More Businesses May Start Charging Obamacare Surcharge


Yesterday I wrote about the owner of a chain of Denny’s restaurants deciding to add an “Obamacare surcharge” to the bills customers get. Now a spokesman for the NFIB is saying the idea will probably spread to other businesses as well:

Will the “Obamacare surcharge” catch on with other retailers in the U.S.?

NFIB spokesman Kevan Chapman tells “The Right Views” that it just might:

“Clearly, you are seeing what real people are doing with costly situations. This is no different than the airline carriers adding a bag fee or noting the TSA extra expense.

“I suspect this Denny’s owner wants his customers to understand why their costs are going up and what they must do to handle the cost increase.

“Frankly, they are just being honest with the customer. It’s possible you may see more of this as employers begin major preparation for the law.”

“Just being honest with the customer.” I like that, because it’s true.

As I noted in my post yesterday, a lot of Americans don’t understand what government policies do to the prices of the goods and services they buy. If more of the bills for those goods and services included an itemization of how much of the price is attributable directly to taxes or other regulations Americans might feel a bit differently about voting for bigger, more intrusive government.

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  • Thomas60

    This will only get people upset with rich evil busness adding an expense to the poor mass.

    In the education system in America, we are trained about evil busness depriving the poor of their needs.

  • Harold

    In the coming months when the credit cards will no longer charge to people buying everything on credit, we’ll see a down turn in all business in the US. No one will buy anything because they won’t be able to charge it anymore, much like the US borrowing money from China in order to meet our reckless spending we’ve seen under Bush and now totally uncontrolled under Obama. This time americans I believe for the first time in their lives will see food that’s unaffordable and shortages of everything. All these extra tax’s we now see being applied to everything will cause people to not buy much of anything, how long do you think mom and pop business’s will stay open when things like this start to happen, how long will k Mart and others be able to survive. Were about to find out answers to those questions handing over our heads while the vultures circle our country.

  • ND in MD

    Good, I hope all businesses eventually have a line item on their invoices disclosing the cost of Obamacare to the business which is being passed on to their patrons – people have a right to know. And I hope it doesn’t stop with Obamacare, but will include items for all government mandated costs. For too long, politicians would mandate and businesses would just pass along the increased costs to their consumers. It is time politicians, not the business owner or their employees take the heat for price increases due to government actions.

    When gas stations post the price of gasoline, the price includes federal, state and sometimes local taxes, why? Like with most products, gas stations should just post the price of a gallon of gasoline and then the taxes would be added on. I believe this would allow consumers to have a better understand of what they are paying for gasoline what they are paying in taxes.

  • HG

    Great idea.

  • Davo

    They should start adding a “Pentagon Surcharge” of 475%.

    • Onslaught1066

      That sounds intriguing, do you have any rational for this surcharge or are you talking out your a$$ again in order to be closer to your brain.

      If you keep this up people will start to think you are yet another hanniturd sock puppet.

    • Rob

      I think you don’t understand the portion of the federal budget that is actually military, but I’ve long advocated for more transparency in government spending.

      Rather than tax withholdings, I think every American should get an itemized bill for government which includes everything up to and including what the military costs.

      And yes, there’s plenty of waste we can cut from the military:

    • Neiman

      You liberals sure hate the military and their defending your right to be Marxist and anti-American.

      • two_amber_lamps

        Yeah, he cries about paying taxes for one of the few things the government does as mandated by the Constitution, yet clamor for the government to tax them for healthcare, indigent care, food stamps, ect. Or should I say they ignorantly clamor for the “rich” to be taxed for their unconstitutional goodies while blindly misunderstanding that those taxes shall break the backs of the middle class when the bourgeois have been squeezed dry or wisely move to Singapore.

    • Spartacus

      Military spending is far less than entitlement spending. Perhaps they should start adding a 1200% welfare surcharge.

      • camsaure

        Right! and military spending is one of the few Govt spending that is still actually constitutional.

  • The Fighting Czech

    Its a practice long overdue. Every transaction should show the actual cost of the product, or service, then itemize all mandated expenses from the government. let the customer do the math…..

  • SigFan

    I heard the other day that the cost of regulatory compliance now approaches $1.5 trillion annually (may be off on the number). Regardless of the actual number though, imagine what that much cash or something close to it injected freely into the economy would do. We have become the Regulation Nation and now are morphing into the Obamanation. As others have said, if the additional costs imposed on everything due to government regulation was clearly displayed for all to see there wouldn’t be enough tar and feathers in the country.

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    I have no problem with it. People need to see and feel where their money is going. I’ve always wondered what would happen to unions if members had to pay their membership fees directly instead of having them automatically deducted from their checks. Obamacare is an extra expense added to businesses, so why not let the customer see it and feel it? It is going to be passed on to them anyway.

  • camsaure

    Right on. It is better to illustrate the reality of it. Remeber how FDR tried to hide the true cost of his Social Security ponzi scheme. He made it appear as though you were getting free money when your employer would be forced to match what you were being forced to pay. Can you imagine how much money you would have if you were allowed to keep and invest yourself what you paid, plus recieved in higher wages the extra expense the employers pay.

  • ‘Tom Crawford

    How is this a surprise?
    It has always been that if you increase taxes on businesses, they will increase cost of their product and services to cover the increase in taxes.

    We will begin to see an increase in all products and services due to this.

    Funny that this administration talks of not raising taxes on the middle class and poor, but fail to realize what they are doing will cause businesses to pass this tax on to the consumers, therefore the poor and middle class are paying more in foods and services.

  • Seth

    Good, as well they should. Until the public understands the connection between “free” stuff and their pocketbook, they’re going to keep voting for the free stuff.

  • Frugal_Gormet

    It is an excellant idea? I do have one suggestion. When people purchase an item the sales clerk should ask for their telephone number and if they supported the relection of Obama as the President Of the United States. If they did then their phone number could be linked to who they supported in the last election. Those people that supported the President in the last election could receive the Obamacare surcharge. The people that voted for Obama would be more than happy to pay for the Obamacare surcharge because they voted to relect POTUS and his policies. The retailers could then waive the Obamacare surcharge for the rest of us that did not support the POTUS in the last election. If the Obama supporters complain about the surcharges tell them its what they voted for and elections do have consquences.