots. Hope and Change, Win the Future, Yes We Can. But where has it gotten us? Trillion dollar deficits (oh, yeah, I forgot, he inherited it), double-digit unemployment (or is it fun-employment?), and croneyism at an all-time high (GE makes 14.2 billion in profits and pays no federal taxes, all the while doing everything it can to advance the Obama agenda. Just a coincidence, though, right?) Oh, yeah, and that Sarah Palin, what a hoot, especially when she said that thing about FDR going on TV during the depression. Oh, what, wait, that was Joe Biden, and the much vaunted Katie Couric didn’t correct his blunder. Pheh.

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          Your nuanced phrasing? It was Rob who cried “hypocrisy” and I am claiming he isn’t smart enough to use that word, because what Obama argued isn’t the use of a slogan to label a plan that is moving forward for new energy, but the use of a slogan to gain votes and then to abandon that plan.

          Much like UN resolutions, they are only good if enforced. It’s the same with slogans, Sarah Palin said anything she could to get elected, but had no real plan to enact.

      • Gamblsj

        The Democratic party, you included in that ilk, claims to be the party of gifted intelligence. Please explain the merits of the Obama Economic Policy. In order to support your argument, I will need hard facts with verifiable references.

      • CowboyUp

        Hussein is deriding slogans and gimmicks, while standing in front of a gimmick background of slogans, he’s a hypocrite. I guess we just aren’t smart, nuanced, and sophisticated enough to pretend he isn’t.

        • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

          It looks like he was deriding those people who had no plan to back up their slogan, during election time. If you have actually got a plan, it’s more than just standing in front of a slogan.

          • CowboyUp

            To employ sloganeering and gimmickry while deriding it is hypocritical any way you cut it. Having a “plan,” or more accurately, a short outline of a plan, is irrelevant. Even if it was, hussein would look even more hypocritical, because the GOP was advocating their 150 page plan, The American Energy Act, during the election, and had been since they proposed it in June of 2009. They’re already having to update it, so Hussein is only a year and a half behind them, with his eight page rough outline.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            To employ sloganeering and gimmickry while deriding it is hypocritical any way you cut it.

            Perhaps, but he wasn’t simply deriding sloganeering. That’s just the dishonest authors take. He was deriding the fact that they were standing in front of slogans while they had no plan. You yourself admit they didn’t have one until 2009, one year after they tried to claim they had one in 2008.

          • CowboyUp

            Oops, my bad, the AEA was actually first introduced as HR.6566 on July 29, 2008, during that very campaign that you maintain the GOP had no plan. It was reintroduced as HR.2846 in 2009. If having a plan were relevant, he’d just be an even bigger hypocrite. He should have used a different jab to try and make his point.

          • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

            Fair enough. I haven’t spent my time looking into the details of who had an actual workable plan and who was just standing behind sloganeering pretending to have one.

            I think it would be different if someone was pretending (GOP) and someone had an actual workable plan (Obama). I don’t know who did and who did not, I am just pointing out that making that distinction is not hypocrisy.

  • VocalYokel

    The Obamaster would like to form a coalition to ban coalitions…

  • WOOF

    Someday, somewhere, someone will gag on a phrase that fills their mouth with as much vomit as Mission Accomplished

    • robert108

      Yes, American victory makes you lefties choke on your own vomit. Just keep hatin’.

    • $8194357

      Kind of like, I did not have sex with that woman Ms. Lewisnki? Or the infamous, I guess that depends on what your definition of is is?

    • Southwestjbt

      Bush is retired

  • robert108

    By the latest reports, obama is losing his Libyan war. The “rebels” are in full retreat.

  • Bat One

    That “election year” argument is not only totally irrelevant. It’s also dangerous. Particularly when one considers all the many promises made by candidate Obama that were shredded or locked away like his college records once he was sworn in. The list of such promises is quite nearly as startling as the number of bodies shoved under the bus.

    • $8194357

      At least Ayers admited to writng one of the Auto Biographys Barry took credit for. One small peice of truth shines out of the darkness of team Barry…

  • http://www.bikebubba.blogspot.com bike bubba

    No matter how clueless Dear Leader is, one would figure that his handlers at least would clue in.

    Apparently not. Clueless is as clueless does, and now that you mention it, there was Hannitized’s comment. I’d chip in the first $5 to buy him a dictionary if I thought it would do any good.

  • Neiman

    He is at heart a politician, always, constantly running for office and you are surprised he might be guilty of saying one thing while doing exactly the opposite? Haven’t any of you been paying attention?

    I am not surprised our resident socialist asses don’t get it, they still worship the Messiah Obama. Plus, both of them bathe in hypocrisy every day!

  • DopeyDem

    GWB = Mission Accomplished
    BHO = Mission Impossible

  • noblindersonme

    dopey dem???? GWB = mission accomplished ???? History is not a toy you and your crowd can use for deceitful manipulation. Almost nothing that the right claimed would happen during the decade long war in Iraq and Afgan has proved to be true. Remember ,asshats, the whole area was supposed to look peaceful and prosperous like Germany 5 years after WW2. That is EXACTLY what the asshats here claimed in 1993 (Scott Henenn). And Saddam had tons of WMD’s tucked away! Hey asshats – hasn’t Kaddafy been harboring world wide terrorism far more abundantly and in plained sight than Saddam ever did! And of critical importance to the only debate that concerns the righties today (money and the budget) wasn’t Iraqi oil $ supposed to PAY for that war!!! Yes that is what you righties were promising!! geez , get in my face , call me a #$*#@! liberal yadda yadda , but unless you got a PAID IN FULL RECEIPT for that war Asshats, any BS you throw at me means NOTHING!!! One trillion those wars have cost us so far . This is the first time in American history a war was fought WITHOUT an tax hike to pay for it!! And you asshats want to blame only the dems and BHO for the debt!!!!!
    Did you asshats know that all the noise you made about cutting totally the NPR funding you made such a stink about ( as just one simple example) would only pay for one day and a half of our war bill in the Mideast !!!! You want to strut about like some smart ass paper tiger American bragging about Mission Accomplished “gimmicky slogans ‘, then PAY YOUR BILL ! Freedom ain’t free! That means a tax hike ! Mission Accomplished ? apparently all the flag waving just made that one trillion $ bill just float away in a breeze. And if it melted into that 14 trillion debt pile you want to blame BHO for totally , then I guess That was YOUR “Mision Acomplished!’

    • Steve Bensen

      And Obama has blown away any spending by Bush; Yo Mama has spent four trillion dollars on squat! Where are the jobs that money was supposed to ‘save or create’? No where. They never existed. the drilling moratorium in this administration is forcing up gas prices just like Obama rpomised he would. He has destroyed more jobs than he has created. Look the San Joaquin valley where Obama has destroyed over 140,000 jobs and created a desert where four years ago there was a prosperous farming community. How the job destruction in the Gulf? Go team Obama! another several hundred thousand lose their jobs. How about this recession that was created by democrats via Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac where leftist democrats forced banks to loan to people with lousy credit. That is the direct cause of the current recession.

      I don’t know why I bother talking to an insulting angry foaming at the mouth insane lefist like you.

    • Bobby1256

      asshat :)

  • noblindersonme

    have you guys seen Tim Pawlenty’s perposterous ‘gimmicky’ campaign video? It is one of the best examples of hyper promotion of a mediocre candidacy ever . All that was missing was Pawlenty coming out of a phone booth wearing a superman’s outfit and posing with hands on hips with a determination of “Saving America’!! It was that bad ! And Newt Gingrinch yammering about his staggering infidelities with his former wives , He only cheated on them becuase he ‘loved his country so much!!. ( examples like these are very abundant!)
    We are living in a time when gimmickry and superfical postering elbows reasonable civil discourse out of the way! Of course all that matters here is when the liberals do it – right Port.
    Now you will return fire at me , because admitting you guys do tolerate dirty politics would be too much for you. Say rob – didn’t you call Bill Maher ‘ an assh*le last week” !

  • Samjam94

    “…it was mostly because the global recession led to less demand for oil. Now that the economy is recovering, demand is back up.”

    So he HAS heard of supply and demand economics! Then can someone please explain to this man that his administrations policies to stop drilling do in fact have an effect on supply. Therefore, price is up in part directly due to his positions. And Bush was jackin’ prices for his oil friends. Liberals simply cannot logic.

  • blaze99

    -No Blinders? Maybe – VERY THICK Hope& Change Goggles — No Doubt

    “hasn’t Kaddafy been harboring world wide terrorism far more abundantly and in plained sight than Saddam ever did! ” – The answer is NO
    Did Sadam Break 17 resolutions– YES
    Did Sadam cut out the tongues of his own people? Yes
    Did a caravan of 18 wheelers go across the Syrian border filled with possible WMD’s just before the invasion?- YEs
    Did 80% of America Initially Approve of Afghanistan and 75% approve of going into Iraq? – Yes
    Did Bush invade Iraq without the approval of Congress? – NO
    Did the Democrats in DC approve of Iraq until it became Politically Correct to abandon the support of our troops just so they could get re-elected -YES

    Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.- John Adams

  • Fparker1

    Winning the Future? Counter slogan should be the tweeter’s delight, WTF?, don’t you think?

  • Drik

    Big Brother loves you.

  • Choppermek

    Dopy Dems? Asshats? Insulting angry foaming at the mouth insane lefist? Good God, people. How do we hope to ever work out the problems facing OUR country if we can’t even engage in CIVIL discourse without personallizing every arguement which rubs against our own individual perspective?

    Jesus, Mary, and Him too! Don’t you know that our elected officials are kicked back right now laughing all the way to the bank as they read the vitirol and sniping being bantered about here and elsewhere? Don’t you get it?

    This virulant discourse is exactly what they want. If we keep parrotting THEIR talking points and hurling insults at each other we’ll never agree on anything and they’ll continue to keep their rubber blank check book. Frankly, I don’t care what any President stands in front of while making a speech. I care more about what comes out of his mouth and what he does.

    Do your homework, people. Don’t take anybody’s word for anything until you research the subject yourselves. Develope an informed opinion and make your case in the forum of public opinion. Debate the ISSUES! Don’t attack the messengers. Liberal, conservative, libertarian, we are all AMERICANS! We ALL sink or sail on this boat. Your move.

    • godsmotive

      Personally I have no interest in compromising with the left about anything….ever again. I think it will be much easier to rebuild than to fix. The left in this country went completely insane with their blind hatred of George Bush even to the point where they embrace the enemies of this country, deny terrorism exists and even the feminists don’t defend women. The people on the political left are no longer the loyal opposition..they aren’t the loyal anything. So the sooner we get their leaders out of power and dump the unions the better….and if they want a war…good. Let’s roll.

      • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

        The left in this country went completely insane with their blind hatred of George Bush even to the point where they embrace the enemies of this country, deny terrorism exists and even the feminists don’t defend women.

        I am not sure a tissue could wipe away all of those crocodile tears. Somebody get this guy a diaper or something that can soak up all the smell BS that was just dumped on this site.

        What a bunch of smarmy, victimization talk. The right is doing much worse in their hatred against Obama, for every reason under the Sun. Bush started needless wars and taunted our enemies to attack us. He was reckless and had no plan to manage or protect our economy.

        • Choppermek

          “The right is doing much worse…”? What is this, Kindergarten? “They started it!” I get enough of that from my kids. “Bush…taunted our enemies to attack us.”? Really?! How can one taunt others to attack us if they’re already dedicated to our utter destruction? I don’t think Bush, Obama, Clinton, or anyone else “taunted” Al Qeida, the Taliban, or any other enemies into attacking us. They were already hell bent on attacking us.

          Ever see the film “Dirty War”? It was a joint BBC/HBO made-for-TV film which aired in April 2004. At the end of the film, the agent responsible for tracking down the terrorist cell responsible for detonating a dirty bomb in London is questioning the head terrorist. She asks, “How does killing innocent people serve the Imam? Don’t you know that there will be retaliation? The terrorist responds, “Of course. Retaliation is expected. It’s what unites us and divides you.”

          Read that last sentence again. You say, “That’s just Hollywood.” Well, what are we doing right now?

          Instead of Monday morning quarterbacking, how about some constructive ideas on how to preserve our country? I don’t expect you to have all the answers, but I won’t deny the possibility either.

      • Choppermek

        I don’t recall saying anything about compromising anything, godsmotive (interesting name, hmm). All I’m saying is stick to the issues and don’t get caught up with all the rethoric. Don’t get sucked into the spider pit. If you find yourself squared off against someone with the apparent IQ of a lemon, drop it. If you engage such a person with like or equal drival, what does that make you?

        As far as your “Let’s roll” comment goes, I pray we aren’t yet at that point. The voting booth still has power and so does the Judical Branch. I put myself in harms way to protect your right to use that voting booth and petition those courts in order to make a better country for all of us. That was my choice of service. I can’t be doing it all by myself. I need help.

        Tell you what, I’ll stay on the front lines for a few more years while you engage the rear assult of ideas on the home front. But remember, even a lemon has a right to express it’s ideas and I have pledged my life to defend its, and your, right to do just that. Don’t waste my, and my Brothers’, sacrifice.

  • JustRuss

    FWIW Oil prices were falling long before the global recession, mostly due to GW Bush saying we were going to increase domestic oil production. I am not saying the prices didn’t continue to fall due to lowering demand, but the threat of increased supply did just as much or more to bring the prices down than any sort of decrease in demand.

    In fact, I don’t really understand how demand decreases just because of a recession. Oil is used in a million things besides gasoline, and even then I never saw a sudden bout of deserted highways as people refuse to drive anywhere.

    Also, the recession has not suddenly gone away no matter what color glasses the Democrats are wearing. SO why the surge in demand for oil?

    It is much easier to point to Supply being the reason oil prices continue to rise, the simplest answer is most often the correct one. Of course, that is the entire point of this administrations energy policy, to drive up the costs.

    • robert108

      If, as obama has claimed, oil prices dropped due to the recession, why did they go back up after obama’s election, even though the recession continues to this day, in terms of real private sector growth?

  • Blaze99

    Great idea to only argue issues – you know any that actually know about issues like – card check , cap & trade , the true effect of Keynesian economics and what the experiment has done to us so far?? – It has almost ruined us .
    Rasmussen pole right after the election found an alarming percentage of Obama voters had ZERO grasp of the main issues.
    All I hear from my left leaning friends is -MORE TAXES etc – they have no clue that when they tax these so called “rich” and corporations they are just laying a few more bricks on the back of working Americans. Why not just whack ourselves in the head with 10 lb hammer ?? – these taxes always come back to us embedded in goods & services.
    I see more name calling hate coming from the left in these discussions – I believe it is because they are embarrassed about making a bad vote, no idea how our consumption based economy works and still thinking that any day now that “stimulus” will kick in – no idea what really happened the “stimulus”?? , no clue about the issues and NO game ..
    so they just Blow up and start the name calling etc.

    • Choppermek

      I feel your frustration, Blaze, but stooping to someone else’s level only lowers your own. I personally know many liberals with whom I can have an intellectually honest conversation. Many are my friends and comrads in arms. I can have heated debates on the issues of the day and often disagree on matters of principle at rather loud volumes, but I wouldn’t hesitate to take a bullit for any of them and I know they would have my back in a fire fight too. That’s called integrity.

      There’s plenty of blame to go around. Just in this discussion there has been so much vitriol that its turned the subject on its head. Calling your political opponent a poopyhead, whether he is or not, doesn’t really advance your position now, does it.Have we so lost our way that we cannot even have an intellectually honest conversation without resorting to childish bickering and name calling?

      We all need to take a step back, breathe, and engage in a productive debate. Facts are facts and should be provable. Opinions are like sphincters, everybody has one. I’m proud to take a bullit to preserve your right to share yours. Don’t squander my sacrifice on foolishness. Love you long time.

      • blaze99

        Well – like I said Chopper- My few liberal friends never linger long on the
        issues – they are still my friends .
        I have never squandered anyone’s sacrifice and will remain aware of the fact
        that they still deserve the right to squander your yours.
        Steve Blaisdell
        Beach Realty & Construction
        Listing and SELLING on the Outer Banks
        252-207-5864 cell
        252-261-1704 fax

      • blaze99

        This is a reminder that on September 12, Steve Blaisdell sent you an invitation to become part of their professional network at LinkedIn.
        Accept Steve Blaisdell’s Invitation


  • Choppermek

    As I understand it, gas prices are determined, primarily, by the price of oil futures. Oil companies sign contracts for the purchase of oil 6 months-1 year in advance of the delivery of that oil in order to ensure a continuous supply of their raw material (oil) into the future using profits they earn from the sale of their finished products (i.e. gasoline). Should the supply of that oil become threatend, either by catastrophy (Katrina, Deepwater Horizon, etc) or political unrest (Lybia, Iraq, etc.), the price of oil futures rises due to the increased risk of not being able to deliver on the contract. Thus enters speculators.

    Demand can also affect the price. While supply is potentially volitile, demand rises at a, more or less, predictable rate. That rate may have cyclic spikes (summertime driving and wintertime heating oil), but the overall rate of demand is pretty steady and predictable. Oil companies can adjust to predictable rises in demand by tapping new energy sources (when and where they’re allowed to) and by planning construction of new infrastructure (refineries). Thus demand has a lesser affect on prices than supply.

    Recessions can effect demand in that they cause a general contraction of the economy and delay growth, thus, future demand. With less money available to the economy, expansion plans, and even vacation plans, are put on hold until the economy begins to recover. I’m sure someone smarter than me has a great bell chart to illustrate this. Hope this helps.

    • Gary

      Oil futures speculate on the future price of oil. They don’t determine what oil is, only point to the direction that the price is going. Gas prices are determined by a few things, mainly supply and demand. If you have a new supply source opening up, that will lower the cost of oil. If demand goes down that would also lower the cost of oil. If supply and demand go down, oil will cost about the same. Of course, if the U.S. government borrows and spends so much money and cannot recover the economy and thus sees a huge decline in the value of the dollar, that too will increase the price of oil. Furthermore, with discussion of the refineries, neither the environmentalists or the oil companies want additional refineries, though for different reasons….

      • Choppermek

        Good point, Gary, about the value of the US Dollar, although I wasn’t attempting to write a term paper on the subject (been there, done that). I think we’re on the same page about the basic concept. Same goes for refinery construction. Nearly all Americans want to protect the environment (I’m an avid outdoors man), but some take it to an unhealthy extreme.

        All of this is really besides the point. It’s like that commercial, “Greetings….but I digress…” Happy Day.

  • Scr3w0bamatape

    “Are you better off now than 4 Trillion dollars ago?” Think Obumbles the Clown will use that one?