North Dakota Hockey Club Stirs Controversy With Gun Raffle


North Dakotans are no strangers to gun raffles. It seems every time I go out to eat or for drinks with friends I get hit up to buy a raffle ticket from this or that group where, among the prices, there are a bunch of guns. So I’m scratching my head as to why a raffle being put on by the West Fargo Hockey Club is stirring controversy.

Other than the fact that gun control is very much in the news, and people are overreacting.

Anyway, the hockey club is raffling off 200 guns – some of them the sort often described as “assault weapons.” Now the story has hit the national media, with Sports Illustrated, The Huffington Post and The Atlantic all writing stories.

I really don’t get it. As I’ve already alluded to, gun raffles happen in North Dakota all the time. This is a pretty big one – 200 guns – but that’s just a matter of degree. One gun or 200 guns, this is a perfectly legal raffle for a perfectly legal product.

The raffle page is here. It’s not clear whether you need to be present to win, but it might be worth buying some tickets to support the club and send a message on gun rights.

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  • whowon

    So many stupid people. Selling guns to raise money, terrible! Glad to see gun owners showed up in Seattle to buy guns that were going to be destroyed. 1984 is here. Along with Hitler.

    • borborygmi

      yawn. Hitler again? Yawn You are just another one trick pony.

      • whowon

        Hardly, just an American who will stand up for our rights and against the corrupt administration we have now.

        • borborygmi

          The reality is you won’t have to. But keep living in fear of the gov’t boogey men. If we…I mean they want you they will get you……..bwahahahaha.

  • headward

    At least they’re not raffling off a car or hammer/club.

    Edit: Every hour almost 4 people are killed with motor vehicles

  • Game

    According to rule number 3, you do not need to be present to win.

    Now I know I actually support background checks for private gun sales, so according to the NRA, I am somehow anti-gun or something, however, I buy a raffle ticket for guns every chance I get.

    I hope this team makes a lot of money off the publicity.

    • Rob

      We already have background checks for guns.

      What you want is background checks if I decide to sell my friend my hunting shotgun.

      That’s ridiculous.

      • Game

        I do understand what you are saying. I am buying two shot guns this week from a buddy. I really don’t want to have to undergo a background check to do that.
        However, A few years ago, somebody my wife worked with killed somebody. He had bought a van from me a week before.

        What if he would have used the money he did for the van to buy a gun from me? I did not know him well. I did not know that he had a criminal background.

        This guy could not have went to a gun store and got a gun, but me as a private seller, I could of sold him every gun I own.

        That is messed up.

        • KJUU

          If you are worried about someone to whom you are selling a firearm, do a background check. Why do you need a law forcing you to do something if you want it done? Pony up.

        • Rob

          Hey, I used to manage a store that sold hammers. Should I feel bad if a hammer I sold was used to bludgeon someone to death?

          Its a crazy world.

        • 1911bullseye

          If you privately sell a gun to someone you don’t know, you’re a fool.
          As far as the raffle, I’m pretty sure you don’t get the gun if you win without filling the federal purchasing form (same one you fill out to buy one.) those guns are donated by retailers that have to do the background checks or they’re in deep trouble. Guns SELL raffle tickets around here and isn’t that point of raffles?

      • borborygmi

        Can we sue you as an accessory when your buddy goes nuts and kills someone. If he is a good buddy you will know he was shaky….

        • KJUU

          Funny thing, that. Here in North Dakota, we don’t tend to go around shooting people. Must be different where you are. How awful.

          • borborygmi

            The people probably didn’t expect to get shot atSandy Hook either….. I mean look at the odds of getting shot by an assault rifle. NOw If he would have been only armed with handguns well odds go up…How Awful

          • John_Wayne_American

            Ya, who would think someone would bring a gun to a gun free zone? in a strict gun control state?
            na, that would never happen.

            now to find out if he brought 4 hand guns and an AR in or just the AR they later pulled from the trunk, or maybe he only had one handgun and several magazines, but we may never know, they shuffled the bodies off and hiired Mr.Magoo as the Forensic Doctor who claimed they were all hit with AR rounds, and Inspector Cluesu as the crime scene investigator.

            Fortunatly to keep the gun grabbers narrative aligned the perp killed himself, so case closed, move along folks nothing to see here.. Its too late now but show us the murder weapon, show us the empty mags, show us some bullets pulled from a wall or door jam.. Something is not right, and Sandy Hook is the new Waco..

          • borborygmi

            and a legal gun on top of it all..bought legally possessed legally and then used by a psycho……..another conspiracy asshat JWA. Perhaps you would like to dig the bodies up and have your forensic team examine them. Some questions DId children get killed at Sandy Hook? If the perp died by the hand of a police officer or a security guard would that make a difference. I mean he is still dead. Or Are you one of the tin foil crowd that feels the gov’t staged this to take you guns. Why. IF they could do that you would already be gunless or perhaps lifeless. THe BEST thing about conspiracy hacks is they make all CONSERVATIVES look WACKO, guilt by association.

          • John_Wayne_American

            You might consider offering some proof that the evil AR walked into that school and shot those children by itself. The looser killed his mom first, then what? went to a “Gun free zone” to take out as many innocent children as he could before he took his own life,

            I did not dispute that, he was an evil despicable dirt-bag that deserved to die, What my problem with Sandy Hook was, Was the almost immediate takeover of the event to frame it as a rally cry to get rid of a certain type of firearm that may or may not have even been used in the commission of the crime.

            The strange nature of the reporting only adds to my suspicion that something isn’t quite right. It was almost like the setup was all in place, ready to pounce on the very next event following the movie theater massacre. Why that mom had guns in her house when she knew her kid was that whacked out is something we will never know. I surely would not.

            But because she did, and the creep killed her, and used her guns, we should ban and collect all 100 million guns from everyone???

            When liberals have nothing substantive to argue their point, the first thing they do is resort to personal name calling. At least we know you have nothing either.

          • borborygmi

            I showed on another thread that if you follow the money THe NRA and the industry they represent are the ones that benefitted the most. Gun and ammo sales way up as if they were ready to pounce and clean up profit wise. I mean if you are in search of a conspiracy…..
            I have to applaud you at least you admit that children were killed. Some of the other ass hats didn’t think so. So now he never took the AR and never shot anyone with the AR?
            I don’t care how many AR’s you own, to say they are going to prevent you from the big bad gov’t is total mularkey. I wonder if this same claim was used when full autos became heavily regulated. If you feel the gov’t has the power and is nefarious enough to come and get you …I hate to break it to you, you will be the first to go. You will drive off to work some day and poof no JWA. Never even heard of him…..

          • SR

            Ya, it is sad. Gun free zone, legal weapon, waco on drugs, some slip through the cracks. If only the principal had met him at the door with an AR! Instead she was the first to go because she was gun-free.

        • Rob

          I think the individual is responsible for the actions of the individual.

          Why is that such a foreign concept for some people?

  • borborygmi

    pretty good odds of winning. If they have some tickets left by the sportsmen show buty some there.

  • RCND

    It’s done in Bismarck too, but I now have a sudden urge to support West Fargo youth hockey as well. SI? HuffPo? The Atlantic? Who dat in ND? Who cares what they think or write

  • Goon
  • Sky Rider

    Where do you get tickets for the raffle?

    • Rob

      At the link in the post.

      • borborygmi


      • The Fighting Czech

        I think they are going to need to print more tickets!!!!

  • whowon

    Just listened to the Senate Gun Debate. Amy and AL of Minnesota are both idiots. Testifying at gun hearing Amy brought up the story of the Minnesota criminal who had killed his Mother yet “somehow” was still able to buy guns. She missed 2 important facts, he had murdered his Mother as a juvenile and MN purges those records. Who provides information for background checks? Each State. There was a background check done and it came up clean! The laws need to be changed in MINNESOTA dear Amy.

  • RCND

    If you want tickets, I got these instructions forwarded to me from someone who asked for them:

    “We (West Fargo Hockey Association) will continue to sell tickets on a first come, first served basis, until they are sold out. You will be notified if a ticket is secured for you, otherwise, your check will be returned to you.

    Tickets are $40 each. Checks can be made payable to WFHA and can be sent to the following address. Your ticket numbers will be emailed (we cannot send them through USPS). Tickets cannot be purchased online.

    Please include for the ticket info your name, email, phone, address.

    1102 4th St. E.
    West Fargo, ND 58078

    Winners need not be present to win, and will be contacted after the drawing date.

    Please see official rules at”