Newtown Residents To Media: Please Go Away


This is a big part of the reason why President Obama shouldn’t have gone to Newtown, Connecticut. Aside from the ghoulish opportunism on display in the president’s actions, using the mourning of the citizens there as a backdrop for a renewed push for a long-sought liberal objective, the president brings a media circus with him wherever he goes.

Obama visiting Newtown just exacerbated what has, so far, been a stomach-turning media feeding frenzy.

“Please tell them to just ease up,” Teri Brunelli, a Newtown store owner, told reporter Adrienne LaFrance. “It happened and we’re going through it. Just let it be for now.”

The BBC’s Jonny Dymond reported being told, “Go home, please, go home, all of you,” by a man who said that he knew four or five of the families who lost children.

Residents complained about reporters showing up at funeral homes, and there are “no media” signs posted around town.

Like some journalists, Dymond agreed with residents. “I have covered stories for 15 years in the field, some of the biggest, and have never seen anything like this, nor felt so uncomfortable about being part of it,” he wrote, lamenting the “exceptionally heavy” media presence in Newtown. “After a while, you have to wonder what more there is to say,” Dymond added.

Yes, let’s have a debate about gun control, but we can have that debate outside of Newtown.

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  • mikemc1970

    No, liberals can’t have a debate outside Newtown. That shooting is the red herring they are riding all the way to the circumventing of the second amendment. The leftist media, which worked so hard lying to get Obama reelected is not going to let this go. They condemn the act, then immortalize the murderer. So the next wannabe will feel the need to out murder the previous guy and receive even more infamy.

    • Rob

      No, liberals can’t have a debate outside Newtown.

      That’s a really good point, and I also think that’s why they’re in such a rush to jam something through. Many Democrats want something passed in the next few weeks.

      They want to play on the emotional reaction to this shooting, and they can’t chance their arguments being exposed to calm logic and reason.

  • yy4u2

    I thought this from the start. Having lost my one and only sibling when he was 37 to what the medical examiner deemed natural causes, I can’t imagine what this poor town is going through. Bombarding them with questions making them replay in their minds the loss prior, during and what might have been is not what is needed. Compassion and some shoulders to cry on, some errands run or some meals made, those are the things that are needed most. To make political hay out of this and other gun free zone killings is what morally and ethically bankrupt people do.

  • badlands4

    It is traumatic enough for any family to lose a child. I CANNOT imagine what it must be like to have the trauma of the deaths of their children compounded by media vultures circling the funeral homes.

  • banjo kid

    There will be a bounty on news people if they do not go home and leave them alone. I have grieved much over this but I have been nauseated more over the coverage . They never know when enough is enough and to much is nasty.

  • borborygmi

    The hyenas and jackals of the press should leave.

  • Flamejob5

    The media (along with this admin) will continue to milk & pound this event into our heads for as long as possible in order to shape emotion-based popular opinion with hopes in receiving some completely irrational, freedom-killing piece of fascist national legislation.