North Dakota House Shoots Down Amendment To Put Health Care Freedom In State Constitution

North Dakotans oppose Obamacare. The state is part of the legal challenges to that bill which will inevitably end up in the Supreme Court. So you think it would be a good move by our state’s legislators to enshrine health care choice in the state constitution to ensure that our citizens are protected.

You’d think, anyway. Instead, the state House just voted down HCR3014 which would have done just that with 29 Republicans joining 25 Democrats in voting no.

Here’s the vote tally:

Yeas: 39

Bellew, Belter, Boehning, Brabandt, Brandenburg, Carlson, Clark, Damschen, Delzer, Dosch, Frantsvog, Grande, Hatlestad, Headland, Heller, Karls, Kasper, Kempenich, Koppelman, Kreidt, L. Meier, Louser, Monson, Nathe, Owens, Pollert, Rohr, Ruby, Rust, Schatz, Schmidt, Skarphol, Steiner, Streyle, Sukut, Thoreson, Vigesaa, Weiler, Wieland

Nays: 54

Amerman, Anderson, Beadle, Boe, Conklin, D. Johnson, Dahl, DeKrey, Delmore, Devlin, Froseth, Glassheim, Gruchalla, Guggisberg, Hanson, Hawken, Heilman, Hofstad, Hogan, Holman, Hunskor, J. Kelsh, J. Nelson, Kaldor, Keiser, Kilichowski, Kingsbury, Klein, Klemin, Kretschmar, Kreun, Kroeber, M. Nelson, Maragos, Martinson, Metcalf, Mock, Mueller, N. Johnson, Onstad, Paur, Pietsch, Porter, R. Kelsch, S. Kelsh, S. Meyer, Sanford, Trottier, Wall, Weisz, Williams, Winrich, Zaiser, Drovdal
Excused: 0

Absent and Not Voting: 1


Here are all the Republicans who voted no:

Dick Anderson
Thomas Beadle
Dennis Johnson
Stacey Dahl
Duane DeKrey
Bill Devlin
Glen Froseth
Kathy Hawken
Joe Heilman
Curt Hofstad
Jon Nelson
George Keiser
Joyce Kingsbury
Matt Klein
Larry Klemin
Bill Kretschmar
Curt Kruen
Andy Maragos
Bob Martinson
Nancy Johnson
Gary Paur
Vonnie Pietsch
Todd Porter
Raeann Kelsch
Mark Sanford
Wayne Trottier
John Wall
Robin Weisz
David Drovdal

In this fight against Obamacare, states need every single tool they can lay their hands on. These Republicans just left North Dakotans vulnerable. Use this form to email every one of them and ask them why they couldn’t have voted to enshrine health care choice in our state constitution.

[customcontact form=22]

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • borborygmi

    Carlson must not have any real power.

    • Rob

      You’re thinking of the wrong bill.

  • TWO

    Rob your form has the wrong resolution number on it.

    • Rob

      Doh, you’re right, but just in the title here on the blog. The emails are going out with the right bill.

      I was writing a post about HCR3046 at the same time.


  • John

    I doubt my legislators would even respond to my e mail so I have the question at the top of my list for the next legislative forum that takes place in District 7.

  • Bpuppe

    This is so discouraging. I am a very proud ND person that believes in doing the right thing. But I am ashamed of the people that are representing us at the capital when they vote against the ND people. ObamaCare is for the ones that do not want to work for a living, is that ND? I sure was not raised that way.

  • Anonymous

    Bunch of idiots

  • Jevesand

    If these Republicans were true North Dakotans they would have voted for this bill to protect us in North Dakota. Are they two-faced or what????

  • Tesdenall

    vote out all who believe we the people serve big government not visa versa. like pomeroy was proud to say for every tax dollar we send to washington we get four back? is that not called welfare? when asked that question he was offended thank god he is now gone.we need to remind our reps we do have a 10th amendment

  • JesusIsMyKing

    Amen brother, get the federal government’s irresponsible hands out of North Dakota. We don’t want the government’s plan for us, whether it is in health care, social security, or whatever else they decide to take over. Come on ND reps, vote with your constituents, oh and with your own best interests.

    • borborygmi

      “Come on ND reps, vote with your constituents, oh and with your own best interests.” How do you know they aren’t.

  • cak913

    This is typical as so far the only thing they consider fighting for is the Sioux Name issue.. Seems
    Education, Taxes and Healthcare are not as important.

    • Rob

      Well, they knew people were paying attention to the Fighting Sioux bill. Apparently they figured they could slip this vote through without us noticing.

  • JJAbel

    Rob, did you ever think that the premise of your first sentence is incorrect and that is why 54 North Dakota legislators voted against HCR 3014.

    • Rob

      With indicators as varied as public opinion polls to the size of crowds at anti-Obamacare ralies in the state to the fact that Earl Pomeroy got soundly thumped after voting for the bill, I think it’s safe to say that North Dakota doesn’t like Obamacare.

      What’s more, most of the legislators who voted no still maintain that they oppose Obamacare. They just object to this as an instrument for opposing it.

      • JJAbel

        It might be safe to say in a State with weak DEM-NLP leadership that can’t even whip up support for their Senate candidate or if you consistently quote the Rasmussen poll as your only indicator. Also, it’s easier to sway the populous with misinformation and fear that it is to articulate and debate an alternative plan. BTW…it wasn’t a super majority who voted against Pomeroy so I wouldn’t call it a thumping and I still disagree with your premise.

        • Rob

          I’m sure you’ll believe what you want, though I agree from an objective perspective that the folks running the Dem-NPL are a bunch of incompetents. You need some serious leadership change.

          As for Pomeroy, he was a nine-term incumbent who didn’t lead in any of the polling (except that which was done by him) for the entire race and ultimately lost by a 10 point margin.

          The same margin, by the way, indicated by the last Rasmussen polling in the race.

  • borborygmi

    Make some lemonade out of the lemons Rob. It looks like you have a long list of candidates for RINO of the WEEK at the very least.

    • Rob

      There is that, though it’s a dubious sort of plus.

  • Cjberg

    With RINOS like this, who needs to vote for Democrats? Or as I like to call them “Dummycrats”.. Ooops that unfortunately no longer applies to just Democrat politicians. Afraid ND’s latest breed of so-called Republicans is willing to put ND in the same broken state as CA., NY., etc., etc., just to mention a few. Are you kidding me? Republicans? Conservative? Not so much!