Number Of Workers Age 25 – 54 At 1997 Levels


“In other words in the past 15 years not a single incremental job has been gained in this most productive and lucrative of age groups,” writes Zero Hedge.

But remember, the unemployment rate went down slightly so, you know, recovery!

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  • WOOF

    Zero Hedge should be aware that the BUSH years were,
    historically, the worst job creation years in an elephants age.
    Zero Hedge might also look into the baby boom, and birth rates.
    Less people in the age range, less in jobs.
    The usual meaningless fudge of numbers presented by SayAnything as proof that Barack Hussein Obama is destroying the United States of America.

    • Thresherman

      Can you offer anything, ANYTHING in the way of proof for your drivel? You whine about the statistics that Rob offers, but we are supposed to take your rants as evidence that he is incorrect? It is fine to talk about the baby boom and birth rates, but those are assumptions based only on generalizations, You offer nothing to show that that can totally explain away the 1997 levels. Further, the drop of 6 million employed occured in just one year, your reasons would have shown a much more gradual drop rather than such a dramatic and sudden one. If you insist on deluding yourself, fine, but stop insulting our intellegence with half-assed BS like this that cannot withstand even the slighest scrutiny.

      • two_amber_lamps

        “Baby boom” “Birth rates”…. pad your generalizations with a few buzz words/concepts and the uninformed will assume he’s done some homework. Amazing how when confronted with irrefutable numbers the leftist ideologue can conflate, obfuscate and muddy the waters with drivel and some might actually give YIP the time of day.

    • Rob

      The Bush years look pretty good on the chart above, at least until we get into the housing market collapse.

      And these are hardly fudge numbers. The overall workforce is down too, though not as dramatically.

      But please, poodle, dismiss anything that might be negative for The One.

      • WOOF

        The baby boom and birth rates are not generalizations.
        Comparing the number of an age group over time demands reference to the universe, (N), of the age group at different times.
        example :
        100 workers 30 years old in 1997
        80 workers 30 years old 2012
        Charting without illuminating the population changes
        is bogusetic.

        • KJUU

          I agree with the premise. But that also means that TPTB are fully 100% aware that the workforce in *good times* was going to decline, while the services they are required to pay for through their labor will increase. They didn’t and don’t care.

        • Thresherman

          They manner in which you applied them are generalizations. When you are not offering specifics, you are generalizing.

      • meathead

        The One is Gdub. Heaven forbid that guy should be criticized. You have financial problems in this country not due to the deficit but because of outsourcing manufacturing and service jobs to third world countries; Illegal immigration lowering wages; importing a billion dollars/day of oil; spending trillion dollars per war on phony baloney defense contracts. All designed to make the oligarchs richer and richer.

    • tony_o2

      Zero Hedge should be aware that the BUSH years were,
      historically, the worst job creation years in an elephants age.

      And you should be aware of the term “full employment”. You cannot create a net number of jobs when everyone who wants a job already has one.

      • WOOF

        Will GW ever be let out of the basement ?
        “the private sector has actually added 415,000 jobs
        since Obama took office.
        it had cut 1.6 million jobs during a comparable period of
        Bush’s first term.
        The difference is that budget-strapped state
        and local governments have slashed their staffs
        over the last four years while they were adding workers
        when Bush was in office. “

        • willieB

          You dope. Just over the last month, the average number of people who have lost their jobs and filed first time unemployment claims is 407,000 PER WEEK!!
          Stop typing, you’re making a bigger fool out of yourself than you already have in the past. Today is Saturday, and you’re dumber than you were yesterday.

          • WOOF

            The subject is 25 to 54 year olds in the workforce over time. Everyone knows these are hard times. The voters blamed GW Bush, Republicans, and Mitt Romney.

          • willieB

            “The voters blamed GW Bush, Republicans, and Mitt Romney.”

            And what exactly did Romney do that he should be blamed for?

            “The subject is 25 to 54 year olds in the workforce”

            Do you think it’s the retiree’s that are losing their jobs by the 100’s of thousands every week, or is it the 25 to 54 year olds, you moron?

          • mickey_moussaoui

            only the uninformed gullable voter

  • Thresherman

    Massive unemployment and debt, the new normal. Thank you Democrats.

    • two_amber_lamps

      And it’s only gonna get better… especially with a retard RINO running the House.

      Four more years (of FAILURE!)

  • Proof

    Everyone knows (at least, according to one unreliable source*) that the workforce is shrinking because of retirement! Yes, sir! All those folks retiring at 25, 30, 35, 40…

    *And you know who you are!

    • jl

      Woof missed his dis-temper shot, again.

      • Proof

        On top of the worms? Bummer!

        • mickey_moussaoui

          and the mange

          • Proof

            Woof gives pound puppies a bad name.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    Just one month after the election, the list of companies laying off workers due to obama’s policies just continues to grow…………

    …..Google, Martha Stewart Living, Pepsi, PayPal, Groupon, Best Buy, Cisco Systems, Kraft Foods, Lockheed Martin, Sears, Lexmark, Yahoo!, Dupont, Boeing, Bristol-Myers, Cummins, Smithfield Foods, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, NBC/Universal, American Airlines, United Continental Holdings, JC Penney, Wausau Paper, Procter & Gamble, Texas Instruments, Pierce Manufacturing, Panasonic, Xerox, Citigroup, Atlantic City Casinos, Majestic Star Casino, RIM (Blackberry), Vestas Wind Systems, Utah American Energy, Turkey Point Nuclear Plant FL, United Technologies, Gamesa Energy, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, Stryker Corp (A big Obama Donor), First Solar, Solel Solar Systems, LuLu Publishing, New Energy Corp, Supervalue (Albertson’s), Dana Corp, American Coal, Gamestop, Commercial Appeal, Patriot Coal, Archer-Daniels-Midland, SAS, CIGNA, 169 Shaws Supermarkets, Judson University, ATI Career Training Centers,

    Nebraska Medical Center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Aveo Oncology, Kaiser Permanente, St Jude Medical, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, St Lukes Cornwall Hospital, Emanuel Medical Center, GE Healthcare, WPS Health Insurance, Lower Bucks Hospital, United Blood Services Gulf Region, NY Center for Hospice/Palliative Care, CVPH Medical Center, Ameridose, Crouse Hospital Syracuse NY, San Diego Hospice, Glens Falls Hospital NY, Wake Forest Baptist Medical NC, Southwest Vermont Health Care, St Mary’s of Michigan Hospital, Orlando Health (hospitals), Carney Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Englewood Hospital, LSU’s 7 Hospitals, Westchester Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center, NCH Healthcare System, Peace Health, Northwest Community Healthcare, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, E.J. Noble Hospital, Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley, St. Joseph Hospital, St. Josepth Hospital East, Community Memorial Health System, Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Marian Regional Medical Center, Inland Hospital, Lawrence General Hospital, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, St Vincent Health System (hospital), Mercy Health Partners’ Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital, Jordan Hospital, Brattleboro Retreat (psychiatric hospital), CVPH Medical Center Pittsburg, Western Maryland Regional Medical Center (hospital), Cook Medical.

    There are more but you get the point (unless you are a lib).