ND Senate Votes Unanimously To Re-Authorize Subsidies For Basket Weaving, Easter Egg Painting


A year ago I wrote about an email a reader sent me from the North Dakota Council on the Arts offering subsidies for people doing things like basket weaving and Easter egg decorations. I was, frankly, a little surprised that such activities were being subsidized by the taxpayers in this state, but apparently you can get a few thousand bucks if you apply.

In addition to getting over $300,000 from President Obama’s “stimulus” program, the NDCA received $1,363,602 in funding for the current biennium. Today the North Dakota Senate approved unanimously HB2010 (introduced at the request of Governor Jack Dalrymple) which gives the agency an 11% funding increase to $1,514,144.

The surprise isn’t so much that the bill passed, but that not one legislator in the Senate chamber saw fit to object to taxpayer subsidies for basket weaving and other such nonsense. Here’s video of the bill passing unanimously with only state Senator Tim Mathern giving a floor statement in favor of it:

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  • Dustin Gawrylow

    Are there MILKduds in these baskets?

  • Guest Observer

    Just unbelievable!! Liberalism seems to rule in Bismarck. :(

    • tomorrowclear

      I vote that we start calling it “Kremlin West.” Who’s with me?

  • Kevin Flanagan

    Who will be forced to pay for this foolishness?

    • devilschild

      K-Flan…we took a vote and decided to let you pay this one. We all know you have deep pockets. Now don’t fuss. Just do your part for the arts.

      • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

        I already pay obscene levels of state income and property taxes so these clowns can relive their student government days.

        • Dave

          We all do, putz. Quit playing the victim card all the time.

          • tomorrowclear

            Kev is a victim overachiever. He’s a modern-day Job.

        • tomorrowclear

          Such is the life of a multi-millionaire job creator. Oh well, Jesus is passionate about money and in your next life, your true value as a shuman being will be more appreciated.

          • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

            How long have you clowns been on the state payroll?

  • borborygmi

    This legislature session is like early Christmas for Rob. He doesn’t have to look very far for the RINO hall of Shames or as most NDs refer to them as the good guys.

    • RCND

      If pi$$ing away $1.5 million of taxpayer money on construction paper and water colors makes them the good guys, thats pretty low standards for goodness

      • borborygmi

        I suppose they could have bought milk instead or keep the money so they can lower the extraction taxes.

        • RCND

          The extraction taxes would have measurable positive effects. The arts are great, but should be supported with private funds

          • SusanBeehler

            They have a measurable effect, the Capitol Christmas Tree!

          • RCND

            Isn’t that privately supported through donations?

          • SusanBeehler

            I don’t know, I know they collect the ornaments, print the programs, I have been providing children with supplies and delivering ornaments the children created with the supplies I provided for the tree for a few years, children from Jamestown, Grand Forks,Mandan is where I have collected the ornaments from. I do know most of the arts,humanities or historical societies apply for grants which they need matching funds for in order to get the grants. The grants are not necessarily government money, they are all kinds of groups who offer grants. The art council also provides some programming with different groups and schools. We could look at as investing in creativity or you can look at as a waste if you don’t want people in our state to be inspired, or creative or supported with their artistic endeavors. Anyone can participate in the Christmas Tree Ornament Program.

  • whowon

    Wow, when will everyone understand basket weaving and such doesn’t need tax payer dollars. As an artist my whole life I never expected any tax dollars to support my loves. Insanity continues.

    • ec99

      Mapplethorp did.

  • Jeff

    So what can we do about Republicans who are not acting like Republicans. And I don’t want to hear “unelect them.” I no longer trust the voting body. Look at who they are sending us. We need some solutions. This has gone way too far.

    • borborgymi

      It is very difficult when you are in the minority.

      • sbark

        Minority?………it appears to me, the RINO GOPs has simply joined the NDak. Left wing in spending………together they are the majority.
        Do we hear the NDak left wing whining about anything? maybe a little milk just so they get their name in the paper here and there……..
        This is pretty much like socialist heaven for ND dem’cats…..they want not.

    • SusanBeehler

      Cry over the milk?

  • opinion8ed

    maybe they should have used it buy the milk they cried about

  • SusanBeehler

    Don’t forget they decorate the Capitol Christmas tree!

    • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

      Isn’t it a “Holiday Tree?”

  • camsaure

    Doesn’t look like much hope for getting education under control does it? Too Damn many RINOs.