New Berg Ad “Remembers” Heitkamp’s Past Support For Obama And His Agenda


A little wake up call from the Rick Berg campaign as Heidi Heitkamp skips her party’s national convention out of concerns of being tied to their agenda.

The ad uses the controversial footage shot by one of the ND Democrat party’s national committee members. Footage Democrats were so fearful of they were threatening lawsuits over it earlier this year when it was used in ads.

In the footage, Heitkamp predicts an “amazing” Obama presidency and a great “next eight years.” Clearly, the last four years haven’t been all that great even according to the Democrats themselves, which is why Heitkamp and her fellow Democrats tried to keep this footage a secret.

And it’s also remarkable how much Heitkamp has changed from 2008 to 2012. Back then she was an enthusiastic attendee of her party’s national convention, and a staunch supporter of President Obama and his agenda. These days she’s telling media outlets she’s “more of an independent voice” than a Democrat while trying to distance herself from Obama.

If the 2008 version of Heidi Heitkamp ran for Senate she couldn’t get elected, thus the 2012 version of Heidi Heitkamp Democrats have manufactured.

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  • Joel

    PhilGray either tell what you know or keep your lying mouth shut. You are like a dog ALL bark & no bite. Loser.

    • philgray

      Joel….if this is you I have the tape of the phone message you left my wife in response to a senior poly sci class where Dr. Stambough was witness, as was about 14 senior poly sci majors…
      In the class I noted the meeting you had at your house where my niece and your daughter were in attendance of her birthday…being both kids were in the teens for life at the school. I had a little birdie tell me about the newsreporters at your house…
      I know alot more then this, but the real mccoy was the phone message that you left on my machine, which I play to people who I consider my friends, hoping for a chance that Heidi would run for office again.
      In case you missed it, you threatened me, and that my wife first heard the message, so first you might want to apologize to her first, being she was the one more pissed off then me.
      After I heard the message, that must have been relayed from Dr. Stambough, who ironically was a job reference until he left the area, must have told you what I said in class….Funny that Dr. Stambough was the head of the democrats on NDSU campus at the time, but found me to be level headed enough of a teacher to be able to seperate the extreme elements out there and noted on my attention to detail and factual knowledge.
      Joel, if this is you and you want to come clean on the air, fine. all is forgiven..
      Talked to Paul this weekend and we chatted…..
      Make no mistake though…When I hear of an apology on air for the threat to kick my ass to my wife and family, I will gladly put this to rest….
      Besides you keep talking smack about only outing one person on air, and that was me ……………….moderate Jeff………….I remember that….you going to apologize for that as well Joel?
      I doubt if this is Joel, you would have more character, but at least you know what I have….
      Rick Berg campaign will recieve the message this weekend when I am back in town…………….

  • Randy G

    The majority of North Dakota knows Heidi is more phony than her brother. She is all of 10% down to Berg if not more. The independent voices in her head even know…

  • opinionated

    There is nothing better than the candidates own words… cept the candidates bad perms… both of them

  • philgray

    If you are joel, I know the reporters names at that gathering…you tell me also just one of the people other then the ones i identified that was there and I will believe it is you…If it is