NASA Launches New Obama Class Re-entry Vehicle


In what appears to be a near perfect metaphor for the space program under President Obama, NASA took to the skies over California…in a rented zeppelin.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It’s not every day that NASA descends on your backyard, hunting for clues to extraterrestrial life. But that is the drama unfolding this week in and around the community of Lotus, along the south fork of the American River in El Dorado County. Scientists from NASA and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute are hunting for pieces of a meteorite that plunged to Earth on April 22.

There’s gold in them thar hills, but recently, the hunt has been for nuggets of nickel and iron. Fragments of the meteor which fell over California and Nevada with a big bang, April 22nd, are said to be worth around $1000 a gram. One lady, walking her dog the day after the meteor fell, found a 17 gram fragment in her local park. Professional meteorite hunters told her to wrap it carefully and put it in a safety deposit box.

NASA’s space exploration has been sharply curtailed, but if some of it falls out of the sky, NASA can always rent a zeppelin to look for it.

Why don’t we call that “Plan B”

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  • $8194357

    Just as “FORWARD” really means “backward” to the days of Stalin, huh?

    • Proof

      Well, with zeppelins, we’re vying with pre-war Germany for the technology race.  Maybe we can convert some of our drones into V-1’s?

      • $8194357

        Destroying American laws and customs, no?
        Revisionism and outright “deceptions”…
        Dual citizen poser….

        The Conclusive Definition Of “Natural-Born Citizen

        “Natural-born citizens of the United States are those who are citizens of the United States from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect their American citizenship. These are
        (those whose “parents” are citizens of the United States)
        at the time of their birth.

        Natural-born American citizens are those
        (“born of American citizen parents”,)
        within or without the American Republic, provided in the latter case that one of the parents had resided in the United States prior to the birth of the child.

        Their American citizenship is natural,

        (“the result of parentage,”)

        and not artificialor acquired by compliance with legislative provisions. A natural-born citizen is one not made by law or otherwise, but born.

        And this class is the large majority, in fact, the mass of our citizens; all others are “exceptions specially provided for by law.”

        (A natural-born citizen is defined)
        as one whose citizenship is established by the jurisdiction which the

        (United States already has over the “parents” of the child,)

        not what is there after acquired by choice of residence in this country.It is not necessary that a man should be born in this country,
        to be “a naturalborn citizen.”

         (if both parents are citizens)

        It is only requisite he should be a citizen by birth, and that is the case with all the children of citizens who have ever resided in this country, though born in a foreign country.Natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens and naturalized citizens, are those born in the United States

        (of parents who are citizens).

        Natural-born citizens are also those born outside the United States and its outlying possessions

        (of parents both of whom are citizens of the United States)

        and one of whom has had a residence in the United States or one of its outlying possessions prior to the birth of the child.
        Hence, a child born abroad to

        (two US citizen parents is a natural-born citizen:)

        Provided, That at least one citizen parent had previously resided in the UnitedStates or one of its outlying possessions.

        U.S. Code: Title 8, 1401.

      • $8194357

        Seems “the law” was “ammended” in 1994 for “some reason” (wonder what that could have been, huh ?)…

        Ammended in 1994….How convieneint is that?

        (h) a person born before noon (Eastern Standard Time) May 24, 1934, outside the limits and jurisdiction of the United States of an alien father and a mother

        who is a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, had resided in the United States

        How long had little Barry been telling folks he was going to be POTUS soon?
        Who was “in the house” in 94?
        Seems they got threw under the bus earlier than I thought, huh?

    • two_amber_lamps
      • $8194357

        Commies and socialists (same thing)
        where quite active and made alot of “Progress” in the 30’s, huh…

        • two_amber_lamps

          They certainly did!

          Oh can’t forget the fascists…  the 30’s was their heyday.

          Totalitarian birds of a feather flock together!

  • fedupny

    Looks like they’re wasting a free condom!

    • Proof

      It’s a zeppelin. Zeppelins are the Viagra of dirigibles. 

      • fedupny

        Did you post this for the Cinco de Cuatro festivities?

        • Proof

          I made a special graphic for my Cinco de cuatro celebration this year.

          • two_amber_lamps

             5 of 4…  Obama = priceless (fail)

          • Proof

            He also did a good job mucking up geography, when he called the Malvinas (Falklands) the Maldives, mucked up history when he talked about “the bomb” dropped on Pearl Harbor and, in general, mucks up everything else that’s not written on his teleprompter. (And yes, even some of that!)

          • two_amber_lamps

             And of course the corpse! 

            Can’t forget the Marine Corpse!

            (Apologies to our USMC brethren)

          • Proof

             I thought of that, but didn’t want to pile on Urkel too much.

          • two_amber_lamps

             Oh please Proof…  credit must be given where credit is due!  :)

          • Awfulorv

            Don’t you just know he will someday mistake the name of the late President he is presently eulogizing, for another?   Not just the bushes either, old Bush, for Clinton, Truman for Carter, Coolidge for Nixon, Some shit like that…

  • thevoiceofreason

    It’s so lovely to be stranded on a spinning rock of death in the middle of space

    • Proof

      True. No one gets out alive. 

  • flamemeister

    “Obama” + “Class” = WTF?

    • Proof

       When you’re writing satire, you go with the words you’ve got.

  • Roy_Bean

    In maritime terms would this be considered flotsam, jetsam, lagan or derelict?  This could keep some lawyers employed for years to figure out who really owns it.  Personally I would never willingly admit or make any claim about exactly where I found anything like this.  

    • Proof

       On public land, I guess it would be finder’s keepers. Like picking up change on the beach. On private land, you’d have to trespass to get it. As soon as it hit the ground, it would belong to the property owner.  Unless the government were to seize it for “the greater good”. The above opinions are worth every cent you paid for them.

  • Guest

    So what does this have to do with Obama?

    • Onslaught1066

       What can be more “Green” than a gas bag full of hot air?

      My, my, my, you are extra crispy rvtvrdvd this morning, aren’t you, Buttfuckle.


      • 2hotel9

        Clearly sparkie got some bad meth, no buzz equals whinny crying.

        • Guest

          Tell us about bad meth.  I couldn’t know less about it, but you seem versed.

    • 2hotel9

      It proves he is a failure, just like you.

      • Guest

        Did you know that we no longer let retarded monks curate the ‘proofs,’ assclown?

        • two_amber_lamps

           Lol…  we know that “curating the proofs” is your job Spar-KKK-ie… and nobody will ever take that (bottle) away from you… 

        • 2hotel9

           So, now you claim you are a monk. Did not know monks were allowed to use meth and defraud the public assistance system. Thanks for sharing, whinny lying c*nt.

    • Proof

      Our space program was gutted under Obama. The shuttles were retired with nothing to put in their place. I would think that even a brain dead liberal such as yourself, Sparkkkie, could see the irony in the latest mission of a gutted space program going up in a rented dirigible.

      • Awfulorv

        I see it as another example of dragging our once great, well passable anyway, culture back to the stone age. First it was the Marvin Gaye type music, then it was break dancing, then rap, then axeing questions, Al Sharpton, and Tawana, then Obama, and the flying  Moochellers, and fat assed Beyonce, as most beautiful. Now they’ve taken money from NASA and gave it savages to build more fake planes for the Cargo Culters of Borneo, and East Harlem.  I tell ya, I can’t take much more of this. Anyone got Kervorkians number?

        • Proof

          While I believe that government spending needs to be drastically reduced, I would rather have seen the millions (billions?) poured down the Solyndra/ electric car rat hole, used to retain NASA engineers, working, say, on a replacement to the shuttle program, or even the manned mission to Mars, that Obama gives lip service to, but not funding.

  • mikemc1970

    It’s the closest any American will get to space with out having to learn Russian first.

  • two_amber_lamps