North Dakota Democrats: Rick Berg Voted For Medicare Death Panels

If there’s one thing you can count on from the left when it comes to their opposition for limiting or downsizing government, is that they’re going to accuse Republicans of either being a racist or hating old people.

Or, in this instance, North Dakota Democrats suggesting that Berg is voting to kill the elderly or something.

The problem is that the woman in the video supposes that her husbands health care services won’t be rationed under the status quo. Given that we’re already in the midst of a budget crisis, and that entitlements like Medicare and Social Security are on track to completely envelop our national budget, that’s just not true.

At some point we’re going to have to start curtailing Medicare spending, and there’s only three ways to do that. We could eliminate the program entirely (not going to happen), we could give seniors enrolled in the program a voucher for their share of benefits and let them figure out the best way to spend it or we could let the government start managing the care, deciding which services will be paid for and how much beneficiaries can receive.

Indeed, Obama’s own Medicare czar supports that very sort of government rationing.

Unless we can agree to do away with Medicare altogether, which again just isn’t going to happen, we have a choice between allowing the government ration Medicare services or going with the Paul Ryan plan which allows individuals to ration their own services. Berg chose the Paul Ryan option, which is clearly the better of the two.

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  • Jamermorrow

    Medicare and medicaid are broke. Soon we will have death panels to ration care. Seniors should move to Asia to get away from high medical prices.

  • VocalYokel

    “We need to keep what we have.”

    And what do “we have?”

    Any time you depend on the largesse of other people to fund your needs, that funding can be manipulated as they wish.

    As far as Berg not being “independent” or “doing things the ND way,” that is just so much political ca-ca thrown by whoever disagrees with the way a politico (of any party) votes.
    In political parlance, it ranks right up there with “level the playing field” or “think of the children.”

  • $8194357

    Alinsky…..Damn social engineering communists…

  • Jimmypop

     i wonder how she feels about barrys idea to just ‘give him a pill’? 

    or, as mentioned above, that her hubby wont have ANY care under barrys idea if hes deemed not worth the ‘investment’.

    the funniest part about this; she starts out by acting as those she voted for him to begin with.

  • Jimmypop

     do a google on this innocent old gal…..

    and youll find shes been on earls jock for years. surprised?

    • Lianne

      absolutely! and nothing more.  She even berated Berg for using the term Obamacare.  She never wanted to hear that term again.  We have had health care for years  ravaged with problems–Obama  was the first who had the courage to to something about it.

    • Rob

      I’m actually a little surprised that they didn’t hire an actress.

      Of course, if they’d done that they wouldn’t have given her name. 

    • Conservative_Egghead

      Could this be the Ruth Stefonowicz who was a Board Member/Lobbyist for the NDEA for years?  Or the one who used to be the Chair of the District 2 Democratic Party?  Or the one whose husband was a one-term Democratic member of the State House?  Or the one who wrote multiple pro-Pomeroy/anti-Berg Letters to the Editor to the Forum over the last two years?  Naw, she’s just a “Fargo resident”, according to Kristen Daum.

      • Rob

        She’s a party operative who fit the look for the roll she needed to play in the video, which is “senior citizen scared by evil Republicans.”

      • Jimmypop

         its like they forgot algore invented the internet or something.

  • headward

    She’s worried about ND’s population if medicare is taken away.  Something is wrong here. 

  • DopeyDem

    NorthDakotademnpl produced this. What a surprise. I never would have guessed that is wasn’t done by a conservative group. Let them keep throwing money at these 40 year old arguments. After they are broke and everybody is voting in the opposite direction, they’ll try to figure out what went wrong.  

  • Randy G

    And the North Dakota Dems wonder why there are so few in their party left? 

    • Rob

      There’s actually something to that.  I don’t think the NDGOP is exactly winning laurels from the public right now, but look at the alternative.

      The dems are worse.

  • DopeyDem

    Maybe we should get busloads of conservatives and go hang out in her front lawn?