ND Republicans Are Squandering The Obamacare Supreme Court Victory

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Writing for the American Spectator, David Catron notes that a group of Republican Governors including North Dakota’s Jack Dalrymple are squandering a victory over Obamacare their states won from the Supreme Court. And not only are the squandering it, they’re putting their states in serious fiscal jeopardy long-term:

To the disgust of Obamacare’s opponents, however, eight GOP governors have nonetheless decided to comply with the law’s Medicaid provision. Arizona’s Jan Brewer, Florida’s Rick Scott, Michigan’s Rick Snyder, Nevada’s Brian Sandoval, New Jersey’s Chris Christie, New Mexico’s Susana Martinez, North Dakota’s Jack Dalrymple, and Ohio’s John Kasich have all caved. Even worse, several of these people have been vocal opponents of Obamacare and govern states that participated in the lawsuit that produced the Court’s favorable ruling. …

But Kasich, Scott, and the rest of these GOP opportunists know full well that participation in Obamacare’s Medicaid scheme does not “make sense.” They know it will lead to fiscal disasters in every state that falls for this scam. The federal government will inevitably cut back its financial contribution to the vast expansion of Medicaid, leaving the states holding the fiscal bag. Scott, Kasich, and their six accomplices will be out of office by then, of course, leaving their hapless successors to clean up the disaster.

In fact, the groundwork for a federal cutback on matching funds is explicitly laid out in Obamacare. Avik Roy explains, “For the first three years of the expansion, federal taxpayers will pick up the full cost.… This 100 percent funding rate will phase down to 95 percent in 2017, 94 percent in 2018, 93 percent in 2019, and 90 percent in 2020.” And, considering the deep fiscal hole into which Obama is digging us, we hardly need to call on Nostradamus to predict that Washington will welch on its 90% commitment.

It’s worth noting that North Dakota hasn’t caved to the Medicaid expansion just yet. The state House passed the expansion, but there’s still a chance it could be killed in the state Senate. Not a good chance, but there’s still a chance.

But it is confounding to consider that the outrage North Dakota Republicans paid lip service too in opposing Obamacare just a few years ago, it’s frustrating to consider the time and effort the state put into backing the lawsuit against the law, only to see them fold on the law under pressure from special interest groups like the AARP and the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce.

“I felt as bad today with the Medicaid expansion vote as I felt after I found out Obama had been re-elected and Berg had been beat,” one House legislator emailed to me the night after the vote. “I can’t sleep. Not all of us should be held to the same bad standard as the RINO’s that supported this crap. Please hold accountable those that are deserving and make sure the Senate understands what a vote for expansion means for them.”

Republicans should be wary of the political consequences of these votes – it becomes difficult to rationalize voting for Republicans when they govern like Democrats – but I’m much more worried about the consequences for our states. This entitlement expansion is something we’ll regret in coming years, if it does pass.

Rob Port is the editor of SayAnythingBlog.com. In 2011 he was a finalist for the Watch Dog of the Year from the Sam Adams Alliance and winner of the Americans For Prosperity Award for Online Excellence. In 2013 the Washington Post named SAB one of the nation's top state-based political blogs, and named Rob one of the state's best political reporters.

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  • batboy7

    Agreed. Let’s start calling the ND Republicans what they are. RINOS.

  • sbark

    Eric Erickson’s Red state has members of congress inside Texas and Miss. attempting to override their Gov’s stance and push for ObamaCare also………..
    Are there no Statesmen left?

    • yy4u2

      Plenty that talk the talk but like all big govt sponsors, they walk to a different drum. Sad and sickening to say the least. Perhaps like all addicts, they can’t start rebuilding until they hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, they take down all those around them in the process that know better.

  • John_Wayne_American

    unfortunately ND likes to elect their neighbors, friends and the good ole boy legislator they have had for 20 years, we don’t spend a lot of time looking for the Madison’s, Jefferson’s, and Lincolns hell most pin head voters just look at the D or R and vote that way, once they get past the President or Gov.

    its pathetic how worthless 75% of the voting public is, so as a collective of those legislators just what do you expect?

    Everyone wants someone else to pay for what they want. Home owners want the state to pay their property tax, Kevin wants someone else to pay for his state income tax, Fargo wants Bismark to pay for its diversion, Bismark wants the Fed to pay of Medicare and ObummerKare, and everyone wants their Federal tax refund.

    Do tell me, how much longer can this go on.? I fear for my country.

    • http://nofreelunch.areavoices.com/ Kevin Flanagan

      I just want a state tax system that isn’t chaotic like ND’s is now. It’s impossible to do any financial planning under the current tax climate.

      • ec99

        One of the great scams perpetrated against ND taxpayers was the switch from a 14% rate to a graduated schedule. Revenue neutral, Yeah, right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.smetana.14 Paul Smetana

      A federal tax refund is not part of this. It is not the governments money, it is what you sent in that was too much and never should have been in the governments hands in the first place. It is like paying for a $12.00 item with a $20.00, the 8.00 change was always yours in the first place. Other than that, agree with your post. (Please Stick the c back in Bismarck)

  • Rick Olson

    Unfortunately, this is a sign of just how addicted North Dakota really is to the federal government. As we well know, despite our billions in the bank, North Dakota will not undertake any significant project until it is determined how much Uncle Sam is going to kick in. Case in point, the Legislature’s rejection of state money for the Red River diversion project. Al Carlson said as much…the state can’t proceed on this unless federal funding is a certainty.

  • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

    Is a list of who voted yay and nay in the House available somewhere?

    • Rick Olson

      All roll call votes are available on the North Dakota Legislature website. You do have to register for access, but it’s free. http://www.legis.nd.gov/

      • Patrick R. Pfeiffer

        Thanks. The site is somewhat convoluted but once I looked up the measure # it was pretty easy.
        To my great disappointment I saw that our young, “fiscally conservative” new house member from District 12, who attended numerous Tea Party events, voted “yes.” Disgusting.

        • Rick Olson

          I live in the newly-created 16th Legislative District, which was created following the 2010 Census. This district includes the eastern edge of West Fargo and the southwestern edge of Fargo. This district has a very large transient population. People who may not be here in two years, let alone ten years. This includes folks who move from one apartment building to another routinely. As a result, this district has a large number of multiple-family dwellings in the district. In our first election as a new legislative district, the Senate seat and one of the two House seats went to Democrats. This goes to show that Fargo and West Fargo are no longer the Republican Party strongholds they once were only 15 years ago or so.

        • http://ndgoon.blogspot.com Goon

          Then it would appear that he’s not a true conservative.

  • slackwarerobert

    At least FL made the law only good for 3 years, or until the government stops paying whichever comes first. Wisconsin has the best method, throw them off medicare and let obamacare take care of them.

  • http://flamemeister.com flamemeister

    “For the states, Obamacare is a roach motel; you can get in, but you can’t get out.”—Ken Cuccinelli

  • Lynn Bergman

    If Medicare actually encouraged good health instead of rewarding bad behavior, I’d be sympathetic. It doesn’t and I’m not. RINOs will fall if this passes the senate; no brag, just fact. If you RINOs think the District 34 and District 10 defeats were an anomaly, just keep embracing socialism…

  • GWhiz

    I have come to firmly believe our only hope on earth is John Galt. Those who await a change of heart in our citizenry are fools. All the progressive cards are in place. The masses are silencing Rand Paul & the handful of others who are willing to make a stand. Life as we know it is over. Propaganda, manipulation, coercion, judicial activism… govt at every level sucks

  • LibertyFargo

    So a question remains for me… how do we now run a Conservative/Libertarian against Spendrymple in the next Republican primary? Won’t he just stay until he retires or makes an attempt at a national office? Will there actually be a reckoning within the party? (I could say the same thing nationally…)

  • James A Fagervik

    There is alot of lefties playing GOP and making us a one party system. They are Illuminati playing games with us. I think they know and want a civil war where we don’t WE WANT OUR FREEDOMS BACK.