North Dakota’s Fiscally Unserious Democrats


Not so long ago, in a revealing interview with Valley News Lives’ Chris Berg, Heidi Heitkamp endorsed the fact that the US Senate hasn’t produced a budget. According to Heitkamp, no budget at all was better than passing the House Republican budget.

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

Today, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Kent Conrad (the man who Heitkamp would replace in the Senate if elected) gave a remarkable interview in which he tried to defend the fact that his Senate Budget Committee hasn’t produced a budget since 2009. Conrad tried to claim that the Budget Control Act was really a budget, something not even the MSNBC liberals were willing to swallow without a heavy dose of skepticism.

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Is this really the sort of fiscal leadership we want in Washington DC? Senator Conrad is living in some fiscal fantasy land, and Democrats would like to replace him with Heidi Heitkamp who would rather the nation have no budget at all than compromise with Republicans.

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  • Kevin Flanagan

    Gaylord is just lazy and has been “phoning it in” for quite sometime now. He is just marking time until he can start cashing in on those political favors he did while in office. He’s probably working on one of those political book scams.

  • zipity

    Anyone think Kenty isn’t going to be raking in bushels of money by lobbying his former colleagues in Congress…..? Anyone…? Bueller…..?

  • Game

    “Heidi Heitkamp
    who would rather the nation have no budget at all than compromise with

    Yes, because we all know that Republicans are lining up to
    compromise with Democrats. Do you think that a Sen. Berg should be elected because
    he is going to cross party lines and compromise in order to put passing a
    budget in front of his political beliefs?

    Wow, that is funny stuff….

  • Harold

    Democrats spend all your tax dollars that are collected republicans some of your tax dollars that are collected. Thats the main difference between these 2 groups of politicians.