Noted Heidi Heitkamp Supporter Hopes To Bring Back Carbon Tax Bill If Democrats Hold The Senate


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been very supportive of liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp. His political action committee, Majority PAC, has spent more than half a million dollars – $580,229 so far this cycle according to – on attacking Heitkamp’s opponent Rick Berg. Reid has also funneled $10,000 into Heitkamp’s campaign via his Searchlight Leadership Fund.

For her part, Heitkamp has pledged to vote to keep Reid as the Senate Majority Leader if North Dakotans elect her in November.

This would be the same Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who wants to bring back a tax on carbon emissions if Democrats hold the Senate:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) hopes to bring climate change legislation to the floor if Democrats keep their majority in the upper chamber in this fall’s elections, according to a news report.

Reid told Greenwire Tuesday that he hopes the Senate will return to legislation that puts a price on carbon dioxide emissions.

A Senate floor battle on major climate legislation in the next Congress would mark the first such showdown since senators voted down a big cap-and-trade bill in 2008.

“We certainly can’t stay where we are; we have to do something,” he told Greenwire at a green energy summit he co-hosts each year in Las Vegas.

Needless to say, a tax on carbon emissions would be devastating for North Dakota’s economy. Obviously, it would reduce demand for the oil, coal and gas products produced in western North Dakota, but remember that agriculture is a carbon-heavy industry too and remains North Dakota’s #1 industry despite the attention energy gets. Tractors and combines and farm trucks don’t run on water. They burn gasoline and diesel and emit carbon, and Harry Reid wants to tax those emissions.

A vote for Heidi Heitkamp is a vote for Harry Reid and a leftist environmental agenda that would not be good for North Dakota.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Emil Kashuntz

    We all know there is no global warming, even though there have been 3,000 record hight temperatures recorded in the United States this year. It is very important we burn all the coal we can to keep the slot machines lit in the casinos. We must light all the billboards all night and waste as much electricity as we can. That is what makes us great, our total disregard for the environment. Only socialist, communist, Kenyan Marist would try to make the air breathable for everyone. We need to make profits so the rich can get richer. The Kenyan wants us to have clean air and health care, but we want money, we want tax breaks, we are Republicans. Now get to work spinners, and be sure to use the word socialist, and environmentalist. Spin Rob spin

    • Rob

      So, you don’t think a carbon tax would be bad for North Dakota?

      • Emil Kashuntz

        Rob, we need to do what is good for everyone. As much as people will scream the long term answer is conservation and nuclear energy. The right people will not make money out of this so they will fight it. In the short run natural gas is going to be the answer. The power companies already know there will never be another coal fired plant built. If people were honest they would admit burning lignite in North Dakota is not really economical. You could bring in Wyoming coal like they already have at Stanton and burn cleaner and cheaper. However, politics and propaganda will prevail. If you have children you need to get on the right side of this issue for their sake. I am not sure a carbon tax is the right answer, but we need to do something. If we converted to efficient transportation, lighting, heating, and just plain common sense we could cut our energy consumption by a third without hurting our economy, but the special interest will never allow it. LED lights use about 1/7 the power of conventional lighting. Just think of the possible power saving. There is so much distortion and lying going on it is impossible for the average person to see through the clutter.

        • Rob

          Actually, it’s pretty clear right now that natural gas is the long term solution (thanks fracking!). It’s much cleaner than coal, and cheaper too.

          I never understand why you liberals are in such a hurry to inflate everyone’s cost of living with these energy pipe dreams of yours.

          • Goon

            I never understood that either, Obumble basically said that he was going to crash the coal industry and make everyone’s power bills go up….

    • philgray

      dude you sure you havent been inhaling a BIT to much oxygen….
      I do want to be a good capitalist and make money. I like being rich.
      In fact, I am making some serious dough in recycling right now….
      In my line of business we want the feds….and yes emil, socialist pigs from interfering in our company venture….
      Emil….you are correct on a couple points though, Barry SOrrass is a racist, fascist, bigoted Kenyan…
      Emil….where by chance do you work…?
      The kenyan does not want clean air and his illegal health care bill assault the constitution.
      Emil… ever spoke with honest climatologists, or astrophysicists that explain that this planet was a whole lot hotter multiple times in its existence….
      Emil… you should settle down with facts and not try to spin the truth like a roulette wheel in a casino…’
      SPeaking of that, I think I will hit shooting star for a bit of the limelight this weekend.]
      Thanks for the advice, neanderthal
      People like Emil want to tell us and legislate people to what he believes..
      I believe that Emil wants people to live a certain lifestyles…..what that is…
      determined by the brilliance of his myopic distortions swimming in his head

    • JustRuss

      First of all, those high temperatures are ONLY in the US, not worldwide, its a local environmental glitch.

      Second, why don’t you average those “3000” record high temperatures, and then compare them to historical averages to give us an actual data point instead of a large number that suits your argument.

      Third, This has been an EXTREMELY active solar cycle, and looking back at all the solar data we have you can see the correlation. The SUN being active makes a huge difference in the temperature of the earth.

      Clean air and Clean water are important, we should do everything economically feasible to keep them that way. But we should not suffer a huge loss of lifestyle based upon government funded alarmist pseudo-science.

      When alternative energy is relatively priced alongside fossil fuels (and not thanks to government meddling making fossil fuels more expensive) the people will choose on their own to go cleaner. Until then, you cannot manipulate people into it, it only breeds anger and dissent.

    • Goon

      Wow!!! Still spitting out the leftwing talking points on their false science. Do you have no shame? Charging people or having a Soviet Style Cap and Trade law would do nothing but paralyze the country more than it is already. Yeah that idea is really awesome… Not!

  • borborygmi

    Bring it back as much as they want. It will never see the light of day in the house.

    • Rob

      Maybe, but can North Dakota afford to risk it?

    • Roy_Bean

      So I guess your point is that we don’t want Pam in the House either.