NBC: Libyan Tyrant Gaddafi Is Feeling More Confident After Obama’s Speech

Well, it seems as though one person liked the President’s big address to the nation about Libya yesterday:

Transcript via Newsbusters:

WILLIE GEIST: What’s the reaction there, though, not only from the rebels but if any from Colonel Gaddafi to what the president said last night about not wanting to wait to see images of mass graves and slaughter of civilians before he intervened? What are they saying there?

JIM MACEDA: Well, there hasn’t been any official comment, Willie, from Gaddafi or from the regime or from the compound, yet. I can tell you that the whole, the atmospherics here of the government officials and minders is very different. They had gone to ground for a number of days: very quiet, very tense. They’re looking much more themselves: much more bellicose, much more defiant in the past 24 hours. I would think, it’s an educated guess but I would say that Gaddafi, after hearing that speech, of course it wasn’t on Libyan TV but anyone with satellite television could have watched it, that the regime now is feeling a lot better. That they’re feeling that they dodged a bullet. If NATO’s taking over, they like that. They’ve got much better relations with NATO than with the United States in general. And they love the idea that the US position as stated by Obama is that they’re not looking for regime change. Soon as he heard that, I’m sure Gaddafi was quite excited. He thinks he can probably negotiate his way out of this as he has over the past 41 years in other situations.

The UN resolution President Obama got in lieu of getting Congress’ permission for war (as the Constitution requires) doesn’t authorize regime change. Obama himself has gone back and forth between talking of installing a democratic regime and saying our goal is not regime change.

The official line from the White House, Obama’s incoherence to the contrary, is that we’re just there to protect the citizens from Gaddafi. But how do we do that, long term, without unseating Gaddafi? If Gaddafi is a threat to the people now – and he is – he’ll be one in the future too.

So if we’re going to invest blood and treasure into this campaign in Libya, why not go the whole hog and support regime change?

Because that would take leadership, I think, and Obama is sadly bereft of that.

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  • yy4u2

    IMO, sadly bereft is a bit of sugar coating for what should have been said. F’n clueless has a nice ring to it.

  • Morrile2

    Rob, there’s one angle that you seem to have overlooked. Not insisting on regime change could lead to long-term instability in Libya. Since the rebels seem to be a mixed bag of democrats and America-hating Islamists a defanged Ghadafi remaining in more or less in power could be in the best interests of the U.S.

  • 2hotel9

    “Libyan Tyrant Gaddafi Is Feeling More Confident After Obama’s Speech” As he well should be! His son, Barack, has made all the right moves to keep him in power.

    Morrile2? One small problem. Mumar Quackdaffie is, and has been for years, in bed with Al Queda, and every other Muslim terrorist group in the world. He has supplied trained Libyan soldiers as fighters and on site instructors, financial backing, brought them into Libya for medical care and advanced training, supplied weapons, munitions, and material, as well as legal backing at the UN and in front of ICC.

    • $8194357

      Dems been covering for Islamic ties for the internationalist agendas for along time 2h9…

      Quote: The Third Terrorist
      So it’s really no big deal when a guy is arrested for slugging another guy with a beer bottle, right? In this case, wrong! Police in Quincy, Massachusetts (a part of the Boston metro area), earlier this month jailed a beer bottle brawler who turns out to be a credibly accused terrorist — on the lam for the last eight years. This revives the case of what arguably is the biggest cover-up in our nation’s history.

      The substantial thickening of the plot comes when we consider that some very powerful people likely are hoping the accused beer-bottle attacker, Hussain Al-Hussaini, will just disappear, as he did in 2003 after two failed attempts to clear himself in court. Reporter TV journalist Jayna Davis had indicated his complicity in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 that killed 171 people, including children — born and unborn.


      The cover up of the Islamic connection to Oklahoma City…Jihadists taught the “Lilly white” home grown terrorists the “recipe” for the fertilizer bomb…More Clinton era Soros international one world strings pulled with implications of a Major Cover Up.

      • 2hotel9

        .30? You ain’t telling me nothing I don’t already know.

        • $8194357

          One of the main “agents of change” and international Billary and Barry owner…

          FACT 8: Soros Wrote That To Preserve “Our
          Global Open Society,” The World Needs “Some
          Global System Of Political Decision-Making”
          In Which “The Sovereignty Of States Must Be
          Subordinated To International Law And
          International Institutions.”8

    • $8194357

      Perhaps Bushes “justification” for Iraq? The Dems have played politics with WMD Blood for oil and Bush helped the Saudis leave America right after 9/11 to a very receptive media and puplic…Always 180 out the rhetoric from the truth, No?

      The Islamic terrorists were going to employ the services and recruit what they call two lily whites. And in the jargon of the intelligence community, lily whites means anybody that’s not connected or ostensibly connected to any Middle Eastern terrorist organizations and they have no police record, they’re clean, they wouldn’t be flagged by any law- enforcement agencies. Both Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh fit that criterion.


      Yeah, the one world progressive puppets been covering up and pulling strings for along time….

  • DopeyDem

    Do Whoopi and Ghadafi go to the same outlet clothing store?

    • 2hotel9


    • $8194357

      With all that gold he is sitting on he might be abel to shop where whoopi does? Oh, I am confused. I was thinking Oprah. Never mind…..