North Dakota Now Providing 12% Of US Oil Production


“North Dakota accounts for about 12 percent of total U.S. crude production,” reports the Dickinson Press. “That’s up from 1 percent less than five years ago.”

That’s an astounding statistic, especially when you consider that North Dakota’s expanding “slice” is part of an overall oil production “pie” that is also expanding dramatically. Some are projecting that America will surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s top producer of oil by the end of the decade.

Per Mark Perry, North Dakota is now producing more oil than Egypt and Argentina:

The state’s oil production has doubled in just the last 16 months, from 364,160 bpd in May of last year to 728,494 in September of this year. Oil coming out of the state’s Bakken Formation is behind the huge increase, as that oil field in western North Dakota now supplies 91% of the state’s oil, up from only 78% of the state’s oil two years ago. Bakken oil output has doubled in just the last 15 months, from 320,435 bpd last June to 662,428 bpd in September. At the current pace of production increases, North Dakota’s oil production will surpass one million bpd by the end of next year. And it’s the exponential increases in shale oil production in the Bakken region of North Dakota and the Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas that have the United States on a trajectory to become the world’s largest oil producer in the next eight years.

Equally impressive is the fact that the state of North Dakota is now producing more oil for the first time than both the entire national production of Egypt (719,000 bpd) and Argentina (723,000 bpd), based on international oil production data from the Department of Energy for the month of June.

Drill, baby, drill.

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  • Harold

    Producing at 12%. Well Obama good fracking bad so not for long will we be producing at that rate.

    • WOOF

      If Obama set the price of oil you would have been pumping 75 cents/gallon gas in your tank for the 6 months before the election.

      The Saudis who pull oil at $2.00/BARREL have the whip hand.

      • Rob

        The Saudis have a decreasing market share thanks to surging US oil production, something you liberals oppose.


        • Mike Quinn

          Exactly who is the liberal that opposes American oil production. Now just make up some Obama stuff. Make up some silly thing that Obama will not let oil companies do what ever they want.

    • Mike Quinn

      Got to love the scary stuff. Remember the first time Obama got elected and the gun goofs went out an bought ammunition like it was going out of style. The dingers got taken. Try as you may your scare tactics will make a fool out of you, but you are used to it.

  • Mike Quinn

    It was always amazing to see the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia where a few on top got all the oil wealth and so many still lived in despicable conditions. Apparently that is the goal of North Dakota Republicans. We have the poorest paid teachers in the nation, thousands with no health insurance, and 24,000 children living in poverty. Republicans will not do anything but figure out how to reduce property taxes on the rich. Republicans want to fight and destroy all progress for health care. My old Republican friend once told me ” Education just confuses people”, perhaps that is why we refuse to pay teachers. The people of North Dakota look at teachers as a pesky nuisance. It is just a bunch of women baby sitters. Alaska has shown the way to share oil revenue. The Republican way is to suppress the ” moochers”, you know those people who clean your house, watch your kids, empty your garbage, clean you office. Yup, we need to make it misrable for the moochers so Mitt can get a car elevator.

    • tony_o2

      “Alaska has shown the way to share oil revenue.”
      They share the royalties collected from production on PUBLIC land.

    • Angie Faut

      Again I will tell you, we do not have 24,000 children in poverty. Where the heck are you getting all this flap? I just laugh every time I see you post. You must be a really lonely guy with absolutely nothing better to do than spend all your time on here…do you have a job? Maybe you would not be so mad at all us “rich” republicans if you had a work ethic. “Moochers”? No the people who have no job and just sit on the internet all day, while we pay for all their handouts. Those are the ones we have issues with!

      • Mike Quinn

        You can find the information from census data or you can find it on a site called Kids Count. The Kids count data shows the number at 22,000 which is a disgrace for North Dakota. The U.S. Census also confirms the figure. According to you, what is the correct number? Perhaps the answer to this problem is more tax cuts for the rich. These children are obviously children of Moochers, and deserve to punished by good Christians like you who think Mitt needs a car elevator and these kids can go to hell. Got to love you greed dogs.

      • Mike Quinn

        I went to the data site you referenced. According to the site YOU selected there are 147,000 Children under the age of 18 in North Dakota. 16.2% of those children are living in poverty according to the site YOU sent me to. Do the math. 16.2% of 147’000 is roughly 24,000. Your site proved my point better than the site I referred you to. Anyone can go to the census data and come to their own conclusion. I think the family number you used is wrong. Where did it come from?