Obama Administration Won’t Let Arizona Town Fix Water System Unless They Use Horses


Tombstone, Arizona is located in a desert. As such, water supplies for the historic frontier town are pretty important. A lot of Tombstone’s water comes from water infrastructure located on federally-managed park land, as has been the case for roughly a century. Recently, though, forest fires and inclement weather has destroyed or damaged a lot of that infrastructure and local officials want the federal government to let them go in and repair it.

But the federal government won’t let them do it…unless they use horses and hand tools:

The shortage developed because of the Monument Fire in 2011, which denuded the hillsides of vegetation. After the fire, record-breaking monsoon rains hit the region, triggering huge mudslides that left boulders the size of cars tumbling down hillsides.

The slides crushed Tombstone’s mountain spring waterlines and destroyed reservoirs for the town’s main water supply network.

“In some areas, Tombstone’s pipeline is under 12 feet of mud, rocks and other debris, while in other places, it is hanging in mid-air due to the ground being washed out from under it,” the institute reported.

However, instead of allowing repairs as has happened in the past, “federal bureaucrats are refusing to allow Tombstone to unearth its springs and restore its waterlines unless [city officials] jump through a lengthy permitting process that will require the city to use horses and hand tools to remove boulders the size of Volkswagens.”

I’ve often joked that the environmentalists would like us to go back to the horse-and-buggy days, because that would be better for the environment, but this is ridiculous.

Here’s the thing, though: Would horses and hand-tools really have less of an environmental impact on these park areas? It seems like that would make the project harder and sloppier.

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  • cowbelltg

    Great post!

  • ndoldman

    …….and people that don’t believe in climate change are flat earthers.

    • Thomacx

      So are you saying that man has created this issue?  I live in AZ, funny how the whole state used to be under water at one point in time and now it is not. That was done far before man ever walked the planet.Look at NASA scientists that are mocking the whole global warming campaign.  It is fabricated so that Al Gore and his dumba$$ cohorts can make billions on carbon tax credit trading.

      Climate change happens naturally, we all need to deal wih it.  How many ice ages, polar shifts, etc. has the planet gone through?  Far more than anyone one of us can predict.

      • Camsaure

        I think that was sarcasm on ndoldman’s part, I don’t think that is what he is saying is man caused this. However you are right in the rest of  your post.

      • Fly 185

        You’re right expect for one point…. man was here at the time Arizona was under water.  A guy named Noah and his family floated over the top of the whole watery mess while the flood waters ravaged the earth beneath and created some beautifully fantastic landscapes we still enjoy.

      • ndoldman

        I guess You did’t get that I was paraphaseing what Obama said in a resent speech and people like Gore that make millions on this unfounded truth as you point out

  • John

    I’m with Newt…. Fire every one of them and re-boot with a solutions agency. This madness HAS to be stopped, and will be sooner or later. It simply HAS to by it’s own weight.

  • Jay

    Your government at work, people! I swear, if Martians invaded, they’d die of hysterical laughter upon seeing how much of an unmitigated disaster the Obama Administration is.

  • AsilisArt

    Obama is stalling to buy time for the terrorists living there.

    • Hannitized, Proofs obsession

       Who fed you mushrooms for breakfast?  What ever it is you are eating, please let us know so we can avoid these mind altering hallucinogens.

  • Econwarrior

    The environmentalist agenda has always been to reduce the human population of the Earth by about 90%, and to roll back technology to Stone Age levels.

  • Clint F

    These same “environmentalists” won’t let you ride a mountain bike out in portions of the Badlands but they’ll let horses chew the crap out of the same trail marked off-limits to bikes.  Cuz horse erosion is, like, GOOD or something.


  • WOOF

    Stock up on their pizza

    • two_amber_lamps

       How about some EPA/Leftie soup?  It’s your favorite….

  • cylde

    Tombstone has some other history besides the OK corral. The reason that they stopped mining under ground was that the shafts filled with water so fast that they could not pump fast enough to work the mine. This is what happens when policy is made by experts like obama. The original fire was also caused by tree huggers that got the govt. to forbid brush cutting fire control practices, nature does the next step with seasonal rain, stupid people by definition can not learn from mistakes.. This process is repeated nearly every year some where in Ca.

  • Roy_Bean

    I think they are on to something.  I’m all for preserving our heritage and the historical flavor of towns like this.  Toumbstone first, Washington D.C. second.  Every President up to FDR lived in a White House with no A/C.  He added it in 1933 and Congress didn’t get A/C until 1938.  If they had to sit there in sweltering heat I bet they wouldn’t be spending money all summer and we would all be better off. 

    • Wesley Fargo

      And if the President wanted to travel to CA for a 1 evening fundraiser, he should have to take a steam powered train to St. Louis and a Horse and Wagon the rest of the way west.

      • Kleetus92

         Lol yeah, and think of all the brothels the secret service guys could stop and visit on the way… Oh I can see it now!

    • Kleetus92

       You are right… we might be on to something here… I think I see a task for Sherrif Joe’s free workforce… by all means use the horses, and hand tools, and let the convicts be the operators! It’s a win win… the douche bag environmentalists will be happy, the convicts get something else to do, and we can all tell barak chavez where he can go stick it!

    • colleenf

      I like that idea!!  Maybe even Harry the Weasel Reid would go home so he wouldn’t have to smell the tourists!

  • sbark

    thats the problem with Liberalism……with the power of the Fed Govt behind them—they cant be just ignored or ridiculed to the point of crawling into a hole……..

    ……..which is what should be happening……society has to wake up and quit giving any credence to these cretians

  • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

    They should be thankful the enviro-weenies are letting them use horses. Horses were not originally indigenous to AZ. They should have to use flint knifes and sharpened sticks. Or, they could call just themselves #occupyTombstone and have the government haul in a generator for them.

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    Back to the Future!!

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Sounds like the obama admin is “getting even” with Arizona

    • DocFreeman

      Again or Still???

  • Guest

    Oh my god, broken by world nut daily… must be true.

    • http://proof-proofpositive.blogspot.com/ Proof

      Google finger broken, race baiter? How about a local AZ paper? From April of this year:  http://tucsoncitizen.com/wryheat/2012/04/12/tombstone-versus-the-united-states/

      • http://sayanything.flywheelsites.com Rob

        Sparkie is a shallow, narrrow minded troll incapabke of thinking for himself. Its all assumptionsfor him.

        • Spartacus

           umptions aside, he’s just an ass.

    • HG

      That’s telling.  It must be a really, really stupid idea to earn Sparkie’s mockery. 

    • Diveboy

      Ah liberalism. They won’t be happy until it all breaks down. Don’t you just want to snap their boney little necks?

      • ellinas1

        Anytime you’re ready, you can come and snap my boner err…my boney little neck.

  • Salvatore2003

    whit what has been done to me by democrats in the past,i would gather them up give them hand tools and have them conpletely replace the entire system by hand.let them live the way they preach.i would say what i realy feel but this will have to do.

    • mickey_moussaoui

      ditto brother, ditto

  • Thresherman

    If only the bureaucrats were forced to live under the rules that they hand down,

  • Raymond Manuel De Mello

    I think my reply would be something like this…”Dear Obama Administration…F**K OFF! Sincerely, Tombstone, AZ.” XOXOXOXOXO

  • dj

    Accept their offer, if they come to AZ and help!  A few hours using hand tools and riding horses should be a wonderful experience for government bureaucrats.  And while they’re at it, they can bring their own water to drink and shower in, since Tombstone won’t have much to share.  These environmentalists are so anxious for everyone else to take 10 steps backward, but they travel around in jets and big campaign buses (remember Mr. Obama’s bus, made in  CANADA?) full of bottled water, and fail to see hypocrisy in anything they do. 

  • PEC

    Get the county sheriff and the local congressman to go with you and just go fix the system.  Sort of like they did in New Mexico when they clear dead wood fire hazards despite the feds objections. Have the sheriff arrest ANY fed who tries to stop you.  And ignore any court order to stop you.

    • thomasstewart

       Right-On PEC I Bet Sheriff Joe Would Do This For The “Tombstone  Tea Party Patriots!!  God Bless America And Sarah Palin.

  • DocFreeman

    Yet Congress just sits there and allows Obama’s Administration
    and his Gestapo department heads and unelected czar control the American
    Peoples’ Forrest Areas.  It seems that
    Obama and his socialist administration wants to control cities as well as the
    population per Sunstein request.  The
    forest is more important than people having water to live.


    Call, write, email your Congressman/woman today and
    demand they start impeachment proceeding on this socialist/progressive
    president and his administration.

  • Blair

    SAY WHAT?!

  • IWG

    I’m not sure how much of this is  due to  Obama or just a bloated Environmental  Protection Agency.  Support Ron Paul’s money bomb this week so  his influence can help to downsize the Fed’s intervention into our State’s business.  Romney  is as likely to expand these bureaucracies as Obama.  Paul is winning enough delegates to broker the convention, regardless of what mainstream is saying. 

  • randi47

    While you all are pontificating about politics, we have a real problem in Tombstone.  Either we get to fix our water supply which has worked quite well thank you very much for over 100 years, or someone can start trucking in water – and who will pay for that? Agree, our Cochise County sherrifs should guard us while we get on with the repairs. But no doubt Eric Holder will sue us (yet again). Keep the Feds, EPA, tree huggers and Easterners out of our business. It always amazes me how they seem to know a whole lot better then the folks who live here. We have already lost access to the Huachuca Mountains because of all the illegals and drug runners trashing our forests. We don’t hike there anymore because it is no longer safe.  And this after a lifetime of wonderful hikes and picnics.  Thank you Feds for not doing your job – national security, but being over-achievers in doing state and local business.

    • SenatorSting

      I suggest Arizona go for something like what is outlined here. http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/20244
      This kind of debacle should cause all Americans to pause and ask “What do we need the fereral government for?” I doubt their actions here or about 95% of all their actions would be included in the answer.



  • Cjtorino

    It’s always better to ask for forgiveness, then ask for permission. Tombstones water rights are clear, now go and take care of getting your water turned back on now. Don’t wait a second longer, when I show up there this summer, the water better be flowing. When the Feds attempt to stop youmform doing the work, as Larry the cable guys says, get-r-done. It not like the Feds are going to use violence to stop you. Get a spine, and just do the work already. What are theygoingto do? Turn it off after you repair to pre fire and monsoon conditions? I think now. Is anyone from AZ reading this? Stop fouling around and fire up the D9, and get your azzes to work already.