NRA President Expresses Concerns About Heidi Heitkamp On Gun Issues


National Rifle Association President David Keene was on the Scott Hennen Show earlier this week talking about North Dakota’s Senate race. The Heitkamp campaign has touted an A-rating from the NRA, but Keene says they’re basing that rating on a series of questions his organization asked Heitkamp about gun issues. He points out that while Heitkamp provided the right answers to the questions this time around, when she ran for governor in 2000 she didn’t even bother answering their questions and he points out that she has no track record as a policy maker on gun rights issues.

Were Heitkamp to be elected she would no doubt be reticent about backing anti-gun policies, knowing full well that North Dakotans overwhelmingly support gun rights. But let’s remember that her Democrat predecessors in office like Earl Pomeroy supported the assault weapons ban as well as numerous other policies restricting gun rights.

And, as we’ve seen with other issues, Heitkamp’s actions often tell a much different story than her words.

The NRA is skeptical of Heitkamp’s gun rights record, and voters should be too.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Jay

    The NRA’s been a functioning arm of the Democrat Party since 2010. If they’re expressing concerns about her, Heitkamp must really have pissed them off.

  • tomorrowclear

    Boy, this is a shocker. Here I expected the NRA to be perfectly comfortable with her. Who on God’s green Earth saw this coming out days before the election? Who could have predicted this? Million to one odds. Maybe two million.

    I have it on good authority that in between trips to Enderlin and Lisbon, Heidi has secretly met with the UN Secretary General and the Tri-Lateral Commission to be briefed on the global plot to confiscate all guns in the United States by 2016, when Obama will officially declare himself dictator, sell all white men into slavery, rape all our white women and give our guns to the New Black Panthers and the Mexican drug cartels who currently have all the guns from Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious program but which they will sell to help fund the underground tunnel they are constructing to plant a new generation of anchor babies in the United States to sell more dope and steal money from Robert’s and Goon’s wallets in the form of fraudulent welfare payments and by enrolling in North Dakota public universities to take classes in things like art history and women’s studies.

    God help us.

    • Rob

      Boy, you liberals sure are sounding shrill these days.

      • tomorrowclear

        In all seriousness, Rob, do you ever feel a twinge of guilt? Just a twinge? Let me give you a little credit. You seem to be of average intelligence and you are cognizant of some actual facts. You also have an audience in which the median probably falls at about 90. These are easily-led folks. Folks who read something from a particular source on a particular place on the spectrum and they will believe it unquestioningly. Let’s take the “UN is aiming to take away the guns of Americans” nonsense. While I think you are probably not so ignorant of basic civics as to believe that a treaty can be used to deprive Americans of rights specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights or that an organization like the UN can come in and confiscate our guns, you have readers who are ignorant and stupid enough to believe such claptrap. I think you probably realize this. I think you probably even get embarrassed from time-to-time with some of the paranoid, conspiratorial nonsense you see posted here. Does it ever give you pause when you indirectly, and I’m being charitable, feed into their ignorance and paranoia with stuff like this?

        • Robert Portly

          Please fire more shots at Rob, this was excellent and every word was music. If only more people would step up and fire on these whores for the Republican party. They play the dolts like banjos. Rob does not have an once of morality and would sell his soul to the highest bidder. You are so correct the simple minded dingers are so easy to fool, and Rob is getting paid $400 a month to scare them. Sadly he is destroying the world his own child has to live in, but you have to make a living even if you prostitute your soul.

          • AV

            Rather than “shots at Rob,” I thought that TomorrowClear asked very good questions. Rob is clearly less deranged than people like LastBestHope & friends. Rob’s views seem basically liberal except that:
            a) he’s scared of (mythical) moochers; and
            b) he seems to think that markets are magical.
            He’s built a forum, with very lax moderation, for all the crazies to hang out on (myself included). And he feeds sensationalized material to the nutters.

            But, does he believe the stuff that he peddles, or is he cynically using it for money/laughs?

            I too would like to know.

          • Rob

            As I told Tomorrow clear, I believe everything I write. Markets work, and there’s nothing magical about it. When left free to pursue their own self interest most citizens do a pretty good job of it. You would take the exceptions to that rule and use it as an excuse for managed economies.

            Which pretty much makes you either the sort of interest who profits mightily from such management, or one of their useful idiots.

          • LastBestHope

            Useful idiots are the cannon fodder of liberal elites. Without them, there would be no Obama, Reid, Pelosi. in positions of power.

            But help is on the way.

          • $8194357

            The Lenist vangaurd direct the flow of the cannon fodder masses..
            Cloward/Piven understood the “vangaurd”…

          • AV

            “Markets work, and there’s nothing magical about it …” — Rob

            Of course markets work, and they’re even very good at some things. But any human-built system has limitations, and for the best outcomes, they need to be understood.

            And when people correct you, you call them “useful idiots.” Better than being a “useless idiot,” don’t ya think? At least I’m paid to contribute to the knowledge of mankind, whilst you and your friends wage war against it.

          • Rob

            Actually, the median age of SAB’s audience is about 45. And I believe everything I write.

            I’m actually kind of amused at the way you try to write off everyone you disagree with as crazy. It is sort of like the race card. If you make the debate about whether or not I’m crazy, then we don’t have to explore the fallacies in your arguments do we?

            Its the tactics of the common internet troll. Not very original,

          • tomorrowclear

            I wasn’t referring to age, Robert. Perhaps I need to reconsider my appraisal of you. Upon reflection, maybe I was thinking the median was 85 and you are 90.

            To be precise, I clearly stated that folks who believe the UN can take away their guns are either ignorant, stupid or both. That doesn’t require insanity.

            Now, instead of copping out by calling me a “troll,” would you care to explain how a belief that the UN can take away our guns is indicative of knowing the facts or possessing intelligence? Do you believe the UN can take away our guns?

            I really try not to be elitist with you folks. You make that very difficult.

          • Rob

            I’m not sure someone who has as much trouble as you do expressing yourself ought to be talking about feelings of elitism towards others.

          • tomorrowclear

            You won’t answer the question. Rather than evading it, why don’t you muster up some courage and try? Can the UN take away guns from American citizens in the USA?

          • Rob

            Can the UN unilaterally do away with the second amendment? Of course not, nor is anyone arguing that. That’s a straw man you’ve invented to attack.

            Can our gun rights be undermined through regulation and restrictions stemming from a UN treaty property ratified by Congress which, per the constitution, has the same effect as law? Of course it can.

          • tomorrowclear

            “No one is arguing that.” You are either grossly ignorant of what your idiot brigade prattles on about or you’re lacking “candor.” That is precisely what they have been arguing,implying it to be something outside the legislative process.

            Addressing the idea of Congress stripping away at the rights of gun owners, can you list the bills before Congress over the last four years that proposed additional restrictions on firearms? Can you also provide examples of Obama calling for further restrictions? As someone who you folks warn us is about to chip away at our 2nd Amendment rights, surely he used one of the mass shootings to call for these restrictions. I must have missed that. Can you point me towards those quotes and proposals?

            It’s kind of funny. Your blood-stained interest groups, the NRA and Gun Onwers of America, have Congress and the White House so intimidated, they wouldn’t dream of proposing any further limitations on firearms at this point. Naturally, that doesn’t stop the cynical folks at the heads of these organizations from manipulating the yokels among their rank-and-file into believing we are this close…this close…to losing our gun rights.

            BTW, would you be a dear and explain exactly how the language in that treaty will lead to Americans losing their guns? Particularly when it contains this clause, giving nations “the sovereign right and responsibility of any state to regulate and control transfers of conventional arms that take place exclusively within its territory, pursuant to its own legal or constitutional systems.”

            I know, I know…if we start regulating the illegal sale of conventional weapons between nations, it’s only a matter of time before they come for Skeeter’s .22.

          • 308T

            “can you list the bills before Congress over the last four years that proposed additional restrictions on firearms? Can you also provide examples of Obama calling for further restrictions?”
            Lets not forget ALL the dems on the SCOTUS ruled against our 2n Amendment rights twice
   Last but not least Obama put in two anti-2nd Amendment justices, Satomayor & Kagan.

            Obama & the Dems are all rats when it come to our 2A rights, start dealing with reality.

          • $8194357


          • $8194357

            ( but you have to make a living even if you prostitute your soul.)
            Don’t talk about your sister that way hater..

          • Wayne

            And the Democrat Party and the MSM ‘play you dolts like banjos’.

        • Wayne

          Democrats are the easily led folks in this country. Just compare their over reaction to anything Bush during his term to the church like silence in response to the utterly failed corrupt presidency of Obama.

        • Wayne

          As Proof pointed out on another post, “So, an ambassador and three other Americans are killed in an attack on our embassy, but puppets being forced to live off the millions in marketing royalties they’ve already made and stop suckling at the public teat, gets these people out of their chairs and marching? Unbelievable!”

          It’s what the Democrat party and the MSM told fellow Democrats to be upset about.

    • Robert Portly

      I think you got it, you could be a guest writer for Rob. You must have the heads of the Hoopleheads spinning. This is exactly what this blog needs the Hooples don’t know if they should shit or go blind.

    • Wayne

      Boy you Democrat idiots are a funny bunch. If you’re so smart you must know that the NRA endorsed Harry Ried in ’08.

  • Packing Heat on the Street

    The NRA has done more to destroy democracy than the Nazi party could. This bunch of gun nuts without an once of deceny or morality stirs up lies and urban legends at will. The gun nuts never learn. The NRA started the whole ammunition scare. The dolts went out an bough ammunition like it would never be made again. Prices went up as expected and the ammunition makers raped the idiots. Now, the dolts beg for another round of insanity. If you want to sell guns or ammunition the NRA is your best friend. The NRA makes up a lie. The gun nuts run to buy guns and ammo. Prices go up and the IQ of the gun nuts goes down. The Bubba voter loves the NRA, and there is no better source of low information voters than an NRA membership list.

    • tomorrowclear

      I listened to a journalist who signed up with the NRA just to see the communications. He said that quite literally every day there is an-email from the NRA explaining how Obama and Holder are plotting to take away our guns. They rely upon the ignorance of their members. They know they can count on a bunch of stupid dupes who will fall for it every time. The consequences of de-emphasizing civics education eventually come home to roost. I would wager you that 3/4 of NRA’s members and a similar proportion of commenters on this site would be absolutely incapable of explaining how bills are passed, the enumerated and implied powers of Congress, the process the Supreme Court follows in reviewing laws, the powers of the President and so on. What you have are blank slates who are so easily fooled by these puppetmasters, it would take generations to turn this around.

      Meanwhile, their wives are busy watching Dancing with the Stars or The Kardashians.

      • Proof

        “He said that quite literally every day there is an-email from the NRA
        explaining how Obama and Holder are plotting to take away our guns.”

        I’d hate to cast aspersions on anyone who holds the lofty title of “journalist”, but I’ve been a Life Member of the NRA for quite a few years now and I must not be on that distribution list! I don’t know whether or not to be insulted that I do not get the daily “fear Obama” emails (assuming they even exist), or if they figure that as a “Life Member”, I’m just part of the “cabal” and already know these things?

        “I would wager you that 3/4 of NRA’s members and a similar proportion of
        commenters on this site would be absolutely incapable of explaining how
        bills are passed…”

        I would take that bet. Many NRA members are retired and current military, law enforcement, legislators, teachers, etc. And then again, there’s me. Are any of your stereotypes about the NRA based on actual first hand knowledge of what the organization stands for, has written, or have you spoken to a significant number of members to form an intelligent opinion as to what “3/4″s of them know or believe? Do you read any of their publications? (I could send you some, if you like?)

        BTW, I know there are fundraising requests from the NRA, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, various legislators and politicians and even some churches that tend toward the hyperbolic in their attempts at fundraising. They figure it increases the contributions, so to the extent that hyperbolic fundraising media exist, it is certainly not unique to the NRA.

        Any possibility that “journalist” was not only not a gun owner, but maybe even a member of the Sarah Brady bunch? Could he have wanted to see their communications, perhaps because he had an axe to grind or a bias to reenforce? Since you “listened” to him, was he by any chance on NPR??

        BTW, Did you know that Republicans want to kill Big Bird? No hyperbole there, either! /sarc

        • $8194357

          Kill him and grill him…

      • RCND

        Obama and Holder would love to disarm America. Trying to get reelected is what is stopping them now, and they probably also realize it is a logistical impossibility to do it even if the constitution was on their side (which it isnt). Still, they will chip away at it if reelected

        • tomorrowclear

          Yes, in your mind you believe they wish to take away your guns. You can’t help that much, I understand. I could ask you to cite some evidence for your beliefs, but that would be rather fruitless. Could you at least provide evidence of a single bill advanced or supported by the Administration that would take away your guns or the guns of anyone else?

          • 308T

            I cited a bunch for you in an above post, read em & weep you fool.

          • $8194357

            Lenins useful idiot fool tool

      • Wayne

        Do you think Fast & Furious was about catching Mexican drug cartel bosses? If it was the guns would have been tracked and the Mexican government would have been in on the operation, right?

        Democrats have no idea how stupid they are.

        • $8194357

          (Democrats have no idea how stupid they are.)
          But their puppet masters sure do…

      • 308T
    • 308T

      Gee I wonder where the NRA ever got the notion that Obama hates the 2nd Amendment?

  • WOOF

    In your heart you know he don’t give a tinkers dam about conservatives.
    He doesn’t believe in anything outside his power underwear.
    He’ll move left if he gets a chance to govern.

    “as governor in 2004, Romney signed a permanent assault weapons

    ban into law in Massachusetts.
    That included guns like the AR-15,
    “I believe the people should have the right to bear arms,

    but I don’t believe that we have to have assault weapons
    as part of our personal arsenal,” he said on Fox News in 2004.”

    • Wayne

      Well we’ll see if Romney is capable of learning (and changing). We know Obama is not. Obama is stuck on stupid.

    • 308T

      @ Woof, you’re not exactly telling the entire truth
      Thanks to the bill Romney signed in MA it’s citizens are still able to own AR-15’s.

  • $8194357

    But Hidey grew up in a small town and “understands” tractors and guns and such…

  • Phil Gay

    ND needs another helping of Heidi also we need to eliminate the ND National Guard, the Reserve & Air Guard as they a war criminals. Arrest & fire squad. Stop the war crimes.

  • Phil Gay

    If ex-military is so great, tell me why Homeland security is monitoring them and putting them on terrorist watch lists? explain don’t complain!

    • $8194357

      Commies don’t like Constitutionalists…Da….

  • Harold

    Heidi will vote how Obama instructs her to vote on issues if she gets elected.