New Crossroads Ad: Heidi Heitkamp Is An Obamacare Tax Hiker


Crossroads GPS has another ad out targeting Heidi Heitkamp on Obamacare. It uses footage captured of Heitkamp in Washington DC avoiding questions about her support for Barack Obama, and hits her for supporting the law’s tax hikes on the uninsured, hospitals stays and medical devices.

Because nothing says “let’s make health care and health insurance more affordable” like taxing health care and health insurance.

Meanwhile, Heitkamp is already trying to raise funds off this ad with the “Karl Rove is attacking me” schtick (see below).

For all the blather coming from Heitkamp about attack ads, they’ve been pretty mild and issue-orientated. They talk about her support for what is, in North Dakota, extremely unpopular policy. That’s fair game, as far as I’m concerned, and entirely different from Heitkamp’s advertising suggesting Rick Berg is attacking women.

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  • The Whistler

    Why does Heidi hate senior women?

  • Emil Kashuntz

    Francy Berg is broke, and Rick Berg will not help her, so she relies on social security. Wow, is Rick Berg having a war on Francy. Rich has 23 million, but he tells Francy to live on social security.

  • Jean

    Emil, she didn’t say she lives on SS. To her, that is income she has earned and wants just like you and me. Rick may have millions, but what do you think Heidi and her Doctor husband are worth?? I’m sure it is well over a million. Besides, if Rick made his money honestly and worked hard for it, good for him,. I’m poor, but it makes me happy to see honest people becoming millionaires. Are you jealous??

  • Emil Kashuntz

    Heidi is a secret agent for the socialist Muslim, Kenyan, Marxist president. Obama is responsible for the lack of rain. Sharing is terrible and leads to socialism. The true answer to a problems is lower taxes on the rich. I am a good Republican and I know Jeesus is on my side.

    • robert108

      “Sharing is terrible and leads to socialism.”

      Sharing is cooperation between empowered individuals for their mutual benefit. Socialism is govt control of sheeple. Big difference. You continue to lie.

  • Emil Kashuntz

    Poor old Francie Berg. Her son has millions and the greedy little bastard wants his mom to get by on social security. That is a Republican for you.