ND House Majority Leader: Implementing Exchanges “Foolish”

As the North Dakota special legislative session continues, today we are finally hearing what legislative leaders are thinking when it comes to implementing the ObamaCare Healthcare Exchanges.

From PlainsDaily.com:

The legislature referred the issue to an interim committee for study earlier this year, and that committee has made recommendations for legislation to pass during the special session, but House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R – Fargo) says that the timing isn’t right to pass it.

“There are two sides to this. There’s the policy side and there’s a political side,” said Carlson. “I think it’s foolish for us to dive into this at this point in time.

Carlson says that North Dakotans oppose the federal health care law and that the legislature should be in no rush to implement it. “To spend $45 million dollars on an exchange when 92% of North Dakotans have insurance…it’s an amazing number when you look at it.”

He also says that the issue could come back to hurt Republicans in the upcoming election. “I think it’s going to be center stage. North Dakotans have said over and over we don’t not want to be told what we have to buy for health insurance,” he said. “I think it’s already a big cornerstone of the upcoming election, especially the Senate race.”

“We would be the first Republican state to get into it. The other 11 states are all Democrat controlled.”

Yesterday, the citizens of Ohio themselves took a vote on their version of the Healthcare Freedom Amendment – it passed with 66% of the vote.

The citizens of North Dakota deserve to have this same chance to vote on a constitutional amendment to protect the state from the federal over-reach of ObamaCare.

If you are opposed to the idea of the state legislature taking responsibility (and future blame) for implementing ObamaCare, please take a moment to email North Dakota legislators now by using the Action Alert module on the SayAnything Blog (click here).

Tell legislators to do the following things:

1.  Approve a PLAN for implementation, but DO NOT implement the plan right away.

2.  Submit the plan to the Federal Government so that North Dakota qualifies for the ObamaCare grants.  (There is no reason North Dakota taxpayers should be on the hook for putting the program together.)

3.  Pass a resolution to place a version of the Healthcare Freedom Constitutional Amendment on the June 2012 ballot.

4.  Only implement the plan once the Federal Government has pre-funded the entire plan.

This approach will help North Dakota run its own healthcare exchange, protect North Dakotans from the individual mandate, and ensure that North Dakota taxpayers are not paying for a program they do not approve.  Feel free to add any other thoughts to your message.

Dustin Gawrylow is the executive director of the North Dakota Taxpayer’s Association

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  • borborygmi

    Anyone have a timetable for when this will be in front of Supreme Court

    • schreib

      Not soon enough for me.

    • NDLite

      I suspect it won’t come up until after the next election so as not to embarrass the current what’s his name.

  • schreib

    we need to have this put on the ballot in June 2012.

  • Ratbite

    Do you really think our big spending probig government proabortion Repubilcan controlled legislature give a durn what the folks think?? Just look at the Fighting Sioux bill where they like the cowwards they are backdown & caved in the the Marxist Democrats, the gutless ND board of Higher Education, the NCAA & out of state administrators hirted at UND.Just more reason to form a conservative third party.

  • Daniel

    We shouldn’t have to be continually reinforcing the gates against Washington!

    This election is (like Gingrich recently said), the most important election in US history


  • Camsaure

    I heard Carlson on the radio today, he sounds like someone I could mostly support from what I heard. Lets hope he can train some RINOs.