North Dakota Democrats Urging Volunteers To Abandon Heitkamp And Help Obama In Iowa


Below is an interesting email sent out to the North Dakota Democrat email list today. It’s from the Obama campaign asking volunteers to shift their focus from making phone calls for Heidi Heitkamp to making phone calls to Iowa to help prop up President Obama’s flagging campaign there.

You’d think Democrats would want North Dakota volunteers to be focusing their efforts on the North Dakota Senate race, where they maintain (publicly at least) that they’re still competitive. That they’re asking ND volunteers to focus their efforts in another state doesn’t speak very highly for the chances Democrats are giving to Heitkamp.

Nor is this the only data point we have to support that conclusion. Democrats are already making noises about a legal battle over fraudulent votes after election day, making it sort of clear that at this point they’re not expecting to emerge from election day victorious. What they’re hoping for is an outcome close enough to justify lawsuits and political wrangling, not unlike how Al Franken won his Senate seat in Minnesota in 2008.

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • sbark

    Is Heidi getting that Bengahzi feeling………….Obama is leaving her behind also…

    • VocalYokel

      “Obama is leaving her behind also.”

      Yeah…except she’ll be able to go home to her family when this is over.

      • sbark


  • Albert Dunderfinch

    Why don’t you paid rats for Mitt abandon him and help Heidi? We could show the nation we are not a bunch of idiots taken in by Rush, Mitt, Fox, and Rob. We do not have to be a bubba state. We do not have to drive the young out with these goofy right wind bible thumping, rich pandering , dolts like Berg, and Mitt.

    • Robert Portly

      Yes, lets all be taken in by Bill Maher, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz. Then we can all follow in the foot steps of Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall. And if we’re good, we can get on our knees and pray to Allah, just like you do.

    • sbark

      So instead we should bow to the ideological religions of the Left like Al Gores global warming speil, or the Gay/Lesbian push, or the abortion religion
      At least Mitt and Berg just have 1 religion……….unlike the left, an ideology of 10 religions of the moment

      • Jay

        Sb, I think one of two things about the post above yours:

        !) That’s not the original Robert Portly.

        2) Portly has always been a parody making fun of left-wing talking points.

        There’s no other way to square his post with his usual rants.

        • Robert Portly

          I like it, shows some creativity, and this is the real Robert Portly ask the other one.

          • Albert Lickenspittle

            I like it, shows some creativity, and this is the real Robert Portly ask the other one.

          • Thresherman

            Cybil, is that you?

          • Albert Dunderfinch

            I like it, shows some creativity, and this is the real Robert Portly ask the other one.

  • DakotaStrong

    Don’t you get it. Heitkamp has abandoned Obama in her election efforts in North Dakota. He is now going to use that against her to get help from North Dakotans for his campaign in Iowa. They aren’t working together, which, if both were elected, is an example that they wouldn’t be a good team.

  • Jay

    Yet another bit of proof that the U.S.S. Heitkamp is going down in five days.

    • sbark

      …..her “air support” was pulled…….

  • Mildred Dunderfinc

    Attention, Attention, you silly right wing dingers want to laugh at yourself and Mitt? Watch Colbert,and the Daily show they make you guys looks silly. Mitt comes off like a dolt. Enjoy, enjoy. You got to see the Christie part, you will love how stupid it makes Republicans, and Rob look. Of course for hard core Fox guys both shows are just off bounds. You guys know the rules about reality.

    • Mildred Midlefinch


    • Albert Dunderfinch

      Aren’t those dingers a riot! Thinking the Benghazi thing is treason? I mean how stupid could our President be? He was just too busy to mess around with something so trivial. They should have just put on their big boy pants and sucked it up. It was obviously someone else’s fault. This makes the Mitt guys look so silly. We need to ask ourselves, what would Castro do? Or what would Frank Marshall Davis do? Some great people there with beliefs I can really identify with.

      • Robert Portly

        Spoken like a true anti American. No wonder you’re a member of the dem/lib/communist party.

    • Robert Portly

      If you really want to see something pathetically funny, look at obama’s economic and foreign policies.

  • $8194357

    Heide Franken
    What a cute couple..
    Don’t get jealous now Joel…

  • DelawareBeachHouse

    To be accurate, the e-mail doesn’t mention Heitkamp. And the address is the Obama campaign HQ in Fargo, which isn’t co-located with the Heitkamp campaign.

    But, yeah, this is still damning. As John Kerry used to say, Sauve qui peut!

  • Goon

    Wow, team Obama is in trouble then if they are worried about Iowa.

  • matthew_bosch

    Dear Heidi,
    Barry and comrades

  • alohasteve
  • Sky Rider

    Al Frankin did not win the Senate seat he now holds, it was awarded him through voter fraud. It’s been proven that over 1,000 Felons voted (, and there was 25 precincts that had more ballots voted than people registered. ( But according to the George Soros backed Secretary of State ( voter fraud is not a problem, in MN or any where. I believe we can expect an over whelming amount of voter fraud by the Democrats this time around too.

  • brain trust

    Dear Leader Kim Jung O’s only concern is his own re-election. He has disappointed numerous dronecrats running for office by not helping them campaign. Then again, considering his failed record, they are probably running away from him anyway.

  • Harold

    Well according to Heidi’s polls, she’s ahead by 4 or 5 points so she probably doesn’t even need to campaign here in ND with an edge like that against Rick B.

  • Greg

    Are we reading the same email? I don’t see anything about abandoning Heidi’s campaign.