New Entrant Into North Dakota House Race: Rep. Bette Grande?

Rumors have reached my ears that Rep. Bette Grande, a Fargo-area legislator who sits on the Finance and Taxation and Government and Veterans Affairs committees and was a staunch advocate for pension reform in the state, is considering a run for the US House.

Talking with some politically-connected friends this morning tells me that it’s not a rumor. In their opinion she’s running and has only to make the announcement.

Interesting news especially in that Rep. Grande made a trip from Fargo to Grand Forks last night to speak at a tea party event held there.

Already in the race officially are PSC Brian Kalk and three-time federal candidate Duane Sand (who may end up challenging Rep. Rick Berg for the Senate nomination). Those considering a House run are Rep. Kim Koppelman, Rep. Tony Grindberg, Rep. Al Carlson, Tax Commissioner Cory Fong…and just about every other elected Republican in the state you can think of.

Which has me wondering, at this point, if it wouldn’t be easier to start counting the Republicans in North Dakota who aren’t running or considering running for federal office.

Update: has an interview up with Grande about her possible campaign.

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  • Dallas

    Yep, Betty’s a Tea Bagger.  Voted against veterans, students in the elderly in last session.  Takes her about an hour-and-a-half to watch 60 minutes……

    • NDSuperman

      yep she also voted against the climate, against prosperity, against children, against sunsets, against puppies & kittens, and some how both voted for and against guns & drugs

    • Rob

      Man, you liberals are a one-note song.

      Dislike some politician’s politics?  Accuse them of hating veterans and the elderly.  And maybe liking to eat puppies too for good measure.

      • WOOF

        Try to put some lipstick on the pig.
        Seems like Dallas has her number.
        Would you have been incarcerated if this prig had her way?
        Voted no on repealing cohabitation laws.
        Voted no on Senior Citizens Attending Institutions of Higher Education
        Voted no on Children’s Health Insurance Program
        Voted no on Prenatal Care for Minors

      • Mybros

        Ya know, when libs hate someone, and use brainless rethoric and acusations like those above, the person they attack is  usually a good candidate.  Just watch who libs are scared of and vilify and you will likely find a decent person! 

  • 308T

    This news should give Heitkamp nightmares and hemorrhoids…GOOD!

  • Linda Thorson

    I would be thrilled to see Bette not only file but also win this seat!  Her voting record in ND is proof of her conservative views.  We certainly DON’T need another leader in Washington that votes to spend our way out of debt.

    • Dakotacyr

      yes, yes, yes, run Bette run!  Bette and Michelle, luv it! Bring it on!

  • melissapaulik

    I agree with Linda and Dakotacyr. I know what Bette stands for, and I believe I can reasonably predict how she will vote if we send her to Washington. She doesn’t say things just for political expediency. I trust her and that’s an unusual thing to be able to say about any politician these days.

  • Zelda

    Well, since she’s not even declared yet but is already being crucified for even considering it, she must be a real threat.  So…Run Betty Run!!  If we don’t quit with the status quo, the new normal is downhill from the slippery slope we are already on.  Is that really what this state wants????  Betty understands we can’t spend our way to prosperity.  RINOS in ND could take some valuable lessons from her!

  • Rick Olson

    I just don’t think Bette has what it takes to become a member of Congress.  She would be relegated to back bencher status, no matter which party controlled the House.  Seen, but not heard from.  Outside of Fargo, I doubt anyone knows Bette Grande even exists.  She would be the proverbial one little fish in a bowl full of 434 other fish. 

    • Camsaure

      Why do some people think we have to have a professinal politician in Washington? I would much rather see someone with some real values and convictions. We haveenough slick lawer type politicians. Where has that gotten us?

  • Dallas

    She also tried to gut the retirement benefits for state employees.  The lady is a real saint.  Dallas

    • Zelda

      Dallas–have you noticed the hullabaloo in other states this past year regarding retirement benefits for state employees and other public sector jobs?  Do you get that states are BROKE because public sector unions are nuts when it comes to life-long benefits?  That also applies to some private sector unions (think GM and Chrysler, Dallas) who think workers should make more all the years of their life retired than they ever made working.  If state government wants to continue to grow at unprecedented rates because somehow we North Dakotans are wanting more of a nanny state, then we had BETTER be electing people who are willing to address the insanity of the gimme gimme crowd!  Who do you think is gonna pay for these benefits, Dallas? Are you willing to have it get to the point that state employees continue to get what they want (yes, that includes teachers’ union) and as things progress, have more and more of your paycheck go to state coffers to supply the needs for all these folks?  States can’t print money to fund their employees like the feds do…personally, I’ll be watching for more Bette’s running for office!

  • Beth

    Yes!  Bette would be an awesome candidate/congresswoman!  Finally . . . someone who walks the walk she talks.  Conservative and trustworthy to the core!

  • toomuchguvmint

    Bette is a great addition to the race.  She is an individual that understands that programs that increase dependency on Washington are bankrupting the USA.  She also understands that destroying the value of the dollar places an extreme burden on the poorest of our citizens.

  • Mybros

    Finally a true conservative in the race.  And a Mama Grizzly at that!  Rep. Grande has a strong conservative record in the ND House and would serve us well in DC!