North Dakota Democrats Mock Female Republican’s Breasts


Democrats have made the alleged “Republican War On Women” part of their election strategy for 2012. So much so that liberal Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp has been running web ads accusing her opponent Rick Berg of “attacks” on women.

Why do Republicans hate women, according to Democrats? Because they don’t think there should be an entitlement for the pill.

But Democrats don’t exactly have their hands clean when it comes to insulting women. First there was the ad attacking Rick Berg’s mother. Now Jim Fuglie, the former Executive Director of the North Dakota Democrat party, has posted this bit of ugliness alluding to supposed rumors about Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler’s breasts.

That’s got to be one of the sleaziest things I’ve ever seen written about a North Dakota political candidate, Democrat or Republican.

You could dismiss this as nothing more than the ill-advised ranting of a former leader of the state Democrat party. But this post was also published on a blog managed by Chad Nodland, currently representing North Dakota Democrats on the Democrat National Committee.

Nodland, you readers will remember, is the doofus who took a short clip of Heidi Heitkamp praising Barack Obama back in 2008 and turned it into a much bigger story by threatening legal action against anyone who dared use it.

I wonder if anyone will ask Heitkamp or Democrat House candidate Pam Gulleson, both of whom have made hay about the “Republican War On Women,” what they think of their past and present party leadership writing about a female Republican’s breasts?

And why is it that Democrats, who are normally so self-righteous about feminism, turn into utter chauvinists the minute they’re confronted with an attractive female Republican? Be it Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or Kirsten Baesler?

Rob Port is the editor of In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • Kevin Flanagan

    Jim Fuglie was just annoyed Kirsten Baesler has smaller breasts than he does.

  • Rita

    Interesting that Chad Nodland chose to publish this post since her ex-husband stiffed his dad, Irv Nodland for over $18,000 in attorney fees when he got fired from his job at the refinery for failed drug tests and has since racked up three felony charges against the state. Not a very credible source if you ask me. These rumors are obviously just drug induced make believe rantings of a mad man-anyone who knows the Baesler family history knows Kirstendid the best she could with that marriage with that man for as long as she could! Depending on which sister they are quoting – one is a cocaine head from New York and the other is a meth convicted welfare sponge – check the records if you don’t believe it.

  • fedup

    Cuz Democrat women are usually dogs. If you’re a mongrel, you generally don’t like the high bred show-steppers, and Republican women are plain old babes.

    • Rob

      Who cares about looks? Ours supposed to be about policy.

      • M_Becker

        Ours have both, thank you.

  • Roy_Bean

    I’m sure we can count on Pam and Heidi to come to her defense and point out women should be judged on qualifications and not appearance in these political elections. Until the democrats published this I had never seen a picture of anything but her face.

  • jimmypop

    is the story true? if so, this is a war on MEN story…… this guy is picking on a stupid husband.

  • The Fighting Czech

    I dont usually side with the woman in divorce situations, but I must admit, the ex husband doesnt sound like the brightest candle on the cake..

    • Guest

      Given she probably took his money for the implants and then lied to him about it, you’re actually coming down on her side? OK there Uncle Tim.

      • The Fighting Czech

        Its not like she took the money and bought a Harley and parked it at a friends house…the evidence was obvious, or at least should have been to your average guy….

        • Guest

          How dare he expect his wife to be honest with him.

          • Tom

            It must be nice to be such a busy body that you get offended for someone else. If you would admit that you are a partisan, I would respect your point of view. Pretending to be outraged over something that is absolutely none of your business makes you pathetic.

          • Guest

            There’s no politics in my comments. She spent major money on elective surgery and lied to her husband about it. If it had gone wrong she’d have expected him to come running to her bedside and take care of her.

          • The Fighting Czech

            well of course you realize we are judging people based solely on some Hack piece, done for Political gain. which should send up enough red flares warning of everyone that facts likely werent the main concern when publishing the “story” You are correct that one should expect honesty from ones spouse, But Im thinking I cant make a reasonable assumption with facts that may or may not be true, as they say, there’s Her story, there’s His story, and then there are the facts…… and were not getting any of these.

          • Guest

            My comments are based on what was presented. I agree that this report may or may not be factual or complete.

          • Eat This

            Exactly. Maybe we should not discuss Treyvon Martin and George Zimmermann either if everyone’s logic is that we first need all of the facts. That’s a bogus argument. Most of the discussions here are based on assumptions, which is fine.

            As long as we aren’t passing final judgement on this woman without the facts.

          • Guest

            If you’ll look upthread, my initial response was based on The Fighting Czech’s ridicule of the husband as a sap for believing his wife’s story. That is all.

          • Eat This

            I know. that’s why I was agreeing with you.

      • Carl

        Really?! She took HIS money? Go back to the cave you came from! Looking at her resume this woman has earned her own way for a long time! And, She does not need to ask anyone’s permission for her choices. This is the most chauvinistic comment I’ve read so far!

        • Guest

          In a marriage funds are joint. She only paid for the left boob.

          “She does not need to ask anyone’s permission for her choices.”

          Yeah, a woman in a marriage has absolutely no obligation or responsibility to ever consult or be honest with her husband about anything. The lying $@# does WTF she feels like an he’s just supposed to lie down like a good little doormat. Is that what you’re saying?

          “This is the most chauvinistic comment I’ve read so far!”
          Right back at you.

          • Tom

            ForbiddenPlanet: “I bought a pack of gum today. I hope it was alright with you, since in marriage funds are joint.” In my marriage our funds are divided into three portions. The money that we use for communal purchases and payment of recurring bills and savings. The money that my wife has to spend as she damn well pleases, and the money that I have to spend as I please. Of course, I am not ForbiddenPlanet. I am neither a P-whipped man, nor a controlling woman.

          • Guest

            Well whoopie for you. Does your wife lie to you about major elective surgery? And are you OK with being lied to?

          • camsaure

            Thanks for proving that it is really Dems war on women. Once again the left accuses others of doing exactly what they, the left are doing.

      • Tom

        Word for the day: Can you spell misogyny. It’s somewhere in the dictionary near patronizing ass, which is accompanied with your photo.

        • Guest

          I keep forgetting, anyone who criticizes a woman’s behavior is a misogynist. When someone plays the name calling card it means they have nothing else. I guess it’s misogynist to expect a woman to not lie to her husband.

          • Chris Brownell

            I am sorry, could you explain why you are taking something a person such as Fuglie has to say as fact? Even he says it is rumor.

          • Eat This

            Oh come on, if everything on this blog were based in fact, there would be no discussion.

            For the sake of discussion, if all of this is true, does no one agree that this lady was out of line lying to her husband about major cosmetic surgery?

            What if he purchased a boat and lied about it? No problem there either?

  • Janne Myrdal

    Thank you Rob for shining light on this hypocritical and bogus “war on women” agenda of the Left. This showcases an utter disregard for women from some of the leaders in the Democratic party, which is a shame for decent folks in that party, and it should be noted by all media in ND, except for the sleazy comments that should be deleted from any public domain whatsoever. All sensible politicians should come out and immediately distance themselves from this, and the first ones better be those women who are running for office from the Dem. party in ND. But then again, do not hold your breath, as Palin and Bachmann and others have waited a looong time for apologies. Sad thing indeed. All I can say is that Baesler must be a serious threat to them, so good for her! I always say if you are making a difference, you will be mocked by the left.

    • Dakotacyr

      So you don’t care if your candidate as education leader in ND adheres to your family values, and keeping marital vows. Wow!

      • Tom

        No, I don’t believe in accepting what is claimed in a partisan hit piece as fact. How in the hell do you know what went on in their marriage. As for the boob jobs, I guess it’s OK to abort a late term fetus, but it is wrong for her to get breast implants. I guess a woman’s unrestricted right to control her own body only applies to liberals. Republican war on women, my ass.

        • matthewthawkins

          Somehow you don’t have a problem with the partisan hit pieces posted by Rob?

          • Rob

            I’m not a partisan. I’m critical of Republicans and Democrats alike.

            Words mean things. Learn how to use them.

        • Dakotacyrd

          So then maybe you should read the judge’s findings of fact in her divorce. And then let’s have a discussion on family values.

          • elHombre

            And you’d be troubled by those findings, whatever they are, if she was a godless Democrat? Fat chance! LOL

  • Minicapt

    His name is “Jim Fuglie”, and he is commenting on a lady’s appearance?
    … quite a splendid twist, I think.


  • Born Free

    The name is really “Fuglie”, and he wrote about a woman’s breasts? Perfect.

  • Dakotacyr

    Oh please, this blog makes a habit of posting the worst pics of democratic women in office or running for office they can find on a regular basis..

    Posters here make rude and lewd comments about democratic women running for office or in office.

    And yes there is a war is a war on women, Janne, and you and your ilk are a part of it.

    • Rob

      This is an open forum, so I don’t control what other people write, but i frequently chastise those making an issie out of how the candidates look.

      But are you really arguing that this is ok because other people do it?

      I guess the war on women stuff only goes one way.

      • dakotacyr

        My argument is to pint out the hypocrisy, including yours. You have posted some of the worst pic, and on purpose.

        • Rob

          I post funny looking pictures of all candidates. My favorite is the one of Mitt Romney with rubber gloves at the fudge store.

          • Dakotacyr

            You call them funny, right!

        • Jay

          It must be nice having the DNC do all your thinking for you, Dakota. No responsibility for cognitive function. Just wait for that talking point memo in your inbox and regurgitate. Hell, the lotus eaters in the Odyssey did more independent thinking than you.

      • AV

        How is this an attack on women? If a male candidate had cosmetic surgery, and then lied to his spouse, (maybe also called it “swelling”, or whatever) then Jim Fuglie would likely have mocked that candidate as well?

        How is gender relevant? You’d have to be pretty stupid to think that this was an attack on women. I suppose that you’d think that if a journalist mocks a male candidate, then it was evidence of a war on men?

        • tomorrowclear

          Because we have some enormous double standards in this culture that make it acceptable to treat men rather harshly but unacceptable to treat women similarly. Imagine for a second if instead of a bimbo, we were speaking of a “mimbo” who was the secondary income earner who had penis enlargement surgery and lied to his wife about it. All of us would be laughing about it or talking about what a schmuck he is. Because this case involves a woman, we may yet even get a, “You go girl!”

        • George Martin

          It’s an attack on women plain and clear. Nodland and Fuglie showed their true colors. Get over it. The left again shows they are hypocrites.

          • tomorrowclear

            Please explain poking fun at this particular woman is an attack on women in general.

    • Tom

      Go get some fake tits. I suspect you will feel better about yourself.

    • Onslaught1066

      Well here’s your opportunity to prove the stereotype wrong.

      Introducing Dakotacry’s “Babes of the democrat party” SAB exclusive calendar.

      We breathlessly await the triumphal debut coming…. Help me out here.

  • mychalkboard

    The personal attack against women is the technique the democrats use to keep those that aren’t part their extreme liberal views quiet. They attack the person. Democrats only defend the rights of others when those “others” are part of their party. How obnoxious! Their war on women begins with those female babies in the womb.

  • Emil Kashuntz

    The cheap spin tricks you use here every day and you have the gall to call the kettle black?

  • mikemc1970

    Liberals are hypocrites, their rules for how the rest of the world must behave doesn’t apply to themselves, especially when dealing with a minority that isn’t on the liberal group think plantation. Conservative women and black folk usually take most of the blows.

    • realitybasedbob

      Thank a god of your choosing, Mr. 1970, that no one has ever written nasty things about Dem women, huh?

      mikemc1970 • 10 months ago

      You know, her bad nutrition song-n-dance would be a little more convincing if she wasn’t packing on so many extra kilos herself.

      Oh, sorry, never mind.

      • mikemc1970

        And how exactly does that prove liberals aren’t hypocrites?

  • massjim

    She is lovely and continues the proud tradition of attractive, intelligent Republican women. Has Fuglie seen Pelosi lately?

  • cylde

    I have made snarky comments about democrat women but i am not in any party position, just another old goat, plus Bob chastised me for my indiscretion.

  • Spartacus

    Fuglie. Is that a long or short “U”?

  • Kim

    I have been reading the comments and I am wondering if everyone has completely missed the fact that her ex-husband was fired in November for failing the refinery’s drug tests, is guilty of a felony for possessing major illegal drugs and is awaiting trial on a felony for stealing over $10,000. His sister’s legal track record is no better yet we are so quick to believe anything they say?
    His multiple DUI convictions on top of all these other charges says to me there was A LOT going on before she got smart and that divorce finally happened and as with most drug users most of the lying was being done by him!
    – yet you all want to crucify her based on what a convicted drug addict says…nice.
    The above mentioned are all facts – not the rumors dominating this blog.

  • polishpainter

    Another good one,Rob!!

  • tomorrowclear

    Looks like a butterface. Too much makeup. Have we investigated any trysts with students?

    • Rob

      Another classy comment from a North Dakota Democrat.

  • tomorrowclear

    How many of you prefer fake boobs to real, ample boobs?

    • Rob

      Grow up.

    • Onslaught1066

      vote early and often.


  • richard40

    Basic leftist hipocracy. Attacks on women are disgusting, unless they are repub women. Attacks on free speech are disgusting, unless it is libertarian or conservative free speech.

  • reggy

    Former executive director? Can’t imagine why.

  • John

    Gotta love the lies she told her husband. Humm, she sounds like she’ll fit right in in ND.

  • Truther

    What next….making fun of Barney Frank’s moobs? Oh that’s right, Rob has already done that story