NDSU One Of Three American Universities Targeted With Bomb Threat


All 15,000 or so students and faculty were evacuated from NDSU’s campus – including off-campus locations such as down-town classrooms and offices – after a bomb threat was called in this morning.

Adding a tinge to the fright factor is that, almost simultaneously, the University of Texas at Austin ordered a similar evacuation.  Also, there were two other bomb threats in the Red River Valley region this week.  Threats were called in to the airports in Grand Forks and Fargo.

Reports indicate that no bombs have been found in Texas.  No word yet from Fargo, and no indications that the events were related other than the timing.

NDSU was to be evacuated by 10:15am, but fell well short of that goal.  Readers tell me that as much as a half hour after that deadline the campus was still crowded with people trying to evacuate.  Also, the NDSU website was frequently down throughout the emergency, no doubt due to high traffic.  NDSU did not use Twitter to help alert students despite a large number of students and Fargo-area citizens following the news there, though they did post their alert on Facebook.

Hopefully just a hoax.  Terrorists typically don’t call in to tell you about the bomb.  Still, though, it appears from reports I’m getting as though the campus is evacuated now with no harm to anyone.

Update: Apparently Valparaiso University in Indiana got a threat as well.


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  • zipity

    Damn….more of those racist, violent Tea Party folks….no doubt. Could not have anything to do with the always reasonable, never violent Leftist Libtards.


    • $8194357


  • badlands4

    This was part of what happened when I lived overseas. There wasn’t just actual violence but there was also physiological violence. Random threats against casinos, restaurants, markets, etc.

    Do I think it is terrorist related vs a lone person in each case(including copycat calls)? I doubt it, but would I be surprised if it was? No.

    I have been surprised that this kind of thing hasn’t happened before now. It only takes fifty people, each claiming to be Al-Qaeda(sp?), calling in a bomb threat on a throw away phone to a grocery store, daycare, school, mall, etc, to strike terror into the hearts of millions of people who don’t consider themselves targets because they don’t live in NYC, Chicago, Washington D.C., etc.

    • $8194357

      The way of intimidation and fear the terrorists use…

      Look at the over reaction of DHS… What was suppose to protect us from out side problems and vilonce is now
      only laser focused on American citizens/veterans who talk to much about the
      Constituion, communism, and states rights….
      Would’t want all those CPUSA family facts rearing their unconstituional head huh…

  • PhilGay

    another hoax by our government to take away our rights. Is this Obama’s 9/11 to get re-elected?

  • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

    Why would al-Qaeda bomb college campuses? That’s where all their sympathizers reside.

    • $8194357

      And they are “free fire zones”.

  • PhilGay

    Is this because of the NDSU football players committing voter fraud?

  • badlands4

    and shame on NDSU for not putting this on twitter! I just checked their website and it was so slow that once I couldn’t get on it at all, and another time it took forever without refreshing twice. Then I just went to twitter and there was no update at all(perhaps that will change very soon).

    I have several close friends with kids going to NDSU and I would like to know what is going on. I know i want to be sure these kids I love are okay. I can’t imagine what the parents, grandparents, etc are going through.

    I also just checked KFYR’s website and there wasn’t anything I could see(again, that might have changed), but the Williston Herald of all places had it posted on their website shortly after it happened.

  • SigFan

    We went through a spate of these at the Pitt and CMU campuses earlier this year. Some sicko that has a grudge or just gets his rocks off watching everyone get twitchy. Somehow I can’t see terrorists targeting a university, after all, so many of their sympathizers are there.

  • PhilGay

    Alex Jones needs to investigate this.

  • PhilGay

    Will NDSU still play tomorrow’s home game?

    • justahick

      NDSU has a bye week

  • Jeff

    The real question is how will Rob link this to the wrongs of higher Ed.

    • http://sayanythingblog.com Rob

      The real question is when people like Jeff are going to stop letting their fascination with football override what are very real problems in higher education.

      • Jeff

        Oh come on. Relax. I was sort of kidding anyway.

  • $8194357

    It’s your fault Rob…

    At least according to the blame Paster Jones crowd..
    If you wouldn’t have wrote bad things about their organization this wouldn’t have happened…

    (extreme sarcasim intended, Rob)

  • Rick Olson

    NDSU will reopen at 2:00 p.m., and the all clear has been given by law enforcement authorities. NDSU acted with an overabundance of caution, given the events of the last couple of days, the bomb threats called in to the airports in Fargo and Grand Forks. Officials have been in touch with University of Texas officials at Austin to see if there are any similarities between today’s events. My question is this, why would someone or some group target some cow college out in the sticks like NDSU?

  • PhilGay

    Because of this morning bomb threat the NDSU voter fraud conversation
    has stopped. Will they find the person or persons who submitted the
    threat? My political science professor told me “If you do not like what
    people are saying about you, change the conversation.” Mike, who
    benefits most from the change? Did not a bomb threat happen @ Dickenson
    State after the diploma mill being exposed?

  • cylde

    Be sure to thank the people in N.Dak. and Minn. that have sponsored muslim african immigrants because northern European people are not worth reproducing and their babies should be aborted. We really need a group of people that get counseled weekly that the koran days it is their religious duty to kill Christians and Jews in holy jihad living amongst us so we can have diversity and multiculturalism.